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Masturbation Office Theater Part Three

After Jessie opened her day spa, things got very interesting for me. I’m a guy who loves to masturbate while looking at women’s sexy legs and feet, unbeknownst to them. Many of the ladies at the dress shop became clients of the spa, which led me to witness something I had fantasized about, but never expected to see. If you read parts 1 and 2, then you know I am entranced by Ann; she’s a redhead in her late 20’s, about 5’3″ with large C/small D tits, a nice round ass and perfectly sculpted legs, she’s my favorite to cum to, with Jessie a close second.

Ann began showing up on her days off at the spa; I could see the results when she was on breaks. Her skin was glowing, her feet were pedicured to perfection, and her tan was deeper and sexier, which highlighted her fantastic legs. When she was visiting the spa, she would still come to the break area sometimes. Like some of the other clients, she would come to the break area in a spa robe. It was exciting to see her in a robe, knowing she was nude underneath. Sometimes, when she’s sitting in the right way, I can see almost all of her legs, but have never managed to catch a full glance up her robe. Then on a hot, humid August day, something amazing happened.

I was sitting in my viewing spot, naked, and teasing my lubed cock. The ladies from the shop and the spa were not staying out for long due to the hot weather, so the views were sporadic at best. Ann came out of the back door of the spa in a robe and her hair wrapped in a towel with a cup of ice water. She sat like she often does, on the bench facing away from the table and directly at me. She smoked and made a call on her phone, while I stroked my cock unseen to her. She had flip flops on and her gorgeous legs were glistening with sweat. I was stroking at a good pace because I knew she would not want to stay in the heat for long and I love to get off watching her. She put out her cigarette and continued talking on the phone.

Then, while she was talking, she took some ice and rubbed it around her neck, and then dripped it down her robe into her cleavage. This had me throbbing and oozing precum. She sat down her phone and stood up, I thought she was heading in, but then she tugged the top of her robe to fan a bit of air in, I caught a good glimpse of her cleavage and started stroking harder in response, but then she did something that blew my mind! Ann was dripping with sweat and obviously uncomfortable and she kept fanning at her robe. She was facing the mirrored window away from the dress shop and the spa, and directly at me. She started craning her neck to see if anyone was coming out or looking out, I got a jolt down my spine and into my balls and cock as I realized what she was thinking of doing, and hoping I was right. Then Ann did it, what I never thought I would ever see her do.

Ann looked around, made sure the coast was clear (or so she thought) undid the belt of her robe, opened the robe wide and fanned it open and closed about eight times. And except for the towel on her head, the open robe, and the flip flops, she was totally and absolutely naked! Her body was fit, toned, with a flat belly and golden tan with no tan lines. Her tits were round, firm. And natural, with medium sized, light brown areoles topped with firm nipples. Her pussy looked wonderful, crowned with light red, neatly trimmed pubic hair.The best part was when she opened her robe the last time, she slowed down, held the robe open for about three seconds and admired her body in the mirrored (unbeknownst to her, 1 way) glass.

By that point I had began groaning quietly and was dousing myself in my own hot cum. The lovely, beautiful Ann, who I have lusted after and cummed over many times, closed her robe, grabbed her cup and phone and walked back to the spa. I sat in the chair, pleasantly shocked, drenched in my own cum. To this day, I can’t see her or talk to her without getting a massive hardon from that wonderful memory.

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