Office Hijinks Part 3

All week long I had relived that spanking and screwing in my mind. It kept me hot and horny thinking about it. It was surprising and outrageous and not only against all of the rules, but I would have thought against his nature as well. Surprise, surprise. There’s more to that gray haired old man than any of us realized. I knew he always turned me on for some reason. Now I just needed to come up with something else off the wall to keep him jumping. Not that I was assuming this would be an on-going thing, mind you….just in case, you know?
I finally got my chance to experiment again on a Thursday evening. It had been the usual busy day, phones ringing off the hook, clients in and out, and the damn air conditioner just wasn’t cutting it. I flipped the sign to closed and locked the door quickly, before any more clients could creep in like cockroaches.
I headed for the bathroom and peeked my head in the Boss’ doorway to see him still talking on the phone. I locked the restroom door and took off my underwear, kicking them behind the curtain. Then I went to the fridge and got a cherry bomb out of the freezer, tearing off the wrapper as I wandered back into the Boss’ office.
He was still talking on the phone, so I smiled at him, fanned myself, and hopped up on the desk in front of him, hiking up my dress a little to avoid ripping it (and “accidentally” gving him a view of my pantiless crotch). I sucked on my cherry bomb quietly, listening to his side of a conversation with an attorney. This didn’t sound like it was going to end anytime soon.
I dramatically fanned myself again and undid several buttons at the top of my dress, giving him an eyeful of my ripe cleavage. He smiled and shifted for a better view but continued talking. Smiling back, I popped the cherry bomb out of my mouth and skimmed it across the top of my breasts and between, leaving a trail of pinkish moisture behind.
He raised an eyebrow and turned to face me more fully, scooting his chair closer, but leaning back in it as he continued to talk to “Frank”! Hmmm…a challenge unspoken.
I slowly lifted my skirt, bunching it around my waist and planting one foot in his chair, right between his legs, so that he could get a good look at my hot pussy. Sucking on my cherry bomb, I slid one hand up my leg to my crotch and slowly started stroking myself, wanting him to see the moisture my fevered pussy was already producing. He looked at me one more time then concentrated on my finger, sliding in and out of my puss, making wet swipes across my clit….
Ah! Now that I had his attention…. I lowered my cherry bomb to my crotch and gently pressed it against my clit….
“Oh!” The cold surprised me and I jumped a little, bumping his hardening cock with my foot. Interesting. I placed my toes against his dick, rubbing gently while I slowly slid the cherry bomb into my pussy. Mmmmm, yeah. That felt very good! Leaning back to give him a better view, I slowly stroked the ice pop in and out of my cunt, my fiery twat melting some with each stroke, leaving a puddle under me. I heard a strangled gurgle from him and felt his cock jump under my toes. I noticed he was talking less now, confining himself to mmm-hmmms mostly.
I took the opportunity to pull the cherry bomb out of my cunt and slid it quickly into his mouth, watching the lust cross his face. He sucked on it for a second, then when I held out my hand for him to give it back, he shook his head ‘no’ and pushing my hands away, slid it back into my pussy himself. With a devilish grin at me, he started sliding it in and out slowly, rubbing his thumb across my clit with each stroke in.
I leaned back farther to enjoy the moment, watching him through slitted eyes, and tweaking and twisting my nipples. Getting into his work, he slid his chair back and stood up, still talking on the phone and sliding that cherry bomb in and out of me, a little faster now, looking into my eyes, and pausing to rub my clit in small circles between strokes.
It felt so good. So hot. I struggled to control my breathing and the jerking of my hips that was making the desk creak and groan. Abandoning my nipples, I frantically reached out to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. It fell out onto my palm, hot and hard, and oozing slightly, and I rubbed the precum around the tip of it, feeling another gush of excitement in my pussy.
I started stroking his dick and he moved farther to the side so I could reach, stretching the phone cord to its limit, but still listening to Frank and pumping my pussy full of cherry bomb. I teetered on the knife edge of orgasm, needing just a little more to push me over; it was fantastically pleasurable torture.
I stroked his dick more quickly, fondling his balls and rubbing precum all over, trying not to whimper with need. Finally, even his iron will couldn’t hold out and he rudely stated “I gotta’ go, Frank. I’ll call you back tomorrow.”
Slamming the phone down, he yanked the cherry bomb out of my twat and grabbing my hips, pulled me off the desk to impale me on his dick. Oh God!! He paused for a moment, trying to regain control, then slowly started short stroking me, grinding his pelvis against my clit with a twist. I nearly screamed aloud it felt so damn good.
Seeing how close I was to cumming he paused again with an evil grin. I moaned in disappointment and he said “that’ll teach you to mess with me, you horny little tease.” Then he started stroking again very slowly, pulling nearly all the way out, and sliding back in, bumping his hairy pelvis upward against my clit. Oh the agony!! Can you die from pleasure? It felt so good even I wasn’t sure I wanted to end it with an orgasm.
I pulled his head down for a deep kiss as he picked up speed, slamming in and out of me, knocking things over on the desk, and making me wail aloud as I came. Wave after wave hit me, and my pussy convulsed around his dick, clutching him ’til he couldn’t stand it any longer and blast his seed deep into my cunt.
We stayed in that position for a while, gasping for breath and shuddering with climax aftershocks. Finally, we pulled apart to clean up.
I looked at him saucily and said “Whew! Is it hot in here, or is it just me?!” and strutted off to find my underwear, well pleased with my day’s work.

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  1. justaguy531

    Baby, you are fantastic! And I mean, really hot!!! What’s more, you can really write. I love your stuff!!!

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