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All I could do was stand there and look at him, tall naked and hot. He was seemingly unaware of me being there as he stood in the shower, letting the warm steamy water rain over him as washed his body slowly allowing his hands to caress his body. My pussy contracted and as the flood gates open, I could feel my juice slowly running down my legs. I unknowingly had slipped my right hand in between my clothing to the nipple of my left breast and was squeezing it and pinching the nipple. My breasts are very sensitive and one of my arousal zones, this just made my juice run more and my pussy muscles started to contract harder. I slide fingers into my pussy and started to rub my clit as I watched my sexual desire in front of me washing him. I never wanted to fuck a man as much as I wanted to fuck and suck him! He turned his back to me so that now I had a view of his chiseled ass and back. I wanted worship his ass starting with my mouth and hands going down his legs and working my way up to his neck then turning him over and doing the same, ending in a total body massage. My goal was simple, to inhale his scent and to take him into me, allowing our coming together to release me. He turned to face me and I sat there with busy fingers and my open mouth formed in an O. I am a woman who appreciates what makes a male one and he had it spades. His dark hair slicked back by the water from the shower allowed his strong angular, face with deep black eyes, full lips and a chest that I would love to just lick and suck. Going down past his six pack abs to his manhood I let my eye take up resident for a while. He was now soaping that area in a way that it looks like he was offering it to me for my pleasure. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM what I could with that!! He seemed to slide into his own world and started to stroke himself off with soapy hands. All I could do was watch and masturbate with him imaging his dick in my mouth and then in my pussy.

Ahhhhh… I heard the first vocal of my orgasm rising from my body as the very thought of him, of having him took over as my fingers moved faster and harder against my clit. I came…………………….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Ms. Smith do you have anything to add to this meeting?,” my boss Frank Carlton said as I came back to myself. I was so glad that I had written things down that I wanted to say and had reviewed it a few times. So when I opened my mouth it came out like I had been paying attention. At the end of the meeting, we all made moves to leave the conference room and I was almost out the door when I heard my name called.

“Ms. Smith, can you please wait a moment?”

I turned around knowing that the voice was that of Mr. Carlton, who was still sitting at the head of the table where he had been sitting during the whole meeting. Just in front of where I had been sitting and where I returned to sit as I waited to hear what he had to say.
He got up and came and took the seat next to me as he did so he turned my seat so that it faces his. We looked at each other for a moment of two and in one smooth moved he slide his right hand up my skirt between my legs right to my sloppy wet secret. With our eyes locked, he slide his fingers past the wet silk and plunged his fingers into my pussy as my body contracted and my mind screamed FUCK !!!. As fast as he had entered me, he pulled his fingers out and took them to his nose where he breathes in my sweet musty scent. His eye still looked on mines the whole time and I am sure my lust was showing big time. He put the juice coated fingers in his mouth and slowly licked them clean as he watched my orgasm started. He left me alone in the conference room when my orgasm had me fully in it’s control, shutting the door quitely behind him as I came moaning aloud my release in the empty conference room.

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