My most taboo fantasy is to be driving in my car and notice that the SUV vehicle next to me is a female driver that is flirting with me . As I noitce here starring, I unzip my pants and let my shaved sausage and balls bulge out. I gently touch it and begin to stroke while she watches with a yearning sensation for me to continue. I then gradually drop my pants to my knees and I am fully exposed for her to watch me stoke my self. She signals for me to pull the car over and she gets in my car and asks if she could watch. She then lifts her skirt and begins to stimulate herself while she watches my cock and her facial expressions of lust make me cock throb for pleasure. We both begin to moan as we please our selfs. The heat thats is generated in the car steams the glass as the juices of our bodies flow like a stream of continus pleasure exploding in a creek. We both are so overwhelmed with what just occured that we exchange phone numbers and realize that this is the begining of discreet sexual lovers in their own little world.

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