Winter wine

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I’m a guy who has a beautiful female friend with a rather peculiar way of sleeping with her eyes open. One night I visited her and we shared wine and played music, and I couldn’t help being turned on by her, and I think she was teasing me on purpose because she was a bit too obvious showing off her body and giggling and flirting. She is a very sexy girl with a slim body, and she likes to dress provokingly in tight black leather pants and a minimal red top, and even though she is gorgeous without makeup, she likes to wear it and I can assure you she looks stunning then. Her hair is amazing too, raven black with stripes of blood red. Anyway, after the wine and heavy music we decided to go to sleep. She let me sleep in her bed while she slept in the sofa next to the bed. I was tipsy from the wine and turned on, and I lay there fantasizing about her and felt myself becoming aroused so I slowly stroked my cock under the cover in a very silent and discrete way so she wouldn’t notice. After about half an hour I figured she must be asleep. I turned towards her and saw she was lying on her side facing me, with her eyes open as she always has when sleeping, but I could hear from her breathing that she must be asleep. I felt too warm and decided it was safe for me to remove the blanket, so I did that and also removed my underwear and then I lay there totally nude with my rock hard cock eagerly waiting to be stroked. I started masturbating slowly, being very careful not to make any noises so she would wake up. And all the time I kept my eyes looking at her to see if she would stir or something but she was also drunk and lay totally still apart from the breathing. It felt weird to lay there nude while she had her eyes open sort of looking at me even though I knew she was asleep. But this turned me on immensely and my cock was almost pulsating with excitement and I felt my heart was beating faster like a drum. I realised if she would wake up I would have no chance of hiding myself, but this fear only made me more excited. I was so hard now and it felt wonderful to lie there wanking. Soon i started feeling dry in my mouth and I noticed the familiar tingling feeling in my balls as my orgasm was approaching. I was very slow which made the sensation prolonged and i felt I was in heaven. All the time I was looking at her, and I imagined what if she really is awake and just lying there observing me? Then I started fantasizing that she was really awake and even a bit turned on from watching me…I imagined kissing her mouth to wake her up, and she would slowly undress her pajamas, and let me kiss her little nipples…and let me please her with my tongue. I was fantasizing like that all the time while looking into her eyes and stroking my cock which was now so big and warm from the immense excitement. The tingling feeling became more intense and as my orgasm approached I realised I was breathing really heavily but couldn’t help myself. I was terrified she would wake up but also very turned on by this..and then I exploded in a very messy cumshot with the cum squirting up like a fountain all over me and the bed. I have never had such a big cumshot in my life, and it felt like it lasted forever. I was now breathing very hard but I was beyond caring and control, only focused on my orgasm. After a while I calmed down and my breathing became normal, but I lay there totally exhausted and covered in cum, trembling with excitement and fear…and then as I turn to check on her, she still has her eyes open and says “go to sleep now” in a sleep dreamlike voice… I put my cover back on and fell asleep after a long time. In the morning after she didn’t seem different from any other day, but was in her usual perky flirty mood, giggling and joking. But still to this day I wonder if she was just talking in her sleep or really awake the whole time. My best wank fantasy is to remember that sleep over, thinking she was really awake and saw me, even feeling a little bit excited from watching me wank.

She has asked me to stay over again but she’s living very far away so I haven’t been able to yet, but I am looking forward to it…

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