Josh and Carole Meet

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I teach creative writing at a local community college. My biggest fantasy is to watch my wife have sex with one of my young students! That’s all in my head, this time we would do it for real. I chose carefully—looking for a young, lean, beautiful young guy who she would enjoy, and I told her that for my birthday she could fuck some guy till his eyes popped out. We decided we would make a movie of the proceedings. She agreed but only if I was totally naked and stayed hard.

One night I told Josh to stay after class so I could talk to him. He was blond, tall, and wonderfully handsome. I knew from some of the stories he handed in that he loved girls and sex! So I told him what we had in mind. I would pay him $300 if he agreed and did whatever she wanted! And have fun! He quickly said he would love to do it.

We walked to the hotel, went to our room, and knocked. Carol greeted us totally naked. She had done that many times for me but this was the first time in front of two men. She looked at Josh and asked him to take his clothes off. He did so quickly. I too got naked.

Josh’s dick was hard when he took off his underwear. I got my camera. Carole walked over to the window, which overlooked Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. She called Josh over. They both faced each other and stood quietly in front of the window. Unfortunately, we were on the fifth floor and no one could see them, as far as I could tell. They would not have cared who was watching.

Carol dropped to her knees, grabbed Josh’s dick and pulled it into her mouth. She sucked on it, licked it, and slipped her wet tongue over it from tip to the balls. (I started getting hard.) He stroked her hair, finally sitting down on the window cell as my wife did not miss a stroke. He dick was wet and glistening as she crawled between his knees. I looked at Josh’s eyes and they had this dreamy look. Every once in a while he moaned sweetly and delightedly.

Josh had the most beautiful erection I had seen in a long time. Carole’s lips surrounded it as her juicy tongue kept gliding along its fullness. Up and down, up and down, she went. When she flicked it across the tip, Josh shuddered with delight.

Carole took a vibrator off the table. It was already slick with jelly. And told Josh to raise his legs over her shoulders. She pushed the vibrator way up into his ass and felt Josh shake. She turned it on as Josh continued to drip onto her face.

“I want you to fill my mouth when you ejaculate,” she said. “I want it to fill my mouth, drip from my lips, and drizzle down my chin.” When he exploded, it filled her mouth. The sticky, salty, sweet cream slid down her throat as she licked it off her lips

Carol fell on to her back, as Josh knew what she wanted. He came down between her legs, licking them along the inside until he got to her sweet, soft, pussy, stuck his tongue far into it wet with the sperm he had licked from her. She laughed with great pleasure as her body started to shake with a splendid, deep orgasm.

Then they rested. I masturbated with great enthusiasm and wondrous results. But they were not yet finished.

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