The non-vanilla club part2 by Screww3

The Non-Vanilla Room Part 2 by Screw3 copywrite August 15, 2004

Andrea stood in front of the door to the room that Phil had rented. “Would you like me to open the door, sir?”
Taking the key, “No, I shall do that.”
Phil opened the door and turned on the light switch that had a dimmer behind it to make it easy to find in the dark. The room had two doors that were open. One led to a bathroom and the other to a closet. The room was painted a hunter green with a washable carpet on the floor that was a blend of hunter green and several deep shades of red. The walls were blank except for attachments that could be used to secure a sub if desired. Opposite the wall on which
The accoutrements were mounted was a large mirror that was part of the wall, a very large part.
Phil turned to Andrea, “You may now strip. Do it as seductively as you can. Please me, slut and you shan’t be punished.”
Andrea was surprised because he sat in a chair that he moved in front of the mirror since Phil was sure that it was a 2-way miror and if anyone was watching he was willing to give them a good show. Andrea knew that it was and was going to give any watchers the best show that she could. First she removed her sneakers. She slowly lifted the sweater she had on and inch by inch raised it over her head revealing her bare stomach then her bra covered tits. Phil saw their size and figured she had an operation to turn her B cups to a C. Then she pulled the left sleeve down and then the right leaving her bare on top except for her scarlet bra. Next she undid her leather belt from her slacks loop by loop and presnted it to Phil sitting in the chair. She took three steps back then unbuttoned the top of her slacks, unzippered the fly front very slowly then let gravity do its job and the pants fell slowly to the floor She had on a pair of scarlet panties and garters holding up her black fishnet stockings.
“You may leave the garter and stockings on. If there is a pair of high heeled shoes in the closet don them now. You may also bring me the scissors that you should find there.”
Andrea was surprised that this newbie should know that. She did as she had been told and wiggled a little more than usual when she walked on the carpet to the closet and returned wearing the heels as instructed. She presented the scissors handle to Phil who then cut her bra straps then the front of the bra. The two padded halves fell to the floor revealing that her tits were still a B cup and the nipples had stiffened already from doing this strip.
“Step back and do a slow pirouette then walk away about six steps, do another pirouette then return.” Andrea did as requested with some difficulty as she was not used to walking in six inch stilletto heels. When she walked back Phil used the scissors to cut away her scarlet panties revealing that her pussy bush had been trimmed to a small delta shape. She thought to herself, a newbie that has control over me. If I try my passive agressive shit I may get beaten within an inch of my life. Oh well, that’s what I’m here for.
Andrea started to dance to the music being piped into all the rooms. At this moment it was the prelude to ActII of Tristan and Isolde. Phil watched and unless he had a potato in his Speedo Andrea knew he was enjoying the sensual dance. She finished with the music and came over to the applauding Phil. “Andrea”, which he pronounced as Ann-dray-ah, “Excellent dancing so you will receive ten strokes instead of 20 for disrespecting me by not asking my permission. You will count them out. Bring me the riding crop. You know better than that.”
She ran into the corner and started crying. Phil did not say a word, but walked over and grabbed her dark hair and pulled her to her feet. He carried her over to the wall that had chains attached and affixed them to her arms. “Oh no, master, I will be good. I promise.”
“I am sure that you will be good after you are disciplined.”
“Master, may I suck your cock as part of my punishment.”
“Slut, you think sucking my cock is punishment. I consider it to be a reward. So you will have 10 for dancing, 10 for disobeying, and another 10 for considering that if I allow you access to my body punishment. It should be 20 for each of those, but you do not seem to understand the rules as well as you should. Crying will double the punishment. If you drop the count we start over. You shall say, “Thank you master, whatever the number is. Is that understood? You may suck my cock after we reach 15 of your 30 strokes.”
The bitch never would suck my cock when we were married. I may enjoy this very much.
Phil went to the closet and chose a 1/2″ diameter birch sapling instead of the riding crop then walked back and winched the chains up till her feet were off the ground. She was facing outwards as he approached and ran the sapling up one leg and across her groin then down the other leg. Then he caressed her neck with the twig before rubbing her nipples till they grew hard. Then he turned her to facing the wall with her ass looking to the 2 way mirror. He hit her and got the reply he had asked for. He was swinging just hard enough to pinken her ass for the first five strokes. Then he increased his swing with each of the next five to get it a bright red. Then he swung hard for the next three all across her butt cheeks the last two were lower, but softer across her thighs.
After the fifteen strokes he lowered her down until she could kneel down. Then he lowered the Speedo revealing an 8 1/2″ long, 2 1/2 diameter wide cock. The gasps from behind the window reminded Phil of the audience so he turned her sideways so they could watch her suck on his cock. It only took about 7 minutes of her deep throating him to make him cum.
Before he could bring her back up Gina knocked on the door.
To be continued

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