Fun in a tub

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What had started months earlier as flirting had then become an occasional increase in desire. This then lead to us walking out of work together (we have to walk through a room that has no lights or windows) and getting teasingly close to each other and saying how much fun we were having being so naughty. All the while, we work with other people who all know that we are happily married to other people. They have no idea of the little notes, the conversation, and the E-mails that we exchange. I never used to think of him of him in a sexy way. Now I look at his strong face and when his eyes tire of his contacts, he switches to his glasses, and that fuels my desire. He has dark hair and very broad shoulders, and I have to assume by the full shape in his pants that he is very well endowed. We have had a few stolen moments where I have felt his breath on my neck, a definite turn on. Once we were even so brave that when walking through the dark room and talking seductively he put his soft lips to my face and whispered in my ear if I liked it. I’m sure he could tell by my little groan that I did.
We had discovered the same passion for dirty little thoughts and fantasies. I am the one that turned him on to this fantasy web sight. We then began to suggest different stories for the other to read.
When I learned my husband would be out of town for training I played with the fantasy of me getting to enjoy my secret partner. This was all just in fun I thought. Then I casually mentioned that my husband would be out of town and that the kids would be at school. I said I could not wait to enjoy a huge hot bath with no interruptions. I could tell that he was immediately interested in visiting. He suggested that he might just stop by to visit. When the day arrived I filled my large 2 person tub and put my hair up loosely on my head and climbed in the warm bubbling water. I heard his strong knock at the door to which I called for him to come in. He found his way to the soft music playing in the bathroom. He looked so good walking thru the door. He was wearing a nice shirt and a pair of jeans. He seemed a little shocked at my boldness of me being in the tub. I explained that there were so many bubbles, that I was completely covered. He then started to relax and sat on the side of the tub and felt the warm water. He had a book in his hand and said he stopped by to give it to me. I excitedly took the book and saw that it was full of written erotic stories. I then thought he was going to leave, but to my pleasure when he stood up he began to undress. I sat in the water taking in every inch while his eyes met mine. I rubbed my ever hardening nipples under the water to help relieve them. Once I saw his hardness released from his pants, I almost came right there. He asked if I liked what I saw. I know he has been told by many a woman how nice it was. I could tell he was rock hard and full and thick. I waited with anticipation as he entered the water. A moment of silence, a rarity for the two of us. He then broke the silence by suggesting I read to him. I gladly obeyed with his request and opened the book. I’m not sure if he was touching himself in the water or just taking it all in. Just as I started reading, he pulled me around so that my back was against his awesome chest. It took my breath away and I had to close my eyes for a brief moment. Then as I continued reading aloud, he began stroking my neck, first with his rough fingers then with his awesome tongue. He trailed up and down my neck causing my body to shudder. His hands worked their way around to my chest. Now he began gently sucking and kissing my neck all the while tugging on my nipples. I was so distracted I could no longer read our shared pleasure. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him in close. I also noticed that our bodies were already rubbing against each other. He then started telling me how long he had wanted this. I asked him to tell me describe exactly what he wanted. I then moved to the side so that I could do a little playing myself. I worked my hand to his full cock and stroked it lightly. All the bath oil made everything slick and the tub bubbles pulsated our bodies. He let out a little moan as I wrapped my fingers around the head and tugged slightly. My head was resting on his chest and my hand was working him up. He continues to tell me how much he was enjoying it. He laid his head back and shut his eyes. I knew it was wrong but I just had to feel all that size in me. I pulled myself out of the water and straddled his thighs. He opened his eyes, both of us knowing that this was wrong but wanting it so bad. I looked in his eyes and I could tell that he was ready. He then reached up and pulled my breasts to his mouth so that he could please me. I positioned my hot dripping hole over his erect penis. Even with all the bath oil it came to a stop at the opening. My body was not used to the fullness it was about to experience. I gently put pressure and caused him to slightly gasp and the head of his cock slipped in and cause me to have a most delightful orgasm. I stayed in that position until he regrouped and went back to sucking my nipples and pulling at my hips for more. As I prepared for the thickness, I gently teased the entire length into my body. For a moment it almost hurt and I had to force myself to relax and let it all the way in. We were both just staring to get it on when I began working it in and out. First it went on slowly, then I began to pick up the pace. Now the room began to spin a little. The radio, the hum of the tub motor, the heat, the bubbles, the smell of his cologne, it was almost too much for me. I could tell by his moaning that it was not going to be long before he shot his lead so I slowed down until I cam to a stop with him full inside. He begged me to keep going but I wanted more and was not ready for it to be over. I gently played with his chest hair and pouring water over his shoulder while massaging them. Once he had started to relax, I stroked his face, telling him how much I was enjoying this. I then started moving my hips again and could feel his cock go back to being on the edge. I then pulled myself off him, he thought I had changed my mind. I assured him that there was still more. I asked if he liked to give it to women from behind, he moaned and nodded. This was one thing I have always loved. I turned around and leaned my arms against the top of the tub. The motor was causing the vibrations to teas my nipples while he got into position. I was eagerly awaiting how it was going to feel, knowing it would be even deeper in this position. I felt his warm hands on my hips and him get between my knees with his. He then stroked my clit with his thumb and fingers until I came again and begged him to put his cock in me. He made me tell him how much I wanted it and what I wanted him to do. I answered, I want you to put you cock in me and work me in and out until we both cum. With that, you gently slipped the head in and we started a nice rhythm. We were both really getting into it, and I started cumming, even before he did. He knew I liked it because he didn’t even give me a chance to catch my breath before he started increasing the speed and force. My body was trembling and I could hear him saying how good it felt and how he was going to cum in me. I then started forcing myself against him yelling for him to give it to me hard. That was all both of us needed, he started pounding me and I began to yell in ecstasy as I felt his whole body tense and I felt his hot load enter my body causing me to cum again. We stayed in that position for a few moments, letting it all sink in. Even though this was forbidden, we both were truly pleasured like we knew it would be. He then withdrew and caused me to shudder. He sat back in the other end of the tub and pulled me back to rest on his shoulder. My body ached from the amount of physical contact. I caressed his chest and ran my hands over his body. We then gently washed each other off and helped rinse and get out. We used the warm towels to dry each other off. We just both sat on the edge and were quiet. To break the silence, I went about my normal routine of using scented lotion to rub into my body. He sat there watching and could tell that he was becoming aroused just by my rubbing. He then broke his eye contact and said we would be in trouble if he stayed a minute longer. He then pulled me to him kissed me deeply, with our bodies touching, and then quickly dressed and left. We both knew what had happened was to never to be spoke of and that it would probably never happen again (I can always hope and dream). When we saw each other at work no one would know what we had shared.
But to this day I can never get into the bath tub without thinking of that day and wondering if he ever thinks about it.

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  1. phoenix

    I loved this, this was beautifully romantic and sexual.

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