Tantic TVR

Driving through the country side in my electric blue TVR Tuscan, I though back to this morning in bed with my lover and all the things we had done to satisfy one another. His kisses, touches and nibbles had brought on one of the most intense orgams I had ever experienced. The way he whispered in my ear the things he wanted to do to me, pushing me over the edge, driving my pussy wild and fluttering….. I pull the car over from the side of the road – too absorbed in memory to drive properly. I try to concentrate on the road but my mind keeps returning to the mornings love making.

I decide to pull over for a break before carrying on. Gunning the engine, listening to 4 litre block roar back always makes my pussy slick. The car bolts forwards and I see a small lane coming up, I turn in and find a destered farmhouse at the bottom. I stop the car but leave the engine running, the rumble too pretty to miss.

I let my mind wander freely now back to the mornings session. Having being woken up by a pressing feeling on my ass, I played “dead” but couldnt help the excited feeling rising in my groin. My lover started walking his fingers up and down my back slowly, making my back shiver with pleasure, up from the nape of my neck down to the curve of my ass. My lover, sensing I was awake, moved his hand around my hip and cupped my breasts as I pushed my ass back towards him to feel his already hard cock pressing against me.

Back in my car, my pussy is gettin slicker and slicker and my breathing starts to deepen. I press a button and the roof slides down as its uncomfortably hot in the car now.

My lover, kissing the back of my neck and licking my ear starts to roll my nipple around in his hand, squeezing my whole breast and then my nipple again as I begin to moan softly under his touch. His other hand works its way into my hair and I roll over onto my back. He moves onto of me and kisses me deeply, probing my mouth with his tongue before forcing my lips open and plunging his tongue into my mouth. He moves his hands over my breasts and lets one wander down past my belly button and onto my soft waiting mound. I thrust my pussy upwards as he moves his fingers down into the soft and sticky crevice.

In my car I pull my skirt up, panties to one side and begin to softly stroke my swollen clit. It feels good to do it in the hot sunshine and listening to the rumble of the TVR’s engine. I carry on softly stroking while I reminise.

My lover slowly kisses his way down my body, clamping his mouth down gently on each nipples and rolling them around his mouth with his tongue before gently opening my legs and dipping his head down intp my pussy. He beings slowly by licking my hole while softly stroking my clit, throbbing and pulsing for his touch. I run my fingers through his hair and then he clamps down on my clit with his mouth and sucks hard. My whole body jerks and I moan loud, begging him not to stop and claw his hair. He kees sucking harder and harder and my body bucks up and down while Im almost screaming his name.

As the sunshine bears down on me, sitting in my car stroking my own clit and feeling my pussy getting wetter and wetter, I decide to get out and sit on the bonnet. I open the door, make myself comfortable on the sleek bonnet of the Tuscan and delve back into my panties, closing my eyes against the sun and letting my fingers do thier work.

He just wont stop sucking hard as I shout that Im ready to cum, that Im ready to do whatever it is he wants me to do to him when I cant contain it any longer. It feels like my pussy explodes as I orgasm, clamping down on his head, pulling his hair and thrashing, but he never lets go. He lets me ride out my orgasm and laps my cum up with his hot mouth.

Laying on the bonnet of the TVR, with my legs spread wide, with my panties pulled to one side as I use the memory of the morning to turn me on, frantically stroking my clit in search of relief I feel like Im not alone out here in this destered farmyard. I scan the bushes quickly in front of me as I play with myself but see nothing, I carry on – desperate to orgasm.

My lover moves back above my body, ignoring my pleas to touch him and plunges his rock hard cock deep into my still trembling pussy, and begins to thrust as hard as he can with his hips. A much different man than the gentle playmate of a few moments ago, as if my screaming has awakened his beast.

I reach up with one hand and pull my top up over my breasts, pull the bra cup down and start to caress them. Squeezing each nipple hard I begin to ram my fingers into my dripping wet cunt. I cant shake the feeling of being watched but by this point I dont care any more, the need to cum greater than any other feeling ever experienced.

I can feel my orgasm building up deep within my hot snatch when a voice comes from behind my car, asking me what the hell do I think Im playing at. Im too horny to stop and I look round still playing with my pussy and my breasts. I turn my head round and tell the man behind me that Im finger fucking myself and thats all I can manage to say. He asks me if he can watch me fuck myself and before I can answer, he confesses he’s been watching me for a while, he wants to help not just watch.

Before I have the time to reply, he’s knelt in front of the TVR’s bonnet and I can feel his hot rough tongue licking and fucking my pussy. I pull his hair and beg him not to stop, its too good and Im too far gone for him to stop. He replies by clamping his hands down on my breasts and squeezing my hard nipples so hard its hurts. His licking intensifies and just when I think I cant take any more I reach my orgasm.

Screaming into the bright sky above me and shoving my ass down into the car’s bonnet, my orgasm just wont end. The man sucking at my clit is lapping away at my juices, my thighs are taught with the tension but I cant stop, dont want to stop. I close my eyes and grab for the top edge of the windscreen, anything to get a better grip as my body writhes in ecstasy.

Im aware of my thighs and the bonnet beneath me being soaking wet as my orgasm seems to finally end and I open my eyes to find the mysterious man to have disappeared. Believing him to have been a fantasy my sex crazed mind dreamt up to help my pussy I straighten myself up and climb back into the car. After another quick look round the destered farmyard and seeing no one I head back down the track and onto the main road. Heading back towards town I see a figure ambling down the road, it turns to look at my approaching vehicle and raises his hand in acknowledgement. I realise the figure is my farmyard fantasy come to life, I look in the rear mirror when I’ve passed him….but he’s gone.

My lover wont believe this.

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