Walking home hornyness

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Well I masturbate alot. I mean alot. whenever I can I will. One day I was walking home and I was bored and alone so I thought about a girl at school. I got a hard on pretty fast and wanted to start rubbing my dick I couldn’t tho because I was in the middle of the streets.(this was my first time in public) I was getting really horny now, I needed to Jack off . I knew there was a park coming up so I held on till I got there, while I was walking I thought about some more stuff like licking my sisters panties and cumming in them as i previously did the night before. I was nearly at the park and I was so ready to blow my load, I walked over to the slide and climbed up the rails I climbed in and enclosed little pen about 2 metres off the ground. I pulled down my already wet pants. I took them off the risk of getting caught drives me crazy. I started rubbing my cock thinking of pussy I rubbed an rubbed. I started to feel my balls ache I needed to cum so in the slide I put my legs on the ceiling/roof and and put my head down and just as I was about to cum I stuck my finger up my ass I cummed so hard in my mouth, I swallowed it all and felt so dirty and horny. I started to Jack again this time going crazy fast I cummed on my body it felt great I left soon after not cleaning my self up and went home. When I got home no one was there so I fucked my couch putting my dick between the two mattress things. I cummed on it hard I was so horny still! I needed something more real. I got my phone and went on facebook to look at girls pics. I put them on and looked at the while giving anal to my couch it felt wonderful to orgasm. I still didn’t clean myself up and that was one good day that will happen soon again. The end. Ps give me ur numbers trade nudes! Xxx

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