Nooner with June

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June and I had never actually met. She posted a personal ad that I responded to and we began corresponding. June is my age, about 50. Funny, but I always preferred fucking younger skinny girls with perky little titties. Anyway June and I started ‘talking’ and she sent me some awesome pictures of her body. Between the pictures and the suggestive emails I started fantasizing about fucking this fat old broad.
After about a week of exchanging emails, June invites me to her place for lunch. Turns out she has this little 1 bedroom cabin out in the woods…

Nooner with June (Uncensored Version)
Part 1

OK… So she greets me at the door, big smile. I’m stunned. She’s wearing this short tight fitting green dress with spaghetti straps, looks kinda silky. It’s pretty apparent she’s not wearing a bra; I can easily see her big saggy titties swaying under the fabric. I’m loving the way her breasts hang, not supported, or covered or pushed together. I’m watching her bustle around the house, big tits jiggling, watching her ample ass bobbing around. I can’t quite tell if she’s wearing panties. I’m trying to appear cool and calm, but I’m anything but. I’m imagining all the nasty things I want to do to you. I’m super aroused, I’m already getting hard.

I really need to grab her ass and her titties. I lead her into your bedroom. We’re standing close to each other, tentatively kissing, I reach around and take both her ass cheeks and pull her closer, hard against me, so she can feel my hard on. I lower her spaghetti straps and let her huge titties fall out, they’re gorgeous. I absolutely have to fondle her naked breasts and suck and lick her swollen nipples now. I have to be careful; I’m so excited that I’m likely to hurt her. I have to resist the urge to bite her nipples. As her nipples get harder and longer, so do I. I’m rock hard now. I need to get my cock out; it’s straining against my pants. I manage to get my pants down around my knees and place her hand on my hard cock, she takes it willingly, we’re kissing harder now. I’m surprised as I slide my hand under her dress; she’s not wearing any panties. As I feel her luscious wet pussy lips, she moan’s slightly. This feels so unbelievably sexy, sliding my fingers into her pussy while she massage’s my cock and balls that we stay this way for awhile.

Finally I put my hand on top of her head and apply a little pressure. She seems to know exactly what this means. She get’s down on her knees, and fondles my balls while she wrap’s her lips around my cock. Her mouth comes to life, she seems eager. Her tongue is rolling around my dick; her lips are making smacking noises, she’s sucking sweetly and deeply. I grab a handful of her hair, and pull her toward then away from me, fucking her face. Her warm wet mouth feels so good, and as much as I’d love to cum in her mouth, not yet. I pull my dick out of her mouth then raise it out of the way with my hand, I push my balls into her face, and she begins gently licking and sucking them. She’s taking direction well.

I decide pull her down on the bed on top of me; I position her so that she’s straddling my left leg, her dress is hiked up and I can’t help but notice how awesome her moist pussy and soft ass feel on me. I pull her down so that her big tits are hanging right in my face. I fondle and hold her breasts to my mouth. I take one of her swollen hard nipples and suck lightly; I can’t believe how long her nipples have gotten! Sucking her nipples seems to encourage her to grind her pussy on me, of course that makes me suck her even harder; I bite one of her nipples. She’s making extremely sexy sounds. She really seems to be enjoying this, but I don’t want either of us to cum too soon so we change positions.

I tell her to kneel doggie style. I’m thinking this is a very erotic position, she looks very submissive. Her face and tits are down in the mattress, but her ass is up in the air. I lift her dress over her ass and the dress just kinda bunches up around her waist. I’m rewarded to see her naked ass held high, seemingly just begging me to pound it. I can see her huge pussy lips hanging between her legs. I have this urge to slap her big ass, so I do. She grunts a little, but doesn’t change position. I slap her ass again, hard this time, hard enough to leave a welt. She grunts louder and cries out a little, more of a sob, but she still doesn’t move. I tell her to lift your body so that I can see her titties hanging down; they’re so big that she has to come most of the way up. I’m adoring her saggy tits hanging down like that and have to squeeze and slap them, making sure to pinch her long hard nipples. I’m just next to her now and I take my hand and lightly run it up the inside of her thigh until it just touches her sopping wet pussy, the top of my index finger is lightly massaging her pussy lips and my finger is just sliding into her pussy from behind. As I get more forceful, my finger and her pussy are making these wonderful slurping sounds. She’s telling me, hoarsely now, had badly she wants me to fuck her.

Part 2

I decide to take a little lube and drip it down the crack in her ass as my other hand slides up to meet it and I lightly massage the lube around the crack and then very softly, with my finger, push into her ass, just an inch or so. She startles for a second, but doesn’t pull away; in fact she seems to settle into my finger a little. Her ass is so tight; I think that she must be a virgin. She seems to really like this; she’s making little noises again, so I push easily in and out a little deeper this time. I need to reach over with my free hand and fondle her tits again. Such sweet titties! Finally I’m fucking her ass hard and deep with my index finger, in fact my knuckles are pounding against her ass cheeks. Her ass is rocking back and forth, she’s trying hard to take my finger in deeper, she’s grunting. Finally she shudders and cry’s out and I can see and feel that she’s cum hard and that she’s dripping wet.

It’s time to roll her over, her eyes are glazed, but she seems to be smiling. I spread her legs high and wide, my cock enters her big wet pussy, slowly at first, (I want to watch my fat cock stretch and tug on her pussy lips.) I pull almost all the way out then slam back in. I love watching her pussy being fucked this way. She apparently loves this too, she’s groaning loudly now. I can feel myself wanting to cum badly so I begin fucking her with fast long hard strokes, as I hold on to both of her squishy titties. I can feel my balls slapping against her soft ass, my pubic bone is pounding her clit. She’s gasping and her body is bucking and writhing, she seems to have lost any control. Her legs are flailing around up in the air. This is all so nasty that I’m trying to fuck her even harder. After a few minutes she cries out and cums again. I can feel her pussy contracting against my cock; I can feel her rush of wetness. Just then I completely unload inside her! I know that she can feel my hot cum shooting into her; I can feel her body quiver and hear her make a noise. My orgasm seems to last forever, this feels so epic!

Whew, I’m exhausted, yet a minute later, I don’t have to do much coaxing to knell over her face and put my still hard and slippery cock in her warm mouth. She accepts it willingly, eagerly. I grab her hair to encourage her, but she doesn’t need much. I can feel her strain to lift your head toward me then relax to go back. She fucks me enthusiastically, it sounds all wet and sloppy. My cum explodes in her sweet mouth! I’ve never cum twice, this fast and this hard before. She continues to suck and swallow and lick my cock sweetly until I’m clean of all our juices. What a great fuck!! (Thank God for Viagra!)

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