~The Dressing Room~

The Dressing Room

That day you decided to go to the mall with me and wanted me to pick out a hot black dress for ya and to model it. You picked out 3 sexy dresses for me. One was a very short black dress backless dress. You demanded that I try that one on first with no bra and panties under it. Going into the dressing room there were a few there trying on clothes, not alot though. Closing the door behind me and locking it. I pulled off
the peach colored top I had on and tossed it to the side. As I unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled them off as well. Standing in front of the mirror I ran my hands over my white lacy push up bra and ran my fingers over the material covering my tits, and tracing circles over it I felt the little nubs of my tits get hard and erect the more I rubbed them with my fingers. I smiled at the thought of you watching me do this to myself and you growing hard, the harder I rubbed them. I unhooked my bra and let my heaving globes
spring out of their entrapment. My little nubs were now very hard pointy nubs as I rolled my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Mmmmmm I thought as I slowly untied the sides of my white silky thong and they dropped between my legs. I felt a slight tingle between my legs and knew my hot little cunt was getting wet with dew. Looking down in the mirror I could see my outer puss lips swell with excitment. He demanded me before I went into the dressing room to touch myself and for me to watch this in the mirror. I have to admit I loved the excitement of adventure that we always seem to want from each other. I pinched and rolled my hard erect nubs in the mirror, palming them and then massaging them as I cupped each breasts in my hands fondling them. Letting out a soft moan as I felt wet dew slide down my pussy lips. The more I rubbed my tits the more turned on I was getting. Cupping and lifting up my right tit I leaned forward and down and
stuck my tongue out as I pulled my soft nipple upwards towards my mouth and my tongue began to flick and lick my own nipple. My wet hot mouth strained to succle and get the entire nipple in my mouth, but I sucked and licked covering my tit with the lather of my saliva. Again he demanded me to do this while I was in the dressing room. I knew he was getting hard and getting off knowing that his demands of me were being fulfilled.
He knew there were going to be people in the dressing room trying on clothes. But his demands never go unfilled with me. Moaning softly as I kneaded my other tit playing with the nipple, I hungerly licked my nipple pulling it into my mouth as I sucked as much in then out of my mouth. I could feel my pussy growing with wetness the more I licked and sucked it.

I remembered his next demand of me was to place my right foot on the area where you would sit and begin to play and touch myself. Still cupping my left breast and playing with it, I arched my back as I slowly slid my right hand down to my tight lil wet slit. He wanted me to trace the outside of my pussy lips with my fingers. Which I obeyed what he wanted me to do while I watched myself in the mirror. I was so turned on by what
he told me to do and now here I’am acting out his demands. Putting my right foot on the seat I watched as my pussy lips quivered and parted as I slide my right hand down to my waiting hole. He wanted me to play with my clit he demanded of me and here I was taking my 2 fingers and making circles around my clit and up and down and back and forth. You could see traces of puss juice slide down my lips and drip like honey. My firm and hard clit was hard.. very hard and very erect as I massaged it as he demanded me to. I pulled back my pussy lips and you could see the hard erect clit exposed in the mirror. My god I thought as I bucked and jerked my hips, grinding them upwards as I continued to rub harder and faster. I felt my body shiver and my legs slightly buckle as I rubbed my clit for him. I wondered in the back of my mind what he was doing outside the dressing room while waiting for me. I knew he was hard. I knew his own cock was straining to be released while he walked around waiting for me to do this for him. It turned him on. And ohh how I was turned on! It made the rubbing that more hot and fierce as I was about ready to cum when I remembered the next demand he wanted me to do.
I opened my purse and pulled out the 6 inch pinkish dildo he wanted me to bring. He had ordered me to slide the dildo into my pussy and begin to fuck myself with it, while watching in the mirror. I did as he demanded and slide the smooth pink dildo inside my wet and swollen hole. Letting out a gasp as I started to slide it in and then out, in then out as I watched it disappear into my hole. So wet and so hot I moaned as I stroked and fucked me with it. I started out slowly like he wanted me to but being so turned on
by all this brought me fucking harder and faster with it. With my pussy lips wrapped tightly around the dildo I squeezed it as it went in and out of me. I was going to cum quick I knew that. I could feel the dildo bouncing off my vagina walls as it slide faster in and out of me. OMG my body vibrated and shook as I inhaled then exhaled as I let loose as a torrid climax hit me and my ass rocked up and down and grinded on the dildo. Ohhh my gawdddddddd!!!! I started to loudly moan but biting my lips as I gushed cum as
it slide down the dildo and down my inner thighs as I hit the peak and flew over it as I continued to slam the dildo in me. Ohh my god is all I kept saying over and over as the intensity of it hit me and I came the hardest I ever had in all my life! He knew I would and thats why he wanted me to do this for him. My body shook hard and my legs buckled under me as I exploded all over the dildo. He had demanded me to watch in the mirror as I orgasimed and that was intense as I could see my face contort with pleasure, then release in a torrid stream of cum. His next demand of me was to take the dildo out of my hot cunt and suck the pussy juice off it. The dildo was wet, very wet with my cum. Again he wanted me to watch in the mirror. Sliding the cock dildo in my mouth I eagerly sucked and licked off every bit of my cum off it. He demanded that I suck the dildo like it was him that just got done fucking me with it.Licking the sides of the dildo up and down and sliding it into my wet mouth I sucked it as I would be sucking him, very hard. It was tasty as I sucked and licked it clean and placed it back into my purse.

Taking the black dress he picked out I slid it over my head and smoothed it down over my just freshly cum pussy. I could smell my sex and it smelled heavenly as I admired my body in the black dress in the mirror. He demanded I wore no bra or panties with the dress and I didnt. I slowly unlocked the dressing room door, looked around to see if anyone was there and walked down the length of the carpet to just outside the dressing room doors, where he was standing waiting for me. Our eyes caught each others
eye and we smiled at each other. I looked down to his groin area and his manly cock was hard as a rock. I winked at him and turned so he could catch the backside of the dress. “lovely, just lovely” he whispered as he took steps towards me and pressed his hard aching cock into my backside. “Feel this” he leaned into my ear and I could feel the largeness of his cock. He was so hard and horny and so fucking turned on. Turning back around I kissed him gently on the lips and smiled as I trotted off into the dressing room.
I purposely left the door to the dressing room unlocked and slightly ajar. My back was to the door as I bent down to pick up my thong off the floor as I felt strong firm hands slide along my ass and caress and touch me. I heard a click and the door close and lock. He had demanded that I didnt turn around yet. His hard throbbing cock pressed against my ass as his hands wandered and roamed over my body. My pussy was growing wet again and the lips were swelling. He demanded that I bend over and put my hands against the room wa
lls and to spread my legs. His pan
ts were already unzipped and his throbbing cock was already out and ready. Sliding the black dress slowly up around my hips he caressed my ass and squeezed my cheeks. The honey was already dripping down off my pussy lips when I heard him drop to his knees and spread my legs further and began to lick my honey off my pie. I gasped as his tongue flicked and caressed and sucked my sweetness. His tongue licked all the way up to my clit then all the way back down to the bottem of my slit and he kept doing that until I thought I was going to explode all over his face. I rocked my hips as I grinded down on his tongue, mouth and face. I could tell his face was getting wet with my honey. I had to bite my lips to keep from moaning and
groaning with every lick he was making. He took his hands and massaged my ass as he flicked his tongue back and forth on my hard clit. He was sucking my clit so hard my body shook violently. I was rocking back and forth on his face as I felt the familar feeling of cumming. I was riding his face fiercly the way he had demanded me to ride it as I broke loose and squirted and exploded all over his face. Cum was rushing down my slit as he sucked and licked it hungerly. I was fucking his face and mouth so hard as I came I nearly collasped as the orgasim rocked my world. His tongue and mouth rocked my
world as I fucked his face hard as he demanded me to. “ohhhh my god damnnnn” is all I could say as he held my clit in his mouth. I wanted him to fuck me and wanted him to fuck me NOW! I wanted to feel his hot cock plunge deep into my wet hot hole.
I was shaking as he demanded me to turn around and face him. I could see his sexual desire in his eyes, it was as fire as he looked at me. Kissing my lips with his cum filled mouth I could taste my sex on him. I eagerly kissed him and bit his lips and sucked them in and out of my mouth as he kissed me. Taking his tongue into my mouth as he slid it in and out like he was fucking my mouth with it. Our lips were melded together as we kissed passionately. His hands ravaged my breasts as he fondled and kneaded them. My nipples were hard as he touched me there.

Whispering into his ear “Rape me” is all I could manage to say as he took both my arms and pinned my hands above my head against the wall. He began to ravage my body with his kisses and his hands as he pushed up the edge of the black dress up around my hips, exposing my bare shaven pussy. He loved my shaved peach, he loved everything about its sexiness. As my back was against the wall he demanded I place my right foot on the seat and to spread my legs which I eagerly did moaning softly. MMMMMMMM gasping as he kissed my neck with my hands still pinned above my head, he took his hot hard cock in his hand and rubbed the outside of my slit, up and down until it was driving me insane with desire for him. He rubbed his cock head back and forth,
and up and down, stopping then rubbing, stopping then rubbing. He was teasing me with his cock and I knew it but loved what he was doing to me. I wanted him to rape me and ravage my body right there!
His cock head touched my sensitive hot clit and I moaned in pleasure as he ran the head of his cock up and down my clit and back and forth. I bite his neck and sucked it giving him bright red marks, hickys all along his neck and shoulder. My hips rocked back and forth grinding trying for him to fuck me with his straining cock. My pussy was whining and begging to be fucked by him. I wanted it. He was teasing me though as he took his cock in his hand and pushed slightly into the entrance of my tight lil wet hole. His cock head only slid in and out of my outer lips. My pussy lips squeezed his hard head as if it wanted to swallow up his entire shaft begging to be fucked by him. My pussy lips fluttered and squeezed as he slowly inch by inch slide his long hard throbbing hot cock inside my wet cunt. I wanted to fucking ride him like mad but he had demanded that he was in control. Nice and slow as he slid it all the way into the entire length of his shaft then took it all the way back out to the end to his throbbing cock head, then plunged it slowly all the way in deeply that filled me. His hand gripped my ass and pulled it closer to his body as he hit it deep inside me. I shuddered and every sensual sensation in my body was electrifying. I could tell his strokes inside me was getting longer and faster and harder as he slammed it all the way out then back in deep again. He was ravaging my body as we both lost control and his cock was fucking me so hard,and so deeply with each thrust. OMGGGG dsfgggggggggg goddddddd JASON!!!!!!! I started whispering
his name as he rammed his cock in me. I felt his cock tense as I knew we both were cumming together.I squeezed hard wrapping my pussy around his cock tightly as we exploded in and on each other. Omfggggggggg!! Our bodies entwined now as every thrust he pumped his hot load of cum into my hungry hole filling me up, as I orgasimed on his cock with my own cum mixed with his.

My hands dropped and I grabbed and dug my nails into his back and bit his neck as we were locked in our sexual embrace. Jason kept thrusting in me as we both rode out our orgasims, making sure we both were satisfied. “Ohh baby baby” I kept moaning over and over feeling very satisfied with his lovemaking abilities.
We looked at each other and smiled and shared a very steamy and passionate kiss. The black dress I was wearing was a wrinkled mess but he didn’t care he knew how good I looked in it. “I want you to get that dress, so get dressed and meet me outside” he demanded. I smiled at him and winked knowing that when he demands something, I will meet that demand and even more like today in the dressing room. He winked back at me and smiled knowing that whatever adventure we could do and get away with we were both going to do. It was well worth the risk!

“Ahh our next adventure J?”

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