Nikki walked along the corridor, her trim legs flashing as she headed for Professor Allen’s room. She was wearing a short skirt that day, rather than pants, and she had combined it with a flimsy blouse and no bra. She had a definite plan in mind for her meeting with the dignified, gray-haired professor, and it had nothing to do with his philosophy course that she was taking. But it had a lot to do with HIM.

A little checking had told her that he had two grown children and no wife. He lived alone. He also was a rather courtly man, formal in manner. Nikki liked him. In fact, she had developed something of a crush on him. To her, he represented an enigma…and also a challenge. Nikki loved challenges.

It was late in the afternoon, and there were only a few students left in that portion of the university. Nikki smiled blandly at a girl she knew who passed her in the hall, her pretty face giving no hint of the excitement coursing through her. The cute auburn-haired 22-year-old was embarked upon a mission, and she loved the fact that no one would suspect what she was up to. As far as her friends knew, she was a serious student, a pastor’s daughter who was practically engaged to a respectable fellow back home. She didn’t attend wild parties. Nikki smiled to herself. If only her friends knew of some of the things she had done and other things she had thought of doing!

When she reached Professor Allen’s door, her heartbeat accelerated. She rapped in quick, staccato fashion, and heard him say, “Come in.” He was seated behind his desk, and he removed his reading glasses to look at her. His face broke into a warm smile. He was a large man and not bad looking. In fact, for his age he was quite handsome, Nikki thought. But what sort of a man was he really, and would he respond to her? Those were the questions.

Nikki sauntered over to the chair that was directly in front of Professor Allen’s desk. She had always loved his desk. It was beautiful, a deep Mahogany brown with gold-plated handles on the drawers. It was big and strong, just like the owner. So many times she had imagined herself bent over this desk, Professor Allen teaching her a lesson in more ways than one.

“Do you mind if I sit down?” she asked.

“No, of course not, Nikki. I always have time for you. What’s on your mind?” he asked with a smile.

Nikki sat down and, as she crossed her legs, Professor Allen noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties under that short skirt of hers. He felt a tightness in his pants and reminded himself that this was nothing new. She had this affect on him whenever she came into the room. Just smelling her perfume was all it took to get a rise out of him. He loved the way she smelled. He thought it was vanilla but he wasn’t sure. Whatever, it drove him wild.

He imagined the smell of her pussy must be fantastic. It had been so long since he had smelled or seen a pussy. After his wife had passed away, he just couldn’t bring himself to be with anyone else. But he sure would like to be with Nikki. She was so young and full of life, and what an amazing body. She knew exactly what to wear so that every curve showed. He had watched her walk down the hall one day as she left his class, so many men’s heads turning, and even a few women, to admire her tight little ass.

Wow, he thought, I had better pay attention to what she’s saying or I just might explode right here under my desk. As his eyes began to focus on her, he noticed her perky breasts. Her nipples were hard and peeking through her shirt. They were the size of the pink eraser at the end of the pencil he was holding. Was she excited too? Could she be thinking about me, he wondered. He quickly rubbed the tip of the eraser with his thumb, and the tightness in his pants was almost unbearable now.

As Nikki spoke, making small talk about her assignments, she found it hard to concentrate on what was coming out of her mouth. She couldn’t help but notice the look in Professor Allen’s eyes. She’d seen that look before and knew it all too well. It was the look of desire. Had her plan worked? Was he lusting after her too?

She stopped talking for a moment to lick her lips. She noticed him staring at her mouth. So she decided to see if he was watching everything she did. Nikki’s hand lightly ran across her nipple on it’s way up to her head. She ran her fingers through her long, beautiful hair, flipping it over her shoulder to cascade down her back. This little trick worked every time. She noticed his eyes follow her hand. He was watching. I have him now, she thought to herself, a coy smile slightly parting her luscious lips.

“So I was thinking,” she continued, still toying with her hair, “if you could give me some private instruction…” She dared to stand and circle the professor’s desk. Startled, he swivelled his chair to face her so that there was nothing between them. “I know I need it.” She was looking directly into Professor Allen’s warm brown eyes.

He cleared his throat. Nikki looked at his lap and noticed a hump there. Was that just a wrinkle in his pants, or did he have a hard-on? And she hadn’t even touched him! Continuing to stare at his lap, the hump grew bigger…and she knew he was developing a full-fledged boner. For her!

Nikki’s heart was really hammering now. This was what she loved–doing the unexpected, fooling everyone. Professor Allen was a nice old man, and sexy in his way, but she didn’t need him in her life. The thing about Professor Allen was that no one would ever imagine him getting it on with a student. And who would imagine prim little Nikki, the pastor’s daughter, having sex with him? Ha!

She put her hand in the professor’s lap and felt his boner through his clothes. He gasped. “Wha…wha…?” He wanted to ask her what she was doing, but that was all he got out. His eyes widened behind his glasses. His lower lip dropped.

Nikki was in her element, happy as a kid with a stick of candy. She smiled with total confidence as she sank to her knees on the carpet. “Do you mind, Professor?” she asked, as she felt for the tab of his zippered fly.

“My dear…!” was all he could say, and he just stared at her, shocked and thrilled.

Nikki reached into his pants and brought out his cock which was quite large and stuck up stiffly, like that of a 19-year-old. It hadn’t gotten any use for awhile, she figured. Quite awhile. Watching his face, which radiated delighted surprise, the young college student bowed her head and licked the bald knob of Professor Allen’s cock.

“Aaah!” he exclaimed, and made a gesture with his hands as if he was clawing at the air. Nikki hoped he wasn’t having an attack. But then his hands settled on her head and caressed her. That and the condition of his pecker, quivering against her tongue and swelling even more, told her he was doing fine. Why, the old guy was thrilled silly!

Nikki licked the head of his cock some more, but then she wondered if she really wanted to suck him off. Would that be rushing things? She could have a LOT of fun with Professor Allen and keep it going throughout the rest of the term, she thought. What a kick! And no one would ever know she was the dignified old professor’s lover. Oh, yes!

But she did have to give the old boy a climax. And she WANTED to. Nikki was not cruel. She just had her own private little way of having fun. It was a mental game. Wasn’t all of life 90 percent mental anyway, when you came down to it?

Nikki decided to try something new with Professor Allen. She’d always wanted to do this with her fiance, but he was so boring in the bedroom. He never wanted to do anything different. It was always the same old position. She needed a little spark. This will be fun, she thought to herself.

As Nikki lifted her head from Professor Allen’s lap, she placed his hand on his throbbing member. He was a little confused
until he saw Nikki slide up onto his desk. As she parted her legs to let him see her beautifu
l pink pussy, he gasped slightly at the magnificent sight. She was shaved bare.

Her pussy looked so soft, he wanted to reach out and touch it, but she just stared at him and said in a stern voice, ” No touching. I want you to watch me pleasure myself as you do the same.” She reached over and put one of her fingers in Professor Allen’s mouth. “Suck my finger,” was all she said.

As she pulled her finger from his mouth, he began to rub his big, hard cock. Nikki rubbed her now-wet finger on her clit. As she did this, she could feel her pussy juices starting to flow. She slid her finger into her love hole and started stroking it in and out, in and out, slowly at first. Then she slipped in another finger. She noticed the way Professor Allen wiggled in his chair as he watched her. She could tell he was almost ready to climax. She grabbed for his free hand and placed it on her right nipple.

“Pinch it! Pinch it hard!” she urged him.

He began to pinch and pull on her rock-hard nipple. She was close to cuming, too.
As Nikki quickened the pace of her banging fingers, Professor Allen matched her speed. They both began to breath harder as the feeling heightened.

“Oh baby, stand up and bite my nipple while you cum on my stomach,” Nikki purred. Professor Allen jumped to his feet quickly. Nikki began writhing against her wet hand.

“Oh my… oh…oh!” was all she heard from Professor Allen as he shot his wad on her tight little stomach. Nikki began to let out a moan that felt and sounded as though it had come from deep within her soul. Wow, she thought. She’d never made that kind of noise with her fiancĂ©.

“Mmmmmmm,” was what followed as she soaked her hand with more honey from her pussy. Nikki smiled broadly as she pulled her wet fingers free. She stuck them back in Professor Allen’s mouth so he could taste her love juice. He was so thrilled, he couldn’t stop smiling as he licked up every drop. Nothing had ever tasted so good.

Nikki stood up and leaned over to his ear. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class, Professor Allen.” she whispered and gave his ear lobe a little suck. He just stood there dumbfounded with a shit-eating grin on his face and watched her walk to the door. As Nikki began to open the door , she turned around and blew Professor Allen a kiss. “Sweet dreams.” she purred.

As she closed the door behind her, she felt very naughty. If her Father only knew, he would just die. Nikki couldn’t help but smile again. She liked feeling naughty. Naughty Nikki. That’s what she would have professor Allen call her from now on…only when they were alone ,of course.

She began thinking of how much fun class would be the next day. They had a secret now. It was something that might not show on the outside but, with every sneaking glance, would be felt in their loins.

(Author’s Note: Thanks to Naughty Nikki for inspiring and co-writing this story.)

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  1. Fantastic story. Can’t wait for part 2!

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  2. college girl

    Terrific. I love the way you made it so no one knows how naughty Nicki is. She really makes the story and the professor adds to it. They go well together and its so real. Part 2 should be great.

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