Taking the L Train

Riding the L train to work every morning and every night, had become very routine for Heather. As she sat and waited for her hour long train ride to and from work, she had time to fantasize as she rode the rails. Her mind would play out
wonderful scenarios as she visualized what it would be like to fall in love and to make wild passionate love. She had the perfect man in her mind. Tall, a killer body that was toned and shaped in all the right places, a man with piercing eyes. Eyes that would be mysterious, but also eyes that would reflect what was in his soul as she would gaze into them. Didn’t matter to Heather the hair type as long as he had some, so she could run her long fingers through his hair. He had to have some wits about him and common sense, a intelligent
man who would so charm the pants off her with his romantic flair. Heather let out a big sigh sitting there knowing that there was no such perfect man, as there is no such thing as a perfect woman. But she fantasized alot about who he could be. She had rode the rails for 4 years to her job and several guys on the train had struck up a conversation with her. But they were either married, looking for a fling, or some stock-broker type guy who was into the game but wanted to make money more than have a relationship with anyone. Was there such a man for her, only in her dreams and fantasies she amused.

Heather lived with her parents for the time being. They offered her to live there rent free while she started her career in the big city. She did live on her own for awhile until things got hard financially and she was forced to go back and live at home. Not that she didn’t mind a roof over her head and her parents allowing her to live there rent free. But she had no life of her own. She worked all day and then when she got home at night she had to take care of her mother who was very sick from cancer, so her father could have a little
time to himself. Heather loved her parents so she would die for them if she had to, so the role of her being caretaker through every night brought comfort to her family. That was what little she could offer to her parents who brought her into this world. She had no siblings and few relatives who lived around them, so the burden of caring for her mother came to her father and to herself. Hiring someone from the outside
would of been out of the question, for they had little means to take care of their own daily needs. They were kind and caring loving people who would give you the shirt off their backs. Heather felt blessed to be able to care for both of them as a loving and faithful daughter. But all the while inside her mind she needed and had to escaped into her fantasy world on a daily basis with her ride on the rails. Looking for something or someone to fulfill her.

Heather was still a virgin at 28 years old. Not that she was bad to look,in fact very cute with her shoulder length brown hair and large brown eyes. She had no problem with getting any dates. She was very selective about who she dated. There were times she wanted to cross the line and have sex and she did dry hump several but she also had some morals about her from her christian upbringing and those morals always seemed to blur the lines of her crossing them for one night in the backseat of a car. She wanted more from a relationship than just a one night stand. Something that will last a lifetime as she found to be true of her own parents. But she had daily and wanted needs, sexual needs that she would fantasize about and she would lay in bed at night and put herself into those roles to act and play out in her mind. Only to end up touching her wet petals in a frenzy, which would drive her crazy. She would lay there touching herself all over her body and fantasize her perfect man was doing the touching. Not wanting to wake up from her fantasy because it only fueled her fantasy. She was lost in that world as it took over her senses at times. And she fantasized in order to not have to deal with what was around her in reality. Her life was hard and losing herself meant freedom even though it was just for a short time.

Day in and day out Heather rode the L train and escaped the madness of her mundane life and the reality of her mother dying which she couldnt cope with. While riding to her job one breezy morning, nothing in particular was going on inside the train. The same people everyday getting on and getting off with each new stop, she knew their faces and some of them their names. The man who was handicapped and in a wheelchair who sold newspapers everyday in the big city. The
middle aged woman who had lost her husband and was forced to go back to work. The wall street broker who looked dapper in his suit as he found time to read the headlines every morning while on their rides to their jobs. Many she had got familar with over 4 years time. While sitting this morning she gazed out the window as she let her mind slip away from her one more time. She fantasized she was in a far away distant foreign land where she had just met this tall,dark and handsome man who spoke no english. She had a thing for guys with sexy accents in her fantasies. She was laying on his bed where he was ravishing her body, fulfilling her
sexual needs. She could feel her lips down there get wet with excitment and flushed as she was playing the fantasy over and over in her head. He plunged his hard thick cock
deep within the walls of her pussy and she could actually fantasize the feeling of this. As she sat on the train she was lost in a scene being played out as her breath quickened in short breaths as if she was being made love to. Taking her arms above her head her fantasy foriegn lover whispered something in her ear in french she didn’t understand but she was taken by it. He pinned her arms above her head and slowly thrust up and down inside of her. Heather gasped outloud as her fantasy for her was taking part in her mind. Their bodies melded together as one as he slowly but precisely thrust his manhood deep within her virgin territory. Heather gasped again as the train came to a abrupt halt at her usual stop, to let her off for her daily grind of reality, her job. The jolt of the train brought her out of her trance
of fantasy but one thing she did notice was how unusually wet she was between her legs. Her panties were very soaked and she felt like she had peed in them, she was that wet. She still was horny from her nice little daydream fantasy, her pussy lips swollen, her nipples hard, but right now she needed to will herself to get up and get to work. She was oblivious to everyone around her. They had their own little drama’s being played out in their own minds as they rode the rails. So she was sure of herself that no one had noticed her gasp outloud or the distant like gaze she had on her face as she was being made love to in her mind.

Ahhh the day has begun for work but she needed to get to the bathroom and take off her soaked panties from under her skirt. She figured she would be al natural at work all day and
no one would be the wiser. Her panties would dry before days end and she would slip them back on again before she left work on her ride back home. Going into the restroom at work
she locked the door behind her and took her place on the toilet. Sliding her long fingers under the top of her panties, she slowly pushed them down. Her mind wandered back to
her fantasy on the train and she still felt the urge between her legs to satisfy that craving what her lips were begging to have. For her to touch them. She could see and feel her
fantasy man working his way down the nappe of her neck with stolen wet kisses sending chills through out her body. Heather slowly removed her soaked panties from her legs and in so doing her hand slightlybrushed across her swollen petals. She was drenched now in her own sexual moisture, her desire was peaking as she drifted to her fantasy mans throbbing member slowly grinded away inside her. Her fingers swiftly found the spot as she beg
an to rub circles around her swollen small p
enis sized clit as her sexual fantasy was being played out in her mind. She worked magic on her clit as she rubbed slowly at first in circles but as her fantasy in her mind of her foreign man who was making love to her, her other hand slid
down and Heather slid two fingers inside her hot tight virgin hole as she worked her clit, she felt the sensation of him being inside of her. Slowly she went in and out of her tight virgin pussy with her fingers as she seen him sliding in and out of her, his hot throbbing member. In and out slowly her mind was focused on the fantasy as her breathing got faster and faster.

Her other fingers were rubbing up and down and back and forth across her swollen clit in ectasy. This was taking her to new heights as she let out a gasp and then a moan the faster
she rocked on her fingers. In her fantasy she seen him and felt him as he climatic reached his point of climax and they both started to cum in orgasims that rocked their worlds.
Heather felt her body tense as her legs stiffened and her breathing was in short gasps as she reached her pinnacle of no return as she seen with her minds eye he was cumming inside her, so was she. her virgin pussy juice let go as she slipped over the top as he came inside her. Heather bucked on her fingers as every nerve ending in her body was screaming out in pleasure. Jolts of fire throughout her body as let go and she climaxed. She felt her swollen lips tightened around her fingers and every sensual nerve ending exploded in a torrid. Heather moaned over and over again as she lived in her mind her climax with her fantasy man. She bucked tight and hard on her hand as she felt every ounce of everything went out her body and a gush of heat overtook her body. She shuddered as she climax, every nerve ending tingled, even as her fantasy man came so did she…….

MMMMM Heather thought as a nice warm glow settled over her and a look of sheer content as she placed her wet panties into her purse. Smoothed out her skirt and headed over to the
bathroom basin to wash her hands. She had just had sex with her fantasy man and she was content and pleased with herself. One of her many fantasies she lived out while waiting for Mr. Right to come into her life. Ahh the day has begun and none the wiser her co-workers as she walked briskly back to her desk. She thought if only they knew what she had just done! And now her wet panties in her purse, clean hands and her pussy content as it soaks up the warmth and fresh freedom of being let loose and left to be al natural all day long!

The daily grind of work UGH! Heather bemoaned as she typed letters all day and sent faxes. Her job was her reality though and to work she had to keep her mind focused on the tasks at hand, otherwise she wouldn’t have a job. Heather worked for a law firm that kept her busy all day. Answering phones, typing, going through clients folders making sure everything was in their place. Most of the people she worked with were either married, or divorced and a office tech who was gay. So her selection was nill at that when it came to looking for Mr. Right there. Her co-workers tried repeatedly to set Heather up on dates and some she did. She found them to be boring and not wild enough as her fantasies were. Why can’t there be a right guy but wanted the same chills and thrills as she did in a relationship. Spice, romance, hot but also time for drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire, or horseback riding, or a romantic picnic. WHERE are these men Heather oftened wondered. Romance to them was dinner and a movie, or a quickie in bed with no tenderness, passion or fire! Heather thought I’d rather stay single and maybe one day her prince would come. Work that ugly 4 letter word as Heather went to lunch with her girlfriends from another law office down the street. They often met for lunch and giggled and they laughed over silly goofy girlfriend stuff. Most of her friends lived in the city, and with her living in the suburbs it was hard to have alot of time to spend with them, even though they do
get together when they can and when Heather can break away from taking care of her Mom. Heather to some extent felt trapped and not like the other girls, because she didnt have all the luxery of going out when she had a reality check at home to take care of her mother. It made her sad at times when she seen how happy and content her friends were. They had real boyfriends, a real life to go out and party, or just to go somewhere to have fun. Heather tried not to feel any kind of resentment towards her Mom for being sick, because it wasnt her fault she got sick in the first place, and she couldn’t see putting all that strain and burden on her father. So for now she had to do what she had to do and that was take care of her mom and work a job. There was sadness though and one she couldn’t escape every time she seen her married girlfriends, or those who did date regularly and were happy in their relationships. For now she has her fantasies….

Part 2
Heather looked at the clock on the wall and it said 5:00 pm woohoo she thought as it was time to clock out and go home for the weekend. She really had nothing to be excited about but to go home, eat dinner and take care of her sick mother so her father could get some rest. Grabbing her purse she left for the day and didnt stop to put back on her panties she placed in there that morning. She walked to the train platform as she walked she daydreamed what it would be like to have a man like this one or that one that passed her quickly by. She arrived and took her place waiting with the rest of the same crowd who took the L train every morning and every night. Same old thing and same old people she thought as the train pulled to a stop and its doors opened.
Her head and mind was so caught up in the clouds of the day and she mindlessly took her place on the train in the back. She wanted to go back there so she could fantasize about her sexy lover again, the one with the sexy french accent, at least for the hour and a half ride home she had to wait. Sometimes its been as long as to up to 2 hours before she got home and it gets dark early as it already was. She walked slowly back to the train and took her seat and got as comfortable as she possible could on a train. She kicked off her heels and felt a slight breeze from the air condioning blow up her skirt and she felt the air go across her thighs and swept to her pussy as she felt a shiver go up her spine. She felt her nipples get hard through her blouse because of the air condioner being on. A bit nipply she thought.
The constant rocking and motion of the train was putting her into a trance like gaze once again out the trains window as she allowed her mind to wander once again. She placed herself this time with her man in a garden where there was this gazebo and they both were both lounging on the couch inside this gazebo, kissing more passionately than they had ever kissed before. Like long lost lovers who had not seen each other for a long while. Their hands carasses each others bodies with loving care. Gently touching each other in places where it would send much delight and pleasure to each other.
They longed to see each other, touch each other, hold each other, make love with each other. In Heathers mind she seen herself lay back as her lover stroked her long brown hair and push it away from her face as he leaned in and brushed his lips against her cheek. He breathed in her love as he touched his lips to her skin. She shuddered under his spell and touch. Her mind wandered deeper not paying attention to her surroundings on the train, just what she was giving heed to in her mind and fantasy.
Her lover kissed her neck as he slid his hands down to her milky white firm breasts and massaged them in his strong hands.
Heather felt a slight twinge and tingle growing in her crotch as she felt every touch of her phantom lover. His kisses, his hands moved over her body. She ar
ched her back in the train seat trying t
o get more comfortable. Her legs spread apart and she felt the air swoosh up and around her wet pussy lips from the air condioner. She felt moisture run down her pussy slit, her lips swollen and tingling. Without thinking where she was on the train, she reached down between her legs and hiked her skirt up her thighs and began to rub the swollen lips to her liking as she visualized her lover touching her at the same time. Heather moaned outloud as she felt her phantom lover touch her over and over again. Heather moaned again as she rubbed her clit and swollen lips harder to the thrust and beat of the trains motion, she felt herself cumming. The train only added to the excitement of rocking on her fingers.
Her lover sucked on her swollen lips as she felt herself go over the edge of no return as she let go and ahhhhhhhhhh as she moaned outloud as if she was bucking and jerking on her lovers mouth and tongue. The friction of her fingers were hot as fire as she felt it pulsing and exploded in thousands of tingles all over her body. Her legs shook and quivered as her body arched to every touch, every nerve in her body was standing on end as she came and she came hard.
The train jolted to a stop suddenly and a whoosh of air from outside as people exited and came onto the L train… Heather snapped out of her daze at the sudden jolt and looked to her direct left to notice a tall dark haired guy was sitting there looking at her, with his eyes fixtated on her hiked up skirt and her wet pussy which had soaked her seat…..

more to come…

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