The Urge

Sincere sighed as she made her way back to the showers after her workout. Friday evenings were always nice and quiet at the fitness club.

Everyone was out getting they’re groove on, and that left the gym virtually empty, giving her the freedom to take her time. That also meant she had the women’s locker room and it’s private hot tub, and moist steam room to herself as well.

She hated wearing a bathing suit into either of them, but was far too embarrassed to go to either naked on the gym’s busier days. She stripped off her bathing suit and admired the reflection of her naked body in a mirror nearby.

Really, she didn’t have anything to be modest about, anymore. In A little over a year and a half, she’d lost 150 pounds. Her beautiful brown skin was tight, over her toned body.

She let her eyes travel down her neck pausing at her breasts. Even with the amount of weight she’s lost, she was glad ‘the twins’ kept their fullness.

Her nipples hardened as she cupped her breasts with her hands. Squeezing them and kneading them with her fingers made her breath quicken a bit. She let her eyes and fingers leave her breasts and travel across her taught firm belly.

It was the hardest part of her battle, but well worth the fight. Sincere smiled and turned to the side to admire her profile when she was startled by a giggle.

She froze, not sure if the laughter was because she was shamelessly admiring her own naked body, or for another reason. Listening carefully for a few seconds, she didn’t hear anything else. She decided, just in case someone was watching, that she’s better get on with what she was doing, before some did show up, after all it was a public place.

Sincere moved quickly to the hot tub/shower area. As she approached the timer, she heard giggles again. They came from a private shower stall in front of her. She looked around the corner to find not one, but two young ladies in one of the private showers soaping each others bodies.

The sight of the two of them surprised her. It wasn’t that she expected to be alone in a public fitness club, but the fact that the two of them clearly were doing more than just washing the other’s back.

Sincere started the time and the hot tub erupted in a furry of bubbles. She slid her body into the steamy water, turning her back to the two ‘giggle bunnies’ in the shower.

She let her head rest on the tub while the jets of water caresses the skin. I wasn’t until she heard what she thought was a moan, did Sincere open her eyes to find she had a bird’s eye view of the two ladies and what they were doing.

At some point, while Sincere was preoccupied by the hot tub, the ladies had since washed the soap off, and turned off the water.

The bubbling water of the hot tub was loud, but she could both hear and see them clearly. She didn’t want to watch the two of them, but the sensual moans, and her curiosity got the best of her.

She decided she’d take one look. She knew once she looked, she might not be able to stop, but she had ‘the urge’, and it did have anything to do with fruity shampoo.

Sincere counted to three and opened her eyes. The curtain of the shower stall was open even wider than when she first spotted them. They were about identical in height and body type. Maybe about 5 “5′, one may have been a little shorter. The shorter of the two, had Carmel colored skin.

Her body was smooth and yet very defined. Her pubes were completely clean-shaven, and she had very large breasts. Perhaps about a D cup. She had very short hair, cut in a natural boyish style.

The taller of the two women, was very statuesque, with a full figure. Her skin looked to be carved out of dark chocolate. Everything about her was beautiful, from her shoulder length natural coif, to her the curve of her full buttocks, thick thighs, and the entire length of her long legs.

She wasn’t completely shaved like her partner. Her pubes appeared to be trimmed neatly and shaped into an exclamation point.

The tall one squatted down in front of the shorter one. Sincere’s eyes were glued to the two of them. Not wanting to look away and wanting to look away all at the same time.

Sincere watched as the young woman kissed and licked the other’s inner thighs, and let her hands roam about her stomach.

Slowly she began to close in on her partner’s naked pussy, letting her tongue inch closer and closer. When her tongue finally did flicker across her caramel lips, Sincere heard the shorter one moan loudly.

“Are you ready, Denise?” She heard the shorter girl coo, as she entangled her fingers in her hair and press her face hard against her aching pussy.

“Mmmm, Yess!” Denise replied.

What happened next about made Sincere’s mouth drop open and her eyes open even wider. It began as a few drops, and then increased into a full flowing, golden stream. It trickled all over Denise’s face, and cascaded down her neck. She opened her mouth and it seemingly diapered inside her open mouth.

Sincere watched in horror as the young woman swallowed and swallowed. This was something that she’d only heard about. At first thought it was the most disgusting sight she’d ever seen, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the two.

When the flow ceased, Denise licked her pussy clean, sliding her tongue over the soaking wet lips, and delving deep inside. When she was finished she looked up at her partner, who then made her rise by pulling her hair again, and they stood there kissing and playing with each other’s tongues.

Once their lips parted, Denise, the taller of the two positioned herself against the wall. Seductively swaying her full, chocolate ass in circles before her partner. The shorter of the two got on her knees and placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks.

Gently she caressed each one, her hands creeping along exploring every inch of her full, firm backside. Denise looked back, in the direction of the mirror for a quick second and smiled, and Sincere was certain she’d been spotted.

Just the thought that they knew they were being watched by her, sent warmth into Sincere’s cheeks. For a moment, she had to look away, just out of reflex, but she just couldn’t help looking again. There was familiar warmth between her legs, and even though it was hard to believe, she was being turned on by this.

The woman’s hands gently spread apart her partner’s bottom. Sincere got a full view of Denise’s wet chocolate pussy, slippery with the juices of her excitement. This prompted Sincere to make a move to do something about the burning feeling in her own pussy. Slowly as not to cause a scene, Sincere brought her hand down to her own pussy and slid her fingers inside.

The woman leaned over, and her tongue snaked over Denise’s puckering asshole. Sincere watched the scene unfold as if it was in slow motion. The woman’s pink tongue slithered across the hole, tracing it, and gently pushing against it.

Without warning, she pushed a finger inside, making Denise, squirm and whimper. Sincere spread her own legs open wide, and under the blanket of bubbling water, gently began playing with herself, moving her finger back and forth over her firm clit, getting deeper with each stroke.

Slowly, the woman began fucking her partner’s asshole faster and harder. The first finger was joined by a second and Denise was moaning loudly and rubbing her pussy franticly with one hand.

Sincere was doing the same thing, rubbing her pussy beneath the steamy water of the hot tub. With two fingers deep inside herself, she felt her pussy slick with something other than water.

“Ohhhh!!” Denise exclaimed a midst her moans, and cries, “Here I come!!!”

As soon as the worlds left her lips, a hot golden flood rushed out of her pussy, splashing on the breasts of the girl behind her. She squirmed like a wild woman, and her partner fuck
ed her ass, and it warm golden liquid rushed from her body. She was cumming hard, moaning and crying out.

Sincere opened her legs wider. Sh
e started fucking her own pussy as hard and as fast as she could. She closed her eyes, and moved her fingers faster and faster. The image of the two women was clear in her mind. She was so turned on, and she wanted to cum.

As the orgasm washed over her, she felt wonderfully warm, and the feeling spread throughout her entire body. She stroked faster and faster, riding hard on the orgasmic wave. She couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped her lips, as she reached her climax.

“Whhoooo!!!” She heard someone say.
Sincere’s eyes sprung open to find the two women standing at the edge of the hot tub. They were clapping, smiling, and cheering.

The shorter one looked up at her partner and smiled. “That must have been some orgasm.” Her partner nodded in agreement. Sincere’s face was hot with embarrassment, and she allowed her fingers to slide out of herself.

The women went out of the shower area and left Sincere alone to her thoughts. While she didn’t think she could ever engage in something like that, she had to admit watching it was an intense turn on and she had the best orgasm of her life.

She sat in the hot tub a little while longer, thinking “Then again, I guess one can never say never, huh?”

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