Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 2

Jerry was a very intensive person. Anything that interested him he would take very seriously and do the best he could, which usually was spectacular. He was one of those students that others either envied or loathed. He knew himself to be one that routinely blew the bell curve. He was a favorite of his professors, but had relatively few friends since his intelligence usually intimidated people. He was lonely because of it, but he would not let anyone see it, nor would he share it. Discipline in life was his motto.

Jerry did have one friend, though. That was Tommy Queen. He was a natural genius, being able to take in any subject and have it expertly mastered in no time. This was a talent that Jerry greatly admired. Also, Tommy could unwind and have fun, letting loose as if he were one of the partiers. This made him popular on campus, but because of his stocky size, he had no romantic ties. This did not outwardly daunt him, though, and Jerry envied this bravado in him, not being able to screw up the courage to do the same thing.

The two men had only one class together: Calculus. They were the only freshmen in the class, and Professor Divodnik always called on them to answer some formulaic question he had. This did not make them too popular with any of the second- or third year students in the class.

Late in the third week, the two were studying in the quad at lunchtime. Their next classes did not start until 2 pm and they decided to take in some autumn sun and watch the girls in their skimpy clothes walk by, enjoying the last of the warm days.

“Tom?” Jerry asked, closing his book.

Tommy looked up. “Yeah, Jer?”

“I was thinking. You and I are friends and roommates. We both have trouble with women, and when we sit here an watch them, I wonder what it is that keeps us from finding those interested in us.”

“Well, we’re both smart, and girls don’t want that right at the moment, the way I figure. Also, I am a bit on the big side, and you are a little standoffish-“


“Yeah. You don’t socialize. You treat everything formally. You don’t LOOSEN UP, my friend.”

“I-I really do not know how.”

“I know. You weren’t brought up that way. You told me. The moment you can laugh at yourself, that’s when you will lighten up, smile, and join the rest of us.”

Jerry took his words to heart. He knew he wasn’t belittling him, and that he meant every word he said. That was another thing he liked about Tommy: He never said anything he did not mean. Jerry knew that he could say some damning things when he got angry, a thing that kept him from advancing beyond first-degree black belt in any of his martial disciplines. He could hear his shidoshis telling him, “You have achieved perfection of body and technique, but not of mind or spirit. Once you conquer the demons inside you, it is then will you achieve your heart’s goal.” That thought always brought him a sense of failure, and failure brought anger at himself. It was a vicious circle of emotions, and Jerry knew that he had to break it to advance. He sighed.

“Why don’t we go visit Jen and Yolanda?” Tommy said. “We haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks, and I think we could ask them- you know, get a woman’s point of view? They like us, I think. I’m sure they would tell us straight.”

Jerry thought on Jennifer and Yolanda. In his deepest heart, he knew he would like to get his hands on either of them. They both had attributes that appealed to him. He could feel his cock get stiff from just the vision of them!

“I’ll leave a note on their door that we’ll be stopping by tonight,” Jerry said.

“That would be fine,” Jerry heard himself saying. Now why did he say that?

Tommy picked up on the thought. “Ah, the girls drive you to distraction! That’s the way to let your hair down, Jerry, old man. If you had any to let down…” Tommy smiled.

Jerry thumped him on the chest good-naturedly. They both started to laugh. “Ok,” Jerry said, reopening his math book, “So, what answer did you get on this retroactive declination of the state population problem?”


Jerry took a little extra time brushing his short hair. He was unconsciously thinking of Jennifer.

“Hey, we’re not going to the prom, bud,” Tommy ribbed. “I told them we’d be up there at 8 pm. It’s 5 till now.”

Jerry put down his brush on the dresser. “Let’s go,” he said.

The two men walked the stairs up to the third floor, one floor up. The hallway was deserted, as many students were either at the movies downtown, or were visiting. They got to the girls’ door. Tommy knocked.

“Come in!” Jennifer said from inside.

Tommy opened the door, and they both walked in. The women had repainted the walls a very light pink, and there were pictures and posters on the walls The standing closets directly across from the door were covered with painted-on flowers, and the walls of the short hallway were also painted with them.

Jerry shut the door behind him. He ran into Tommy when he turned around, for Tommy stopped dead in his tracks when he saw into the room.

“Move it, you big lug!” Jerry said to Tommy, pushing him. When Tommy took a step forward, and Jerry could see into the room, Jerry also stopped cold.

Jennifer and Yolanda were sitting on their beds, cross-legged. Both were wearing a scarf around their neck. Nothing else. Both had their hands crossed in front of them, their tits hanging between their arms. Both women had bound their hair up and had it pinned in the Chinese way. Both were smiling at them.

“Take a seat, boys!” Yolanda said. She smiled brightly at them.

Tommy, not taking his eyes off Yolanda, groped for the chair just to his left. He missed on the first grab, then caught it on the second. He sat down a little hard, never taking his eyes off her.

Jerry, with a little more poise, grabbed the chair directly to his right, and sat down. He kept his back straight.

“Nice to see you again,” Jennifer said, smiling brightly. “I was wondering when we would see you two again. Last time, we went walking in town to blow some time.”

“Yes. I apologize for not getting back to you,” Jerry said, a little uncomfortably, “but our classes got a little hectic, and we had reports to finish.”

“We heard,” Yolanda said. “You boyos-uh, boys-are taking sophomore and junior courses as freshmen. That’s something!”

“Uh, well, our SAT’s put us at that level, and our courses were accelerated a bit,” Tommy said.

There was an uncomfortable pause after that last statement. Tommy looked thunderstruck, and Jerry put on a face of no emotion, blocking out any look of the rising lust in him. Tommy’s cock had grown to full length, making a bump in the front of his pants. Jerry viciously kept his lust down, but his cock also was making a small bump in his pants. The girls giggled.

“Well, what did you want to talk about?” Jennifer said. “Your letter said you had an important question to ask us.”

Tommy gulped. “We, uh, we wanted to ask you- um ask-“
Jerry interrupted. “What my friend is trying to say is we wanted to ask you your opinion on why there are no girls that would take an interest in us. We interpret their reticence is because they are intimidated by us, and the older ones find us too young, and the younger ones don’t want brains, just brawn.”

Jennifer and Yolanda looked at each other, and shrugged. “Well,” Jennifer said, turning back to Jerry, “You two are the smartest of the freshman class. Everyone knows that. But there are things that both of you do that turn off most of them. You Jerry, you tend to be unapproachable. You stand aloof, looking like you are studying us for some lab project. You don’t let anyone close, let alone in. You, Tommy, take things too lightly. You seem like a nice person to most of them, but you take partying too
seriously. They want a guy who is dependable and approachable, as well as smart.”

“We hear this from some of the other girls,” Yolanda said. “They know
you friend-uh, you are friends-with us, so they tell us. They think we are your girlies-uh girlfriends.”

“That’s true,” Jennifer said.

This made Jerry think a bit. He looked over to Tommy. He was panting a little bit, and he opened his shirt a button or two. Jerry also found it getting hot in the room, and followed suit. He then looked back to Jennifer, then drew his eyes away. She looked like a wet dream sitting there as she was!

“Do you mean to say,” Jerry said, his eyes closed to the wondrous sight, “that if Tommy acted a little like me, and I a little like him…”

“Exactly,” Jennifer said.

“Well, what about my size?” Tommy blurted out, looking a little red.

“Your size is good,” Yolanda said. “Not too much fat. You got lots of muscle there. Being, how you say, stocky, is not to say fat. Be more serious, and everything go ok for you!”

“Now,” Jennifer said, a little sexily, “is there anything else you wished to ask us?”

“Yeah,” Tommy blurted, “Why are you two naked as jaybirds?”

Jerry winced.

Jennifer laughed. “I’m sorry fells,” she said, the mirth twinkling in her eyes. “One of our friends sort of overheard your conversation in the quad earlier today, and clued us in. Then we found your note on our door, and we decided to get this way to make you sweat a bit. I mean, you DID want to get a woman’s point of view, and I thought this would be the best way to give it!”

Jerry looked at Jennifer. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Jennifer said as she and Yolanda stood up, “you two have not been with a woman because of attitudes used to hide true feelings, whether good or bad, and those attitudes need adjusting.” The girls started walking towards the seated men. “Besides, Yolanda and I discussed it, and we decided to let you know how WE thought of you, in our own way, and words don’t play a big part in it.”

Jerry looked at Jennifer wide –eyed. He could not believe what was going on. He sat straighter.

Yolanda reached Tommy, and put her hand on his face. “You are a wonderful man, even if you not see it,” she said. “We like you, Tommy. You are good to us. You not see us as toys, and we appreciate that.”

“You do not know how often we get hit on,” Jennifer said to Jerry. “Some of the seniors think we’re easy prey, and the juniors think we’re easy lays. The sophomores just want to get into our pants, maybe talk to us, and the freshman men are just too scared to approach us because of the others. There are rumors going around that we are dykes—”

“I heard,” Jerry said.

“—And the real dykes hit on us because of it,” Jennifer continued. “I tell you, trying to get laid sometimes is a real pain in the ass! We want men who like us for US, and not just our bodies. You two have not hit on us. You two have been our friends, and we have come to appreciate that friendship. Now we want to turn it up a notch!”

“Uh, do you mean—” Tommy stammered.

“Oh!” Yolanda said. “No. We not looking for boyfriends. Jennie baby has one. I not want one for a while.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Jerry said, a little disappointed.

“Yes, I do,” Jennifer said. “Our relationship is an open one. Don’t worry, lover. He is not the jealous type. I am sure he is banging one of my friends back home.”

Jennifer smiled inwardly. She had called Jason earlier that day, and he had told her of the wild night he had had with Sherry. It seemed that both he and Eric had thought she needed a little “taming”, and Jennifer knew that Jason’s 11-inch cock could do just that!

“But how could you—I mean, with me—”

I like you, Jerry,” Jennifer answered. “I cherish our friendship. To be honest, I really need a friend who I can be myself with, one who I can laugh with, cry with, and make love with from time to time.”

Jerry had viewed this time up till now with a certain detachment. That last statement from Jennifer floored him.

“Jennie baby and I talked about it, and we decided that we want you two as those kind of friends, if you want it,” Yolanda said to Tommy. “You think us cheap for that?”

“Um, no,” Tommy said, sobered a little by the question, “I don’t consider you cheap for that. A little unconventional maybe, but not cheap.”

“I have never been known as conventional,” Jennifer said to Tommy. “So how about it?” she addressed to Jerry. “Do you think us cheap?”

Jerry chose his words carefully. “I think that Tommy and I are very lucky to have girls like you view us in such a light. I would be honored to be your paramour, even if only occasionally.”

“Yeah,” Tommy chimed in. “If you just want us from time to time, I think I can live with that.”

Jennifer and Yolanda smiled. They had discussed this very thing for the past two weeks, but were not sure how to bring up the subject. The heads-up from their friend, and the note on the door, provided that way.

“Just realize we are not going steady,” Jennifer said. “We can help each other in our studies, take care of each others emotions, and satisfy each other sexually. Think about it: If you know that your sexual needs are met, not if they are but THAT they are, won’t it make studying and achieving our goals a lot calmer and easier?”

Jerry digested this logic, and found it appealing. It was true that his sexual needs were indeed getting in the way of effective studying. He looked over to Tommy and saw him nod his approval at this logic. He took that at face value, remembering that he never did anything he didn’t mean to. Jerry stood up.

“I think, Jennifer,” Jerry said, “that you have found your bower boys, and I hope we are up to your standards.”

Jennifer smiled. “Victory!” she thought. She was unsure how this would go and feared that this admission would alienate the two men she counted as friends at the college.

“Goody!” Yolanda squealed as she jumped into Tommy’s lap. Tommy easily caught her.

Jennifer walked into Jerry’s open arms, and kissed him. His lips were sweet, but tentative. Jennifer split his lips with her tongue, exploring his mouth. She melted her body into his, rubbing up against his frame.

Yolanda was busily unbuttoning Tommy’s shirt, while Tommy was cupping her tits. When she got his shirt open, she fondled his chest, running her hands through his chest hair.

Jerry stepped back from Jennifer and pulled his shirt off over his head. Jennifer got down on her knees and unbuckled his belt. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. She then pulled his pants down to his feet. Jerry stepped out of them.

Yolanda managed to get Tommy’s shirt off before Tommy picked her up. He walked over to her bed and dumped her on the comforter. Yolanda propped herself up on her elbows, spread her legs widely, and smiled at him. He then got on his knees, moved Yolanda to the edge of the bed, and buried his face in her wet and waiting snatch.

Jennifer hooked her fingers in Jerry’s underwear and slowly pulled them down, licking her lips. She uncovered his erect cock, judging it to be about 7 inches, and thick. Jerry stepped out of his underwear and flip-flops, and now stood naked in front of his dream girl. Jennifer reached up and caressed his balls. Jerry let out a small, guttural moan. Jennifer then licked the underside of his cock, slowly flicking her tongue along the shaft. She reached the head, and Jennifer slowly licked it, tasting his precum. Jerry moaned again. Jennifer then took his cock head into her mouth and slowly descended down the shaft, pressing her tongue on the underside so that Jerry felt as if his cock were slipping in to a wet, velvety cunt.

“Ooh, that feels good,” he moaned.

Tommy was licking and nibbling Yolanda’s pussy, making her squeal with delight. He then took her clit between his lips, and slipped two fingers into her wet hole. He nibbled her clit gently while he finge
r fucked her hard.

“UUNNGGH! You got my pussy all wet, Tommy boy!” Yolanda moaned. “OOH! Keep me juicy for you!”

Jennifer reached the base of Jerry’s cock, an
d sucked hard. Jerry moaned. Her hands continued to caress his balls, which were starting to tighten. She then backed up a bit and grabbed the base of his cock with her other hand, squeezing a little. She then started slipping his cock in and out of her mouth, keeping pressure with her tongue and squeezing the base. Jerry’s knees buckled a little.

“Oh, God, Jennifer,” He said through gritted teeth, “You give great head!”

Jennifer smiled up at him with her eyes.

After a time, Tommy stood up and removed his pants and underwear. He was a little self-conscious about the size of his cock, being only 6 inches, but by the time he got his underwear off, Yolanda had got to the floor, kneeled in front of him, and took his manhood in her mouth in one shot, licking the shaft as she sucked him. Tommy’s eyes rolled to the back of his head at that feeling.

Yolanda slid Tommy’s cock in and out of her mouth. One hand found his balls, and she grunted in surprise to find them very large. Her other hand found her clit, and started rubbing it furiously.

Jennifer continued slipping Jerry’s meat in and out of her mouth. Her left hand continued massaging his balls as they became rock hard, and her right hand squeezed the base off. All of a sudden, she felt Jerry lurch.


Jennifer waited until she could feel the pressure at her right hand at the base of his cock. She then released her hand, squeezed his balls, and started mouth fucking him fast. Jerry shot his load directly into her throat. Jennifer’s tongue caught some of the sweet sperm, and she used her tongue to lather his cock with it. Her motion made him cum harder, and now he was flexing his hips, driving his cock harder into her mouth as each spurt erupted from him. The sensations were driving him wild!

Tommy managed to swing around and sit on the bed as Yolanda kept blowing him with amazing speed. Her mouth played his cock like it was an expensive instrument, and he started to moan louder. He was about ready to cum when she stopped and grabbed the base of his cock. She waited until his impetus subsided, then started again. Tommy’s mind left him as he was washed away in lust for the feeling this woman was generating. He knew that he was going to fuck this woman soon, and he knew she was going to derive great joy from being fucked by him. He felt his insecurity melt away, if only for the moment, and wished that this feeling would never end.

Jennifer sucked up the last of the cum off of Jerry’s spent, but still hard, cock. Jerry felt weak at the knees, and Jennifer led him to her bed. While still holding his hands, Jennifer lay down on the bed and opened her legs wide.

“Make love to me, Jerry” Jennifer said silkily.

“Let me hear you say my real name,” Jerry said as he climbed between her legs. “It is Jeriku Chan”

“Jeriku Chan,” Jennifer said, enjoying the way it rolled off the tongue. “Jeriku Chan.”

Jerry lowered his head to Jennifer’s soaking pussy. He licked some of the juice on the pussy lips, making her shiver. He then dived into her pussy, sucking it feverishly. Jennifer bucked hard at the contact.

“OOH YES!” she moaned loudly.

Yolanda looked up at Jerry and Jennifer. “That’s it!” she said to him. “Suck that pussy hard. Bite the clit! She likes that best!”

Startled, Jerry looked up at Jennifer as Tommy looked at Yolanda.

“Yes,” Jennifer said, breathing heavy, “we make it with each other. Now get back to my pussy!” She pushed down his head back to her quivering womanhood.

“You make it with women, too?” Tommy asked Yolanda.

“Sometimes,” Yolanda said, wiping her lips, “but I like making it with men better. Let me show you!”

Yolanda scrambled up on to Tommy’s lap, kneeling over his cock. She reached down and guided it into her snatched. She then sat down hard, taking the whole length in one shot. Yolanda closed her eyes and licked her lips at the feeling. Tommy laid back and moaned.

Jerry Bit at Jennifer’s clit, like he was told. Jennifer squealed and bucked her hips. So she likes making it with girls, too, he thought to himself. The thought of watching to girls going at it together excited him, and he felt his cock lurch. He knew that now was the time to fuck her.

Jerry started kissing up Jennifer’s belly, then planted hip lips and tongue on one of Jennifer’s wondrous tits. He had fantasized about doing this ever since he first saw her in the cafeteria. That white halter did little to cover the round, firm smoothness of those globes!

Jennifer was moaning. She loved the feeling of Jerry sucking her pussy and tits. He knew what to do with his mouth. She wanted to feel him inside her.

“Please, Jeriku Chan,” she pleaded, “Fuck me now! I want to feel you inside me!”

Jerry moved up, positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy, and slowly pushed himself in all the way, Jennifer was so wet that it felt his cock was being tingled from all sides. Jennifer’s pussy muscles gently caressed the entire length of his cock as he buried himself completely in her.

Jennifer’s mind exploded from the feeling of Jerry’s cock deep inside her. She was used to larger, but she had not stretched out. He was a gorgeous size, and it was just what she needed at that moment.

Yolanda started moving up and down on Tommy’s cock. She made her pussy muscles squeeze him hard. Tommy felt the tightness, and moaned as she fucked him.

After a few minutes, Yolanda got off, and bent over the edge of the bed. “Fuck me from behind, Tommy boy!” she said to him. “Fuck me hard till I no stand!”

Tommy was amazed that his cock was as hard as it was. He got off the bed, positioned himself, placed the head of his cock just inside her pussy lips, then rammed hard. Yolanda gasped her pleasure. Tommy pulled back and rammed again, bucking Yolanda with each ram. Yolanda grabbed the comforter for support, licking her lips in lust.

Jerry started fucking Jennifer harder, He lowered his head to one of her tits again and bit her nipple as he rammed his full length into her. Jennifer squealed in delight and wrapped her legs around him.

The four continued fucking like this for a while. Then Tommy put Yolanda on her side and fucked her that way. Yolanda started panting. Jerry stopped, got off the bed, pulled Jennifer to the edged, then reentered her, ramming her hard while holding her hips. Jennifer started to moan continuously, with a higher moan with each ram.

Tommy started ramming harder. He grabbed Yolanda around the waist for support. He pulled her back until she was half off the bed. Yolanda hung on to the comforter for support, suspended between the bed and Tommy’s cock. The slap from each ram was loud and erotic to her. Finally, she couldn’t take any more.

“FUCK ME HARD, TOMMY BOY!” she yelled, not caring who heard her. “RIP ME UP! OOH! I AM CUMMING, TOMMY BOY! FUCK! I’M CUMMINNG!”

Yolanda tensed, then screamed as her orgasm hit. Her body convulsed from the violence of it, and she squeezed her pussy muscled as hard as she could. This brought Tommy over the edge.


Tommy’s orgasm hit hard, and his cock spurted stream after stream of his jism. Yolanda’s eyes went wide at the feeling and started to buck harder. Tommy grunted, ramming his cock into as hard as he could with each spurt.

Jerry could not hold back any longer. Jennifer’s pussy was so silky that he was half mad with desire. His orgasm built, and released with a vengeance! He came with such force that he dug his fingers into her hips as he rammed his cock harder and harder into her pussy. Jennifer eyes opened in shock as the first wave of cum s
plashed inside her with no warning. The feeling was so erotic that Jennifer started to cum as well.

“OOH, JERIKU!” she yelled haltingly, as J
Jennifer’s orgasm rocked her body. She wrapped her legs around Jerry and held him in place as another wave locked her muscles. Jerry fought against it, and the concerted effort caused him to back off a bit, then ram his cock back into with such force that it sent her into another orgasm!

It took almost ten minutes before all four finished cumming. Then they crumpled to the floor, and started laughing.

“Oh my!” Jennifer laughed. “I haven’t been slammed like that in a while! That felt so good!”

“You were a dream come true for me, Jennifer,” Jerry said, also laughing. “Long have I fantasized about doing this to you. You captured my imagination with your beauty, and I feel fortunate to have been able to give you pleasure in return for the pleasure you have given me in my fantasies!”

“They no longer have to be fantasies,” Jennifer said tenderly. “I know we will do this again soon. We connect now. I know you better, and now you know me better.”

“That is true.”

“You know I love someone else. Is that going to be a problem? For us, I mean?”

Jerry thought. “At first I thought it would,” he said, “then I realized that sex is only a small fraction of love. It is where the heart is that counts. Now I know I can make love to you, and still be a friend to you. I know I will find a true love in time, and I am glad you decided to share yourself with me for whatever time we have together. No, I do not think there will be a problem with that.”

Jennifer leaned over and kissed him. “Thank you,” she said.

“You are entirely welcome.”

Tommy was looking at Yolanda. “Woman, you are one wild lady!”

“Thanks, boyo,” she said. “I not-I mean I have not been fucked like that in long time! Your dick made me sing!”

“I haven’t felt a pussy as tight as yours, either!” Tommy said back

Yolanda and Tommy started to laugh.

“You and I will have fun together, my little booty!” Tommy said

“Booty?” Yolanda flared. “I’ll show you booty, you dog!” She then smiled and shoved his cock into her mouth again. Tommy grunted his disbelief.

Jerry and Jennifer leaned against the bed, laughing a bit while watching Yolanda suck Tommy’s cock again!

Jennifer and Yolanda have reeled in Tommy and Jerry. This friendship forged in sex and understanding will meet new challenges as they continue in their studies. Stay tuned for the next exciting and erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”!

If you liked this story, email me. I appreciate your comments!

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