Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch 3

The drive from Cetnerville was always a drag. The freeway was crowded with travelers heading to points unkown, and the traffic got worse the closer you got to the college.

Jason tuned the radio to his favorite station and settled back. Sherry was sitting in the passenger seat, and Eric and Angela were in the back. Their car was travelling around 70, and the cool air felt good to them.

“How long before we get there?” Angela asked.

“About 10 minutes,” Jason said. “We’ll check in to the motel, then we’ll go see her. She has Friday through Sunday off, so we will have plenty of time to visit.”

Angela sat back. She hadn’t seen her friend Jennifer since she left for college on August 29, and it was not the middle of October. None of them could get any time off at the end of last month, so they coordinated for now.

Angela reached towards her neck, and felt the slim, close-fitting titanium collar around her throat, a gift from Eric. She looked over at Sherry, and saw the glint of hers as well. The collars were to remind them that they were the submissives of Eric and Jason, slaves if you will. She was ecstatic to wear it, and proudly showed it, for each of the collars had two diamonds, surrounded and separated by 3 rubies, on the front. Jason had one for Jennfier in his suitcase. He also packed another, smaller one as well.

In about 10 minutes, Jason had pulled off the highway and headed for the motel not far away, and about 3 miles from the college. Jason found the motel and pulled in. He and Eric then got out and went to the office.

“May I help you?” the office clerk, a matronly woman, asked.

“Yes,” Eric said. “We have a reservation for two connecting double rooms, under the names of Thomlinson and Manacek.”

The lady looked in her register. “Hmm. Yes, here we are. Rooms 216 and 218. Please fill out the registration cards, please.”

Jason and Eric filled out the cards, paid the money for the three days, and went back to the car. Jason parked in the proper spot, then all three got out. Jason popped the trunk, and each took their bag.

Up in the rooms, they dumped their bags in the closet areas, and then Eric and Jason opened the connecting double doors and chocked them back. They had agreed to leave them open during their entire time here.

After bathroom calls, and the girls donning scarfs to hide the collars, the four exited and headed to the college.


Jennifer was readjusting her dress while looking in the full-length mirror that she and Yolanda had bought a couple weeks ago. She made sure her ample tits strained against the fabric of the dress, and she checked to make sure the hem fell only to mid thigh. Her sandals were the same color of the dress, scarlet, and she also wore a scarlet scarf. This color contrasted beautifully with her blond hair. Yoland whistled her approval.

“Wow, Jennie baby, You are gonna knock him dead!” Yolanda said

Jennifer looked at her and smiled. She was extricating herself from between Tommy and Jerry, who were laughing, to get up. It was late afternoon, and the three had been at it since early morning. Jennifer had been with Jerry Just 2 days earlier, and she hasd wanted to stay chaste from that time until she saw Jason. When they had come over last night, at Yolanda’s request, Jennifer informed Jerry of this. Jerry had honored her wishes, and helped Tommy show Yolanda a really good time in a threesome.

“Will you three get it together?” Jennifer asked plaintively, but still smiling. “They’ll be here any minute!”

“Aww, keep your panties on, girlie,” Yolanda said. “We’ll get ready. Besides, I want to see gargantuan myself! You told me, now I gotta see!”

“Let’s get presentable, Jerry,” Tommy said. “Let’s help to make Jennifer’s reunion with her boyfriend special.”

“I will if you get your damned knee out of my crotch!” Tommy said, groaning. “When you locked Yolanda in. You racked me!”

“Oops! Sorry, my friend!”

The two men got up and put on their shorts and shirts. They saluted the girls, and left.

Jennifer looked at Yolanda as she picked up her strewn clothes. She was proud of her roommate for working on her english. She was also filling out a little more. Her tits looked larger, and her hipas flared a little more. Jennifer remarked on this a few days ago, and she felt wonderful about that.

Jennifer smoothed the pleat and contemplated her own slight maturity growth. Her tits felt fuller, pushing towards a DD, and her hips flared a little more, Her shape was now more womanly, and she hoped Jason would mightily approve.

Yolanda had finished cleaning up. She grabbed a towel, and with a wink headed for the showers.

Jennifer went and sat at her desk. She closed her laptop and sighed. Her studies were going very well. She thought on the past 50 days and smiled. Her relationship with Jerry had progressed to a deep friendship. He had become protective of her in a way that appealed to her, for any time a man got too fresh, he was right there to…dissuade the person. He even had to go as far as fighting one. Boy, that man will never cross Jerry again!

Her thoughts drifted to Jason, and what she would eventually do to him! The eroticism of those thoughts got her pussy wet, and Jennifer savored the feeling. She felt her nipples get hard. She looked down and saw them push their way into the fabric of her dress. She wore no bra this time as the dress was cut in such a way to give support. Besides, her tits were now very firm, with hardly any natural sag left. She thanked her exercise regimen for her track practice for that.

In a few minutes, Yolanda came back into the room. She had the towel wrapped around her hair, but not around her body.

“Did you walk the hall like that?” Jennifer asked, laughing.

“Sure did, Jennie baby,” Yolanda said. “It’s dead out there. No one around.”

Yolanda opened her closet and pulled out a bra, panties, garter, hose, and a print dress. She quickly got dressed, then dried her hair.

“You think they will like me?” Yolanda asked while brushing her hair.

“I do,” Jennifer said. ” I told Jason about you and the boys. He really wants to meet all of you.”

Yolanda looked pensive.

“Yolanda, what’s wrong?” Jennifer asked, suddenly concerned.

“Oh, it is just that I have not seen my father here, and here you are, about to see your man, and you and I are lovers of a sort, and I want a boyfriend, and I want to pass college, and-“

“OK, OK!” Jennifer said, getting the idea. She forgot that when Yolanda got nervous, she had diarrhea of the mouth about what’s on her mind. Jerry had to save her once from a couple of sophomores that had heard her one time mumbling about finding a boyfriend.

Yolanda finished her brushing her silky black hair and turned around.

“So, how do I look?” Yolanda asked.

Jennifer looked and smiled. “Scrumptious!” she purred.

Yolanda preened.

There was a single knowck on the door, and then the boys came back in. Jerry was dressed in slacks and a nice shirt, and Tommy was dressed in good jeans and a pullover. Tommy had slimmed down some, and now he looked better.

“Does this meet with your approval, Jennifer?” Jerry asked.

“Yes it does,” Jennifer said. “Thanks, guys, for helping me make this meeting special.”

“Anytime,” Tommy said.

Suddenly, there was another knock at the door. Jennifer stood up, looking nervous. Jerry opened it and let them in. The first person she was Jason.

Jennifer nearly leaped from her desk into his arms. No words were spoken as she and Jason kissed passionately. Eric, Angela, and Sherry moved deeper into the room.

Jennifer broke the kiss. “Oh, I’ve missed you so, my love, my master,” she whispered.
“So have I,” Jason said lovingly. He looked her over and stroked her hair. He instantly noticed that the tits pressing into him were not in a bra, and that they felt firm.

“Ahem!” Eric
said, loudly clearing his throat at Jennifer.

Jennifer turned around, and smiled. She went to Eric and kissed him deeply. She heard Tommy and Jerry gasp a little. She smiled to herself. She had not told them this, yet!

“Eric! How are you?”

“Better, now that I’ve seen with my own eyes that you have not been killed, or something,” he said.

Jennifer then went to the women. “Angela! Sherry! Good to see you again!”

“Great to see you, sister” Sherry said.

“I’m glad we could make it this time,” Angela said, almost apologetically. “We had illnesses at work, and we had to take the shifts, then Jason got sick, and-“

Jennifer turned to Jason. “You were sick? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“No need,” Jason said easily. “I had the sniffles is all. Angela, being the big hen mother that she is, is blowing it a little out of proportion.”

“Well, tell me next time. We share everything else on the phone.”

Jason laughed at her implication, remembering some of the more erotic and lustful phone conversations he had had with his little slut.

“So, Jennifer,” Eric said, “are you going to introduce us to these fine young men?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She went over to Eric and whispered something into his ear. Eric nodded, and Jennifer backed off.

“Eric, Angela, Sherry, Jason, may I introduce to you Yolanda Chu, Jeriku Chan, and Tommy Queen. Friends, Meet Angela Sanders, Sherry Princeton, Eric Thomlinson, and my boyfriend Jason Manacek.

The seven shook hands with each other, then separated again.

“I am glad Jennifer made friends here,” Eric said to Jennifer’s friends.

“We really did worry about that, hon,” Jason said to Jennifer.

“Wow!” Jennifer said. “That’s sweet! Actually, I really can’t take all the credit. Yolanda here helped. I mean, our tits actually found them!” Yolanda carressed, then bounced, her tits to accentuate that point.

Tommy and Jerry choked, Jason and Eric smiled, and Sherry and Angela laughed.

“OK, folks” Eric said, “let’s get going. We got a fun weekend ahead. Let’s go.”

The group decided to use three cars: Jason’s, Tommy’s, and Jerry’s. They also decided that Sherry would ride with Jerry, and Yolanda would ride with Tommy.

They got to the resteraunt around 7 pm. The Matrè D escorted them to their table. They ordered their dinner and drinks, and settled down for some conversation.

“So, Jerry, What do you think of Jennifer?” Eric asked him.

“I love her.”

Everyone looked at him, especially Jason.

“I do not mean love in that sense,” he said quickly. “I mean that Jennifer is a very special person to me. She helped me with an internal conflict I was having, and I found that her help has allowed me to advance in my personal goals. She has shown me how to look at life in a more relaxed fashion, and that has helped me to control my inner turmoil. Her presence has joy infused in it, and it has swept me into its embrace. I find myself protecting her. She has told me of the love she has for you Jason, and I envy her for that, but also I respect her for it as well. She holds true to that love, but she has enough for all those who come into her life too. She holds me in her world with that love, and I respond to it to my benefit in my own life. It is for this that I love her.”

Jerry’s explanation was very eloquent and heartfelt. Jason sensed this, and unclenched his jaw, impressed with this young man. He felt Jennifer’s hand squeeze his, transmitting the love she had for him in that contact.

“I see,” Eric said, also impressed.

“She impacted our lives in a similar fashion,” Angela said, pointing at herself and Eric. “She introduced herself to us on our first day at home, and we had become fast friends then, as now. She had taught us things about ourselves that I never thought were in us.”

“I Just met her a couple months ago,” Sherry told the group. “She helped me over my fears of love, and now I love her as much as any.”

“Jennie baby is kind to me,” Yolanda said, “she is helping me talk better so I can pass jury bars. We are best of friends, and we keep tight. Jennifer has amazing insight to people, and those she makes friends are good people. We have pals, but we four are close friends.”

“She helped me get a more serious side,” Tommy said. “Having a photographic memory does not mean you learn life lessons with it. I had to learn them the hard way, and so I got into being easygoing all the time to hide the fact that I was as smart as I am. She taught me how to accept it, be serious AND easygoing at the same time. She has a confidence about her that anyone can see, and it is infectious. She is well liked by almost all of her professors, and the students are starting to realize just how special she is. Jerry, Yolanda and I feel that we must protect her from those that would try to smother her for her confidence and love, and keep at bay those who would try to take her away from us for ulterior motives. What more can I say? I think we all love her for our own reasons, and I think she loves us for who we choose to be to her.”

Jason actually blushed at this, to hear such glowing endorsements about his lover and friend. Girlfriend. Jennifer. Eric sat beck, visibly impressed with her friends. Angela and Sherry looked at the two boys with more respect.

The meal came at this point, and the group dived in, more famished than they thought. Jennifer looked at this group in amazement, wondering what it is about her that attracted these people around her. She knew it was more than just sex, for she had had sex with each of them before.

As they ate, Jennifer felt a hand caress her right thigh. It was Jason doing it. She looked at him, and he was drinking his coffee at that moment.

Then she felt another hand on her left thigh, carressing it. It was Eric, and when she looked at him, he was talking with Angela. She bent down to her meal again.

The hands on Jennifer’s thigh kept rubbing and carressing them. Jennifer closed her eyes and stifled a low moan at the feeling. She was also getting wetter from it as well. Then the hands started pulling her legs apart. She let them do this, enjoying the feel of her pussy lips slightly parting. The pussy juice coating the inside of her silk panties made the material even slicker, and her clit was blazing form rubbing against it. Jennifer unobtrusively gripped the table to keep from trembling.

Jennifer heard some chairs scrape the floor. She opened her eyes, and saw Tommy, Jerry, Angela, and Yolanda moving to cover a gap. Sherry was gone.

Suddenly, she felt fingers on her panties. She felt them hook into the elastic, and move it to the side, exposing her pussy and clit. She then felt the fingers leave for a moment, then come back to hold the material from her pussy.

“You taste sweet!” said a sexy woman’s voice from under the table. Then it hit her. That was Sherry!

Sherry moved her head between Jennifer’s thighs and started lapping her pussy. Jennifer put back her head and uttered a barely audible moan. The hands kept her thighs wide open.

Sherry continued sucking Jennifer’s pussy. Her tongue moved in and out of her hole, making her hips buck each time. Sherry then nibbled her clit, and Jennifer pushed her pussy harder into her mouth. She started to gasp and breathe heavy.

“What’s the matter, Jennifer?” Jerry asked, an evil smile on his face.

Jennifer opened her eyes and looked at him. She saw how he and Tommy positioned themselves so no one would see what was happening.

Sherry then bit Jennifer’s pussy lips. Jennifer had to stifle a gasp. The people around the table softly chuckled.

“Shery has been wanting to do this to you for a month now,” Jason said to her, still massaging her thigh. He then got very close to her ear.

“She was commanded to do t
his, slut,” he whispered in her ear. Jennifer felt that familiar thrill of being called “slut”. “We told her to make you cum right here in the restaurant, or she would be disciplined.”

Jennifer looked at him with a growing lust and need in her eyes. She could not say anything. She then looked at Eric.

Eric smiled at Jennifer then turned his attention to Angela. He flipped his fingers at her, and Angela smiled. She then removed the scarf at her neck, exposing the close fitting collar with the rubies and diamonds in it. Jennifer stared at it.

“Yes,” Jason said, still whispering in her ear, “that is a slave collar. The bitch eating your pussy wears one as well. Soon, you will be wearing one. So will Yolanda, if she wants.

Jennifer looked at Jason in surprise. Then she closed her eyes and grimaces. Her orgasm was coming.

Sherry continued her assault on Jennifer’s pussy. She could feel her orgasm building. She bit her pussy lips, nibbled her clit, and shoved her tongue in her hole as fast as she could.

Suddenly, Jennifer stiffened. She then let out her breath and started gasping. Her skin became a mottled red, and beads of sweat appeared on her forehead and chest, making her skin shine. Then she let out a soundless scream as her orgasm hit.

Sherry felt it immediately, as Jennifer pushed her pussy hard into her mouth. Sherry felt her juices flowing, and swallowed the juice as fast as it came out. The hands on her thighs gripped hard to keep her in place. Jason dabbed her forehead and chest with a napkin to wipe away the sweat. Jennifer’s grip on the table became viselike as wave after wave of a multiple orgasm racked her body, making her gasp harder.

It took Jennifer almost 5 minutes to finish cumming. She became weak, and Jason helped to prop her up.

“Oh, my God,” she finally said, “that was delicious!”

Tommy and Jerry, smiling, moved their chairs aside to let sherry back up. She sat down again with a satisfied look on her face. Jerry wiped her face with a napkin to clean off the pussy juice on it. Then he took a deep sniff of the napkin. He then handed it to Tommy, who did the same thing. That napkin was then passed to each person, everyone smelling of Jennifer’s essence. Jennifer watched this with another growing lust.

The men finally cajoled Jennifer into finishing her dinner. The waiter came back during this tim and took the payment for the meal. When Eric’s credit card was returned, he stood up.

“I think it’s time we headed back to the rooms at the motel,” he said. We have a lot of stuff to do. I’m sure Jennifer needs our contact.

“You’re damned right I do!” she said a little weakly. “I’m gonna make sure I’m not the only one to get satisfied!”

Everyone laughed at this statement as theyall got up. Jennifer thought about what Jason had said to him, and was thrilled at what was to come. A Collar? For her? And for Yolanda. What have the men been up to lately?

What WAS on Jason’s mind? Were Tommy and Jerry Involved? And what was planned for the rest of the weekend? Find out in the next chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

If you liked this story, email me. I appreciate your comments.

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