Messing up Grandmas underpants

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I think I learned at an early age that silky things like women’s
panties, nylons, and slips were a great tool for masturbating.
The feel of the silky undergarments against the head of my
penis made it throb, and would make me blow huge
loads of sperm all over them.
But it wasn’t until I reached about my 30’s when I found a new
thing to do with them that made me orgasm like I had never
done before.
It all started when I moved in with an old girlfriend into a house
that her and her mother lived in. Her mothers husband had
passed away several years before, so it was just the three of us.
Her mother was in her late 50’s, and was a reasonably attractive
woman for her age.
She worked full time as a sales representative for a large electronics
company. Because of what she did for a living, her job required
her to wear dresses, stockings, etc. every day to work.
One day, after her mom left for work, my curious nature got the
best of me, and I snuck into her mom’s bedroom to have a peek
into her pantie drawer. What I found was one of the most
awesome collection of silky, lacy undergarment’s that I had
ever laid my eyes on.
From that point on, I started spending more and more time
waking off on her moms panties, slips, and nylons.
Before long, I started peeping through her moms window in the
morning when she got dressed, and again in the evening when
she undressed. I would wack off on her panties while looking at
her moms mature hairy pussy and tits, and it made me squirt
enormous gooey loads of sperm all over them, and made my
penis pulsate with delight.
It was a total turn on peeking at her moms forbidden fruit, while
doing naughty things to her most personal possessions without
her ever knowing it was going on.
Then one day, I got an idea that led to some of the most intense
squirts I ever had.
Every mourning, after her mom left for work, I would sneak into
her bedroom and gather up all her soiled panties and nylons.
Then I would go to her pantie drawer, and get the first pair of
panties on the top of the stack.
I would take them all into the bathroom, where I would massage
my penis with the soiled panties and slips, while sniffing the
crotches of others.
I would wack off in them until I was about to blow my nut, and
then, just at the point of squirting, I would stick the head of my
throbbing penis up against the little cotton crotch panel of her
clean pair of undies . . . and S-Q-U-I-R-T a big gooey load of
sperm all over it.
When I was all done, I would put the soiled undergarments
back where they came from, and I would hang her come
soaked undies up to dry. During the rest of that day, I would
usually squirt my sperm on the crotch several more times.
Once they were dry, I would neatly fold them, and place
them back into her pantie drawer.
The next morning, when I watched her mom take them
out of the drawer and slide them up her thighs and up
against her hairy pussy hole, I would get so hot that I would
blow my sperm all over the side of the house . . (and, of
course, all over some of her other silky underwear).
I did this every single day for about six years, and her mom
had no idea that she had a big gooey load of my semen up
against her moist, hairy clitoris.
When I moved out, the last thing I took was every single
pair of her moms panties, her slips, and all her pantyhose
and stockings.
I continue to masturbate in them to this day . . . and
about once a year, right about Christmas time, I mail a pair
of them back to her mom, with a close-up Polaroid picture
of my boner squirting all over them. (Figured she outta
know about the nasty things I did to her undies all those
years . . . )! MERRY XMAS GRANDMA! Squirt..squirt.

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