Masturbation Office Theater Part Two

It’s been a while but my fun little office is still in use and keeps getting better and better. I enjoyed my little “theater” I created so much I decided to make this office my personal office. I use it primarily for filing my records and storage. Using it this way allows me to be around frequently without arousing suspicion from the tenants. Since I’m the landlord, I have rented the units out based on what kind of tenants would provide me the most exciting views. The ladies clothing store is still open, and still staffed by some sexy women who primarily fuel my stroking sessions. When the two spaces next to the store became vacant I made sure the ladies knew about it in hopes of attracting the right tenant. I was thrilled to land a day spa/tanning salon for those spaces. It took a few months to renovate the space to suit them, but it was well worth it.

My office conference room has been disguised as a storage room, which I keep locked and I have a shelving unit obscuring it, so my secret “theater” remains that way. I generally don’t do business in that office anyway. After the new tenants moved in, my variety of sexy women to enjoy greatly increased, and got more interesting. Jessie is the owner of the spa, and quite a nice woman to look at. She is 42, about 5″5′, very fit, she has long, brown hair, blue eyes, nice, firm tits, very tan, and always wears sandals. They do pedicures, so she wears sandals to show off the quality of their work.

The staff is attractive, well groomed and most wear skirts or shorts, and most wear sandals to show off their pedicures. Once Jessie opened the spa, she gave me a tour before they began taking clients. As she showed me around, I was able to steal many glances of her toned, tan legs and sexy pedicured feet from behind her. After the tour I excused myself and headed back to my office, went to the conference room, and started to enjoy the view. The ladies from the dress shop provided me with plenty to look at as they took their breaks, but I was hoping to see Jessie come out so I could stroke my cock to her fit legs and lovely feet.

I paced myself in my stroking for about an hour, then Ann came out. She was wearing a green top, a short, tight tan skirt and strappy heels. I was waiting for Jessie, but Ann always makes my cock hard as glass. I decided to stroke and cum to Ann, I firmly but slowly stroked my cock as I felt the precum slowly flow out as I traced the lines of her legs and feet with my eyes. I was getting close to exploding, but then I saw Ann wave and say hello to someone walking over to the table, it was Jessie! I stopped rubbing my cock for a minute because I wanted to savor the sight of these two beautiful women’s gorgeous legs and feet.

They chatted for a few minutes but then I noticed Ann gesturing and looking at Jessie’s feet. I guess they were discussing pedicures and Ann took off her heels and held up her feet to give Jessie a better look at them, this got me to vigorously pound my throbbing cock again. The next thing that happened floored me. Jessie was obviously wanting to attract new client, so she slipped of her sandals to show off her gorgeous pedicured toes. She had one foot on the ground and her other leg outstretched with her cute toes pointed. This position accentuated the muscle-tone of her gorgeous tan legs. At this point I was standing close to the glass to have a close look at these beauties, but the amazing sight of Jessie’s fantastic legs and feet had pushed my cock to it’s absolute limit. My cock pulsed uncontrollably in my hand as I gushed out ropes of hot cum. I collapsed in the chair as I looked warmly at the two ladies who just unknowingly made my cock erupt like volcano only about twelve feet or so away from them.

After I recovered, I cleaned up and got dressed. I then printed out some paperwork for Jessie, and drove to the spa entrance to give it to her. She was out front and waved as I pulled up. I was wearing sunglasses, so she did not notice me looking at her firm, tanned tits as she leaned in the car to take the papers. I then wished her luck with the spa and shook her hand, she had no idea it was the same hand that I had pounded a huge load of cum out of my cock just moments earlier while staring at her magnificent legs and feet. She smiled, said goodbye and headed back inside. I pulled out to the lot smiling and tingling while taking another look at Jessie’s hot legs. I was very pleased to have Jessie to admire, plus her spa acquired several ladies from the dress shop as clients, including the gorgeous Ann, this led to something happening that was so amazing I will dedicate part 3 to telling the story.

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