Pub Visit

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Pub Visit

On a monday night you could always see the barmaids tits and she had nice ones although she was a bit of an old slag.
That was the trouble with sex it wouldn’t let you alone and a few pints often made the ache worse, but at least you felt more relaxed.

“She’s a magnet for the punters,” said the man sitting next to me,” but my wife’s are bigger.”

“Really” I said taking another deep draught.

“Yes forty two inch D cups,”he looked at me to see if I believed him. Then he took out his wallet and flashed a picture at me, “take a look for yourself,”he said.

“I was looking at a tarty middle aged blonde smiling at the camera in a very big bra.”

“Your kidding me is that really your mrs,” I said laughing.

“Sure it is,” he handed me several more pictures and watched to see the effect.

“Why are you on your own then?” I ventured.

“I’m looking for a heavy shooter who will off load over her tits but nothing else.” I looked straight at him and paused, ” you serious?”

“Yes, only thing is I have to toss you over them.”

I drained my glass, ” lets go,” I said I fully intended to call the old boy’s bluff.

It was true she was waiting a real old tart in a low cut front and they were big melons.

“Hello darling,” she smiled “have you come for a shoot,” she unstrapped her bra and they burst out a pair of gigantic hangers with rubbery prominent nipples. She sat on a chair and played with those monsters while I lowered my trousers.

“My your a big boy today,” she reached out her hand and cupped my balls, “just lovely she said full to the brim.”

I felt the old boys hand grip my long shaft and he began to slowly toss me, “lovely,” he said,” give them a good shower of cum.”

It wasn’t long before I tensed and the first powerful jet hit right between those tits, and then came the spray thick white and sticky.

He wiped my sticky cock on her nipples which she rubbed on me and then the dirty old bastard licked it all from her tits like it was fresh cream and swollowed the lot. All the time she was smiling at him and cupping her big tits pushing them into his greedy mouth.

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