The Work Place (11)


Chapter Eleven

It only took a few moments for the thought to register in Angie’s mind: Luke was there. Luke Masters, Accounting, and she was on her knees, hair wet, her boss standing over her. She suddenly felt the urge to cry.

Wait, her mind snapped at her, Cry. Cry!

Angie pressed her face into her hands and started shrieking mournful wails, making her despair sound as real as possible. The two men standing over her stood stock-still, staring at her shaking body on the floor.

“I—I’m v-very sorry, s-sir,” she choked out, meeting Michael’s eyes with her own, shining ones. “I didn’t—really didn’t know… h-how to…” She trailed off, not being able to think of a good mistake she could have made, and hid her face in her palms again.

“I—” Michael cleared his throat, finally catching on. He shifted from one leg to the next, and leaned nonchalantly on the edge of his desk. “I think we can discuss this at a later date, An—Ms. Simmons. I think Mr.—um—Masters would like to speak to me about something…?” He glanced questioningly at Luke.

“I’m sorry, sir,” he replied, gesturing to Angie, “I just came for Angelica, sir. I have something to tell her. Quite urgent.”

Michael’s eyes darkened slightly. After a few moments he said, “Of course. Ms. Simmons, you may go. All is right, for now.”

Angie made a show of standing up on shaky legs, and attached herself to Luke’s side. When he turned towards the door, she grasped Michael’s hand quickly and flashed him a slightly panicked smile. When they were about to shut the door behind them, Michael stopped it with the palm of his hand before it could close all the way.

“Mr. Masters,” he called. “Would it be all right if I requested you not tell this to anyone? Sometimes… my anger. It’s uncontrollable.” He said mock sheepishly.

“Sure, Mr. Riles,” Luke said.

“Thank you.”

When the door closed, Michael’s face twisted into a scowl.

“What was that all about?” Luke asked as he and Angie walked down the hall to the lobby.

“Oh… nothing. It’s my first day—I was bound to make some kind of mistake.”

“Riles a tough boss?”

“Not really,” Angie replied quickly. She couldn’t imagine Michael being able to make her cry like she did—phonily—a while ago. “I just really screwed up.”

“Oh?” Luke asked, curious, “What was it? Was it really that bad?”

“You know, I really don’t want to talk about it right now.” Angie said as they reached her desk. She turned around and faced Luke. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“Oh,” Luke said. “Well, I just came to see if you were still up to that meeting in the library later today. It’s, um—” he stopped to look at his watch, “—ten right now. Just an hour left.” He smiled, showing his white teeth, and his eyes flashed.

“Oh, definitely, definitely.” Angie replied with a cocky grin. “Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. I just have to type some stuff now, and send memos and stuff. But I’ll be there.”

“Great. So I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah, see you.”

When Angie walked into the library during her break, she couldn’t find Luke anywhere. She looked around, but the library was completely empty. There wasn’t even a librarian at the check-out counter. Deciding to explore the depths of the library, just to see if anyone was hiding between the shelves in the back, Angie started walking, taking in the beautiful wood-paneled walls, with stained glass windows. The carpet below her was a rich scarlet, and looked quite soft to the touch. She was about to inspect the sturdy, ornate bookshelves when she suddenly spotted Luke. He was sitting at a small table that was squeezed between two bookshelves, poring over a thick book that looked like an encyclopedia—it looked like he’d picked the most private spot in the library.

“Is the library really always empty like this?” Angie asked, striding over and placing herself in the chair across from Luke. “I mean, the librarian isn’t even here.”

Luke looked up, slightly surprised, and then said, “Yes, I’m afraid. The library is highly underrated. I, for one, like its atmosphere. Plus, some of the books here are really interesting.”

“Yeah,” Angie said with a sarcastic note, glancing at the entry about non-human animal behavior that Luke had been reading, “interesting.”

“Hey, don’t judge me so fast,” Luke said, offended, “Let me read you something?”

Angie grabbed a book from a nearby shelf and peered at the title—it was hard to see in their particular spot, since the two bookshelves towered over them, blocking out most of the light. “Hey, yeah. Sure.” Angie replied, setting the book down on her lap and posing to listen intently (or at least, posing to look like she was listening intently).

Luke raised the book and began to read: “Current understanding is that many species believed monogamous have now been proven to be promiscuous or opportunistic in nature…”

“Mm…” Angie said, nodding. She tried to look as engrossed with the information as Luke was, but she was seriously getting aroused. By facts on animal behavior? Geez, Anj, get a grip.

“…a wide range of species appear both to masturbate and to use objects as tools to help them do so…”

Angie held the book in her lap and turned it sideways, pulling her legs slightly apart and pressing down the corner on her clit. She slowly started to slide the corner over and over again on her clit, biting her lip and fighting hard to keep her eyes from shutting in pleasure.

“…in many species animals try to give and get sexual stimulation with others where procreation is—” Luke cut off, only now realizing the effect the entry had on him. His penis started to grow, and his nipples went stiff. “Um—” he cleared his throat, looking up at the woman across from him. “What say we—” He noticed Angie’s fast breathing, and saw her continuous molestation of the book in her lap.

“I’m sorry,” Angie said, pink dots rising in her cheeks. “I—”

“Screw it,” Luke said, dropping the book on the table with a loud thud.

“No! Don’t go—I just—”

But Luke had no intention of leaving; he tore the book from Angie’s hand, bent across the table, and kissed her hard. Angie, out of surprise, flailed her arms, knocking down a few books from their shelves. She responded to the kiss by clutching Luke’s hair in her fists, gliding her tongue along his upper palate. She stood up and planted her knees on the table that was so rudely keeping them apart. Luke did the same, and soon their bodies were pressed together, Luke’s hard on settling just below her pussy.

Luke pressed his mouth onto Angie’s neck, sucking and licking. Angie emitted a soft sigh and jerked Luke’s head up. Nipping him on his lower lip, she put her hand at the back of his head, smashing their lips together. Luke tried to adjust his place on the tiny table, but his knee slipped and the two found themselves falling onto the crimson carpet.

“Oh!” Angie yelped as Luke fell on top of her. He lifted up the hem of her skirt and pulled down her panties. Angie shimmied to let them pass down her butt and stood up, holding Luke by his chin. They were now face to face. Angie leaned up and kissed him gently, her hands slipping downward, unzipping his pants and setting loose his pulsing member.

Luke pinned her to the wall, lifting her by the legs. As Angie held onto Luke’s neck, he entered her, emitting a long groan.

“I want you to fuck me all over this geeky little nook of yours,” she growled, staring into his eyes like a hungry lion eyeing its prey.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said breathlessly, kissing her and sucking on her tongue.


Luke got a firm grip on Angie’s buttche
eks and detached her from the wall. The two were now fucking in midair, their pelvises slapping together with such force that Luke was backed onto the bookshelf on their left side. It teeter
ed for a moment before falling over, away from them, knocking down the rest off the bookshelves. This didn’t stop the two, though. Luke pressed Angie back against the wall, feeling his nine inches quickly entering and exiting her flowing cunt.

“Uh! Uh!” Angie bounced on Luke’s cock, the pressure at the back of her vagina mounting. She grabbed hold onto the shelf on their right—the one that hadn’t been knocked over. Her nails dragged along the hard wood, leaving marks.

Luke was getting tired, and jizz was now spurting from his cock, staining the carpet, and shooting inside of Angie’s hole at the same time as he steadily went in and out. When he finished off, exhausted, his knees gave way and they were soon falling sideways once more. Angie hadn’t yet loosened her grip on the bookshelf, however, and it came toppling down on them, books showering around them, solid and bruising.

“Are you all right?” Luke asked, alarmed, after the shower of books had stopped.

“Oh, no,” Angie whined in a whisper, “I haven’t gotten my share yet—and I was so close.” With this, she started pumping her pussy for juice, sliding her body up and down on Luke, whose penis was still inside her. She couldn’t lift herself off the man under her, since the bookshelf, and its books, were digging into her back, making movement impossible, so she made do with gliding up and down, feeling the warm member inside her exploring all the corners of her womanhood.

“Mh….” She murmured, clamping her eyes shut. “Oh, yeah, here it comes.” The surge of white liquid came and went with Angie howling. “Auuh! Oh, yes! Hah…”

She lay on top of Luke, giving him a firm, wet kiss. With all her might, Angie planted her hands on the floor and lifted, squeezing herself from between Luke’s body and the heavy bookshelf. She was soon side by side with Luke, her leaking orifice still tingling.

For a while, they wallowed in silence. Luke stuffed his now well-lubricated cock into his pants, zipping them up. Angie clawed at her panties and pulled them on with difficulty. Her left arm was stinging, from where a book had hit her, and her breasts were aching because of the heavy piece of wood that was lying on top of them.

Angie was about to ask Luke what they should do next when a book that had been dangling from one of the top shelves finally fell, falling heavily on Angie’s head, and giving her a black eye at the same time.

“Oh, shit!” Luke exclaimed, reaching up to stroke Angie’s hair. “Are you okay?”

Angie didn’t stir. A lump was forming on the right side of her forehead, and the flesh around her eye started to darken.

“Angie?” Luke whimpered. “Angie, come on. Wake up. Open your eyes.” He shook Angie by the shoulder, but her head just lolled from side to side. Thinking that he’d better get the bookcase off them so he could get some help, he pressed his palms on the dark, shiny wood and pushed. He’d already lifted it a bit when fatigue set in and his arms collapsed. Breathing hard, Luke knew that he needed someone—anyone—to come and help him lift it. He couldn’t do it alone.

Luke was about to yell for help, when a man’s voice pierced the air, accompanied by footsteps. “Oh, dear. What happened here?”

“C-Could you help us?” Luke called. “Please. We’ve been here for a little less than half an hour.”

“Christ! There’s someone under there?” The voice cried out.

“Yes. Please, help me lift this bookcase off. My friend—she, um… she was knocked out. A book fell on her head.”

“Sure, sure. Just lift the shelf, as well.”

With a lot of puffing and grunting, the two men were finally able to lift the bookshelf high enough to allow Luke to slip out from underneath. He placed his hands under Angie’s arms and pulled her out.

“Huh…?” Angie stirred. “L-Luke?”

“Yeah,” he replied, bending over her. “You okay?”

“Yeah—shit.” Angie said, gingerly prodding her black eye. “A fucking book fell on me.”

“We’d better get you to the clinic. They’ll have something to stop the swelling.” Luke said. He turned to the man who’d helped them and said, “Um, can you take her to the clinic? I’ll have to look for maintenance, and the librarian. Explain to them what happened.”

“Sure,” the man replied, helping Angie up. Together the three exited the library. Luke went to find the librarian, and a few of the maintenance staff, while Angie and the man headed for the clinic.

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