Wife Caught Me Doing the Bizarre

The day started out like any other weekday. My alarm went off and I immediately hit the snooze button. I rolled onto my side and was now facing my wife who was fast asleep as usual. She didn’t have to be up for hours because she works an afternoon shift at a local restaurant. She was lying on her stomach with the sheets about half way up her body, just covering her sweet ass. I decided to take a chance and sneak a peek.I have done this a few times over the years and my wife has never caught me. If she ever did catch me I believe she would not tolerate it and she would probably leave me. Needless to say this was no joke, I must be extra careful not to wake her. The good news is that she is a very sound sleeper.

As I gently pull down the sheet covering her I get a nice close look at her gorgeous ass covered in lace panties. I immediately bring my face to her ass and sniff through the material. My cock is at full attention as I slowly pull her panties down to about her knees. I gently turn the crotch of her panties inside out so I can look for stains. I am not disappointed as I immediately observe an extra large shit stain that is obviously fresh and about the size of a silver dollar. My wife is a very clean woman but she has always had problems with anal discharge during the nigh . There have even been a couple instances where she had literally shit her panties as she slept and didn’t realize it until morning. Needless to say she is very self-conscious about the whole thing and that’s why if she knew what my fetish was she would probably blow her top. How could I ever tell her that I have licked her shit off her panties while she was sleeping? Anyway, I licked off as much as I could and gently slid her panties back up over her ass and got up. I needed a lot more of her ass-juice and I knew exactly where to find it.

I tip-toed down the stairs to our basement where our washer and dryer and a full hamper await me. As I desperately look through the dirty clothes I find several of her panties with small stains here and there and I taste each pair I find, but my goal is to find that special pair that she usually tries to bury way down on the bottom underneath all the other clothes. She thinks I don’t know about the dozens and dozens of times she has had major accidents in her panties, and since she always does the laundry she thinks by burying them deep in the hamper I could never possibly find out. As I get close to the bottom of the hamper I am just about ready to give up when I smell that familiar and very, very strong aroma. I grabbed the wadded up cotton panties and I knew I hit the jackpot when I felt the weight of them. The whole crotch area was totally covered with a thick coat of my wife’s sweet shit. These panties weren’t just stained, they were like I said, coated with it. I took long slow licks, coating my tongue before swallowing again and again and again. I grab another pair of her panties and stroke my cock with them as I continue to eat her panty crotch. I keep stroking my cock with the nasty thought going through my kinky head. I decided that when I am ready to cum I will eat my own spunk, something I have done many times. I grind my ass up against the corner of the dryer so it teases my asshole. That brings me to the edge and I quickly lay back and throw my legs up and over my head like a backward somersault. As I moan out of sheer lust and kink, I stroke my throbbing dick which is literally maybe three inches from my face. I open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue as I know I’m gonna cum hard. I then began gushing out ropes of thick, very hot semen. I could actually hear it hitting my tongue and face as I came harder than I have ever cum before in my life. I was draining the last few drops from my cock when I heard her and thought I was gonna die.

“Quite a little show,” she said. “I see you found my panties, huh?” she asked. “I think maybe you need some fresh…”

To be continued…

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  1. creameater

    I like the start but please continue.

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