The Shower and After

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My Master was away from town. The apartment was empty, but as I wandered listlessly, I felt his presence all around me. Still, I missed him with my entire being.

As usual, he rang me late that night, and we discussed the events of the day. And as usual, the sound of his voice cut the distance between us, sliding through my mind like a silken caress.

Despite my best intentions, I couldn’t fully stifle my yawn. The day hadn’t been all that strenuous, but I never slept properly when he was from home.

“It sounds as if it’s time for you to sleep, slave. Hang up the phone and curl up to your pillow.” His voice washed across me, warming my body.

“I… I am not in bed, Master,” I whispered. I knew he wouldn’t be pleased at this. We didn’t have a strict schedule, but the hour was late, and we both knew I was working in the morning.

“Why not?”

“I cannot get to sleep without you, Master.”

I heard him sigh. We had discussed this previously, as well as my sleeping habits in general. I knew we would discuss it again when he returned home.

“So your plan is to stay up until you’re exhausted, sleep later than you should and then be late for work. Not a good idea slave.”

“Sorry, Master.”

“If I were there, I’d exhaust you. But you’re going to have to do it yourself. Go for your shower slave. Lather your body. I want you to play; play with your soap-slicked body until you come. Imagine that your hands are mine. Come for me slave.” His voice was deep with desire, husky with need, and firm with command.

“Yes, Master. Good night, Master.”

“Good night, slave. I love you.” I heard the click on the line as he disconnected the call. Briefly, I felt the pang of longing, the pain of missing him, as I reached over to hang up the phone. I pushed the feeling aside as I walked from the living room to do my Master’s bidding.

I turned on the taps for the shower, undressing as the water rose to the right temperature. Naked, I ran my hands over my body as he would, cupping both breasts, rubbing my thumbs across my erect nipples, then running them down my stomach to my shaved cunt. Feeling how wet I was, I was once again surprised how aroused I became from just his words.

The sound of the water reminded me of my task, and quickly I opened the drawer containing the bath toys. Grabbing the first dildo I saw, I quickly stepped into the shower.

I stood under the spray, letting the water hit my skin and run over me, as I worked the bar of soap into lather in my hands. I washed my arms, working up to my shoulders and across my collarbones. Rinsing off slightly, I worked on my breasts, further teasing my nipples. My hands worked across my stomach, and down, but stopping before I reached my cunt. If he were here, my Master would tease first, and as he said, my hands were his.

Turning towards the spray, I placed the soap on the rack and washed away the residue. Again my hands were at my breasts, pinching, squeezing and rolling my nipples. Picking up the soap again, I turned and bent, washing my feet and working up my legs.

Slowly, I washed my inner thighs, working across my cunt, quickly rubbing my fingers across my erect, throbbing clit. I did it again, loving the extra lubrication from the soap, letting my body lean against the wall. But knowing that my time wasn’t unlimited, I quickly finished washing the rest of my body before allowing myself to continue playing.

Putting the soap back on the rack, I ran my hands over my body, sliding my hands to my cunt.

I couldn’t wait much longer. I leant against the wall, resting on one shoulder, one hand teasing my clit, rubbing, flicking, fingers on the other sinking inside. Hooking slightly, I pressed against my G-spot, my hips moving against my hands.

Moaning, I turned my body, pressing my nipples and breasts against the tiles – cool against my water and lust-heated skin. My breathing was quick, the need rising.

I took my fingers from my cunt, needing more. I reached over, picking up the dildo from the shower floor. Absently, I caressed it, one hand circling and running along its length, feeling the thickness of the shaft. I stroked the dildo as if it was my Master’s cock, but only briefly. My cunt was ready, and I didn’t want to wait any longer.

I didn’t tease. I pushed the dildo into my, gasping as my cunt was filled. My muscles tightened around its hardness, pressing against my G-spot. My fingers went back to work on my clit, as I pushed the dildo further into me in a fast rhythm. Again, I pressed myself against the wall, moving my torso, crushing my breasts and aching erect nipples. I worked my fingers faster, the telltale signs of my orgasm growing.

I sank to my knees under the shower spray, working the dildo in and out of my cunt – slamming it inside me. Whimpering, my cunt tightened, and my hips bucked as I came. Taking a few deep breaths, I slide the toy from my cunt, careful not to touch my still throbbing clit. I needed more, but my Master only allowed me to come once. Standing, I rinsed off, and got out of the shower. I finished my routine and headed for bed.

With a sigh, I slid between the cool sheets, flicking off the bedside lamp. Staring at the ceiling, I tried not to think of the longing in my cunt or heart. The emptiness of the bed made me hurt more.

I turned, trying to get comfortable. Absently one hand, resting on my hip, slid down my thigh and up to my cunt. I was still hot and wet; my play had only awakened my desire.

Suddenly, the light in the room changed, as my phone informed me of a new SMS message. Knowing it was from my Master, I eagerly reached for the phone.

“I had planned on doing some more work tonight, but I can only think of fucking you in the shower before carrying you to the bed to continue there.”

His words increased the heat in my cunt. I sat up to reply. “I wish you were here. I need you.”

The minutes passed slowly as I waited for his reply. As I waited, my thoughts were filled with how it would be if he were there with me. His body pressing mine against the tiles in the shower, his cock deep inside as the water beat down on us. I imagined my legs wrapping around him, holding him tightly as my cunt did his cock, before we collapse against the wall and each other, spent for the time being.

I thought of how he would dry me, kissing my flesh as I licked the beads of water from his skin. His arms effortlessly picking me up to take me to the bedroom, dropping me on the bed, kneeling over me, spreading my thighs before…

My phone lit again. “Was the shower good, pet? What do you need?”

“The shower was good, Master, but I need more. I need you to fuck me. Fuck me, please Master?”

I waited again, my hands skimming my cunt, feeling my wetness, flicking my clit, fingers sliding inside easily and deeply.

“Gladly. Lie back and use your hands. Raise your hips. I need to fuck you. I won’t be gentle either.”

It was an open command. I could take what I needed, but not gently. I didn’t mind. I needed to come.

My fingers pressed against my clit, crushing it to my pelvic bone, rubbing from side to side. My fingers in my cunt pressed and rubbed hard against my G-spot, the pleasure-pain intense. I needed this, I needed more. My hands kept moving, my orgasm growing.

I spread my legs a bit wider, changing motion slightly. Suddenly my hips bucked as I came over my hands, the fluid running over my lips and ass. But even with that release, I needed more, my next orgasm growing from that first one, rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

I opened my legs further, raising my hips and throwing my head back. I withdrew my fingers, rubbing them over my cunt lips, drenched by my own juices. I moved them as my Master would – inserti
ng and withdrawing, teasing the entrance one moment before plunging deep the next. I pinched my clit between my thumb and forefinger, pulling slightly, b
efore pressing with my knuckle, as I came again in gushing orgasm.

I wasn’t at the height of pleasure I wanted though. I still needed just a bit more. My dripping cunt was open wide, my clit erect. Quickly, I slapped my cunt twice, the pain piercing through me. I thrust my fingers in again, roughly penetrating, rubbing, and grinding against my G-spot, fingers furiously attacking my clit. My breathing was ragged, my body out of control. The edge was so close.

In my head, I heard my Master’s voice. “Come slave. Come now. Come for me. Fuck me.”

Then I was there – over the edge. My body thrashed on the bed, hips bucking wildly, my orgasm flowing through me, over me. I collapsed back on the bed, my mind fogged with please, body awash with endorphins. Lethargically, I rolled over and grabbed my phone, sending a message before slipping into a deep sleep.

“Thank you, Master.”

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