Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 4

Jennifer thought the motel rooms looked comfortable. There were two thickly covered queen-sized beds in each room, and the connecting double doors had been chocked open, giving the illusion of more room. There was a small table and 4 chairs in each room, and there was a sliding door behind thick curtains that led out on to a balcony. Jennifer made a mental note of the room’s numbers-216 and 218-for future reference.

Eric and Jason went into 218 and dragged the chairs into the other room. Then they moved the nightstand from between the beds, and Tommy and Jerry pushed the beds together in 218, and Eric and Jason pushed the beds together in 216. Angela then pulled the table from 218 and put it with the other in 216, and all the girls arranged the chairs around these tables.

Jason went to the car and brought back the snacks and juice that were in the trunk. Before returning to the motel, Eric had stopped at the local market to pick up these items. There were cheeses, celery, orange and grapefruit juice, carrots, and grapes. Jennifer got all the classes from both bathrooms and placed them on the tables. Jason placed the snacks and juice in the middle of the table.

When all this work was done, Eric called everyone to the table for a sit down and discussion.

“We have some new people with us tonight,” Eric started out, “so I guess I should explain some things. I was talking to Jennifer about a week ago, and she told me about you three,” he was referring to Tommy, Jerry, and Yolanda, “and how she would like to have you in our little circle of friends. You are all 19, and we.” Referring to himself, Angela, Sherry, and Jason, “are in our early 20’s. I don’t see any problem there. What I need to find out are your sexual proclivities. We once tried to bring Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend in, but found he was incompatible. He had almost hurt Jennifer, and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I trust her judgment, but I want to make sure, for my own peace of mind. And I think Jason would like to talk to you as well, to let you know his position when it comes to her as well. Now, does anyone here have a problem with that?”

Everyone shook his or her head.

“Good!” Eric continued. “So, let’s start with the women. Sherry?”

“Well, I am 25, and bisexual. I like making it with men and women equally. I am also a sexual submissive to Eric and Jason, but rather aggressive with most other men. I do not like pain that is intentionally inflicted. I am not too crazy of being tied up on purpose either. My tastes run normal otherwise.”

Tommy and Jerry gaped at her statement. Neither could believe that a woman could be so brazen!

“I am Eric’s girlfriend and lover,” Angela said. “I have three loves in my life: Eric, Jason, and Jennifer. They all hold a special place in my heart. Jennifer and I hold a deep, satisfying accord with each other, and our lovemaking does not exclude men. I am also a submissive to these men, and ONLY to these men, unless some other proves to Eric or I that they can handle my mastery and still keep my feelings from being stomped on. They must follow the rules, and do things for the joy of it, not just to intentionally inflict. No one in our circle will tolerate intentional pain, bondage or orders for the sake of those things. If you want to be with me, just be yourself, but pay attention to the rules for the special things.”

This time, Yolanda joined Tommy and Jerry in gaping.

“I guess I am the nexus here,” Jennifer said. “I have been with each of you more than once, and each of you bring something different into my life. I am also bisexual, having learned this with Angela a few months back. My boyfriend and lover is Jason, here, and there is no one that can take that away from us. He understands my nature, and he derives great pleasure from it. I am also a submissive to Eric and Jason, but to no other, for now.

“Tommy, you and I have joy in our lovemaking. You bring me a tenderness that is greatly appreciated. Jerry, you and I have delved into each other’s emotional side during sex, and where I falter, you strengthen, and visa versa. We are symbiotic in sex, and I think we support each other deeper than just friends do. You also understand my love for Jason, and hold that in high honor. This is why making love to you is so great. Yolanda, you and I are fast friends, and I think would be a perfect fit with the women of this group. You are brazen, and you give as much joy as you get. When we make it, you make me feel that I am the only girl for you. That’s cool. I am sure the other women would like to feel that sometime.”

Yolanda turned red at this, but smiled nonetheless. The boys felt proud at her assessment of them and it showed in their faces.

“My turn, now, I guess,” Jason said. “OK, you know I am Jennifer’s boyfriend, lover, and master. I am in love with her, and no one can take that away. I am completely confident in her ability to judge people, and so I trust her selections for sexual partners. I am not the jealous type. I have been down that road before. It just does not belong in a relationship. If her assessment is such that she feels confident in bringing someone in to our circle, then I am inclined to give him or her a shot. As you heard, one other tried, and was rejected. That was before my time. I am not bisexual, but I understand the women’s bisexuality, so am not repulsed by it. I rather enjoy it. In fact, since I know I cannot fulfill ALL her needs (as some of them are physically impossible for me TO fulfill), I tend to promote her to find other partners, with no restriction other than that they follow our rules and guidelines. Now, if that makes you all feel a little more comfortable about me, good. I hope to become friends with all of you.”

Jerry and Tommy looked a little more relieved. Yolanda beamed at Jennifer.

“Me now,” Yolanda said. “Jennifer is my roommate. We make it with each other now and then. We also make it with Tommy and Jerry ONLY. Nobody else is even good enough in her eyes. Sometimes she no want Jerry, so I get both. Sometimes we no want ANY man, so the boys leave us alone. Sometimes I like being tied up for sex, and sometimes I like to tie up the man for sex. I take commands from Jennifer only. Boys tried, and found themselves without pussy for a while. Don’t get me wrong. I like to make it with boys a LITTLE more than with girls, but she is the only one I will take orders from.”

Eric and Jason raised their eyes at that.

“I am a straight man,” Tommy said. “I really didn’t know what bisexuality was until Jennifer and Yolanda showed me what it was about. Jennifer taught me to feel comfortable with myself. I will always love her for that.

“Must confess the same thing,” Jerry said. “I, too, was unaware of the true meaning of the love women share, and now I find myself exhilarated by it. I have honored her wishes in all things sexual, and our friendship has grown profoundly. I am protective of her at the college. I do find, however, that I want to explore some things with her, but I have not, due to her wishes, and will not until she gives me leave. I hope I have made that clear.”

“Very,” Jason said, smiling at him.

Everyone looked at each other in wonder at their admissions, and found a general acceptance.

Eric got up. “I think it is time to move on to the next thing now,” he said. “Gentlemen, if you will follow me…”

The men got up from the table and followed Eric into 218. Eric then closed the double doors on his side.

“Wow, your man a BIG one!” Yolanda said to Jennifer once the doors were closed. “I saw his crotch. How you stay tight?”

The girls laughed at this.

“So, what’s going on?” Jennifer asked.

“The boys are preparing something,” Angela said smiling, “and I think they are coaching your young Tommy and Jerry in the guidelines. I really hope they take to it. I really want a shot at

Jennifer laughed. “Don’t worry, lover! I think you’ll get that shot!”

“So,” Sherry piped
in, “We’re gonna have to come up with a sex name for Yolanda here. Any suggestions?”

“What do you mean?” Yolanda asked. “My name plenty good for sex!”

“We all have sex names that the men use in the heat of passion,” Jennifer said. “It has been our custom that the women find it, and the men pick up on it during sex. Once that happens, it is your secret sex name in our group.”

“What’s yours, Jennie baby?”


Yolanda’s eyes widened. Then she looked at Angela. “Yours?”

“Whore,” Angela replied proudly.

“And I am ‘Bitch’,” Sherry said. “Jennifer named me.”

“And me,” Angela said.

“And Angela named me, in our first time together,” Jennifer said.

Angela and Jennifer looked at each other, smiled, and started laughing. That special understanding they shared had them remember the first time they had sex together, and the feelings that were cemented then.

“What’s so funny?” Yolanda asked. Sherry too seemed interested to know.

Jennifer and Angela explained their first time together, in great detail, to them. By the time they were finished. By the time they were finished, both of them were blushing. Then Yolanda and Sherry looked at each other, and Jennifer saw a curiosity in their eyes, as if they might have found a partner to recreate that same first time together.

“Well, let’s get ready, ladies,” Angela said. “We brought some stuff to inflame the mind!”

Angela and Sherry went and opened their suitcases. Sherry pulled out some flimsy lingerie, and Angela pulled out the French maid lingerie and aprons. Jennifer looked appreciative at that, for the French maid outfit was what she had worn on her first meeting with Jason, and she always adored the way the apron accentuated her tits.

“I didn’t know what you liked, so I brought a few things I thought might fit you,” Sherry said to Yolanda. “You and I are about the same size.”

“But you got bigger titties,” Yolanda said.

“Not really. They just look bigger because they are on a smaller frame than yours. Don’t worry. This stuff is designed for most cup sizes.”

Yolanda looked at the lingerie that Sherry laid out, and picked a scarlet red setup. She giggled and started undressing quickly.

“That’s gonna look good on ya,” Sherry said. “You have a sexy body.”

“You one sexy lady too,” Yolanda giggled. “You eat my pussy later, sweetie?”

“Is she always this giddy and straightforward?” Angela whispered to Jennifer, while she was unbuttoning her shirt.

“Pretty much,” Jennifer whispered back. She had already disrobed and was putting on the garter and hose.

“Who is she normally hooked with in your college group?”

“Tommy. She says she doesn’t want a boyfriend right now, but I think she’ll soon find out that she loves him. I see the signs.”

“What about Jerry?”

“Not sure. He doesn’t want ME in that way. That I am sure of. I think he just hasn’t found the right one yet. He is patient, though. He’s in no rush. His Asian studies are more important to him at the moment.”

“Sounds like a decent fellow.”

“A rock, lover. A very solid guy.”

“In more ways than one, I hope!”

Jennifer looked at Angela, who smiled. They both stated laughing.

The girls finished dressing in the lingerie. Sherry and Yolanda wore halter and garter setups; Sherry’s was black, and Yolanda’s was scarlet (When they stood together, they looked the opposites of each other, halves of a whole, like yin-yang. Jennifer hoped it was her heart telling her that.) Jennifer and Angela wore the French maid aprons and white garters and hose, no panties. When they stood together, they looked the part. Angela then coiffed Jennifer’s hair, pinning it in place with the long, thin Japanese hair spikes. Jennifer then did Angela’s hair the same way. Sherry stepped behind Yolanda and adjuster her halter a little tighter, making her tits stand out against the fabric. She also adjusted her garter straight, marveling at the smooth feel of the skin on her ass. Yolanda sighed as she felt her hand touch her skin.

Then Sherry took Yolanda by the hand and led her over to Angela and Jennifer.

“OK, what name is hers?” Sherry asked. “The boys will be coming in soon. We need to know!”

“Jennifer, you’re the good one at this,” Angela said. “Any ideas?”

Jennifer thought about it. “It seems to me that Yolanda is always thinking about her pussy during sex…”

“Damn straight!” Yolanda said.

“…So I think her sex name will be—’cunt’.”

Yolanda thought about it “Yolanda Chu,” she said, “cunt, Yolanda Chu cunt, Chu cunt. I like it!”

The girls started laughing.

Suddenly, there were two knocks on the double doors.

“Ooh, we need to get in position!” Sherry said.

Jennifer looked at her.

“You’re being collared, woman,” Angela said to Jennifer. “And so are you, Yolanda, if you want it.”

“A collar like yours?” Yolanda said, pointing to Angela’s neck. “It’s pretty!”

“It’s more than just jewelry,” Sherry said to her. “It is a symbol of bondage to our men, a symbol that we are theirs. It is not necessary in order to be a part of our group, but it is a material symbol of the depth of your love for all of us, much like a wedding ring is in a marriage. You can accept it or not, but it does not change how we feel about you, or you to us. We do this only on Jennifer’s behest. She loves you. You love her.

Yolanda looked at Jennifer. “You want this for me?” she asked.

“I do,” Jennifer said. “You are my friend. I love you as I love them. I want you and Jerry and Tommy to be a part of our group. I was only aware of this for about a week, and I was asked if I thought you and the boys could handle it. I said yes, and now is the time. Do you accept this gift from the men of my group?”

Yolanda thought about it. “I never really belonged to anything before,” she said slowly, “and I don’t know where this heads, but if you think it make me—makes me more sexy, then I will take it. I trust you, Jennie baby.”

The two women hugged each other. Then Angela led Jennifer and Yolanda to the middle of the floor in front of the double doors and told them to kneel, knees spread wide. Angela then knelt behind and to the right of Jennifer, and Sherry knelt behind and to the left of Yolanda.

“Enter!” Angela called out.

The double doors opened Eric and Jason stood abreast of each other, Eric on the left to Jennifer’s sight. Tommy stood behind and to Eric’s right, and Jerry stood behind and to Jason’s left. All of them were wearing shorts, and all of them were wearing a fillet around their head to hold back hair. All of the men also wore tight fitting bands of leather on their upper arms, around the biceps, with the ends of the leather ties dangling behind.

Jennifer looked at the men, and became excited. She had made love to all four of these men, and now they looked more desirable than they ever had, especially Jason. His 11-inch cock made him special in the group, but now he was even more of a sex god to her. She could feel her pussy get wet from the vision.

Eric and Jason walked up to Yolanda and Jennifer. Each man had a collar encrusted with rubies and diamonds in his hand.

“You are here to become a part of our group, as the men have done,” Eric said to Yolanda. “Jennifer has told you about us, and we find you to be a good person. Do you accept this collar as a symbol of your emotional depth to us, or to one of us?”

“I do,” Yolanda said.

“Jennifer,” Jason said, “I bring you this collar as a gift. It was thought up by Angela as a way of “taming” Sherry, but found that it had a deeper implication, and she wanted one. Eric devised this ceremony, and it is the first time done formally. Now I ask you, my love: Do you accept this
collar as a symbol of your emotional depth to us, or to one of us?”

“I do, my love, my master,” Jennifer said.

Eric motioned to Tommy to come forward. He placed the collar in his hand. He then looked at Jennife
r. “What name did you give her?” he asked.

“Cunt,” Jennifer said.

Eric turned back to Tommy. “Collar the cunt,” he said.

Tommy, shaking a little, moved forward. Yolanda lifted her neck, noticing that Tommy was getting very hard. Tommy then put the collar around her neck, and with a swift motion, clicked it closed.

Jason motioned Jerry to step forward. He put the collar in Jerry’s hands. “Collar the slut,” he said.

Jennifer looked directly into Jerry’s eyes as he put the collar around her neck. Then she looked into Jason’s loving eyes as Jerry clicked the latch shut.

“You cannot remove these collars yourselves,” Eric said. “You need the help of another to apply the direct pressure needed to release the catch. I’ll show you.”

Eric stood Yolanda up, and showed Jennifer how it was done. He then used Jennifer to show Yolanda.

Once the collars were reattached, everyone cracked a smile. All the women got up from the floor, and they went over to the full-length mirror to admire the collars they all now wore.

“The vanity of women,” Jerry said.

“Indeed,” Jason said.

“Jerry. Tom,” Eric said, “You are our guests tonight, so we will give you pick of one of the women there, except for Jennifer. She is Jason’s for now. Jerry, you have first choice. Who do you want?”

Jerry looked over at the four beautiful women. “I want Angela,” he finally said.

“Good,” Eric said. “Tommy?”

“Um, Sherry, I guess.” He stammered, still a little awed by all that Eric and Jason told them in the bedroom.

“Don’t just guess!” Jason said, a little severely. “KNOW what you want!”

“Ok, OK!” Tommy said, a little taken back. The man was definitely assertive! “I want Sherry.”

“That gives me Yolanda. Ok, gentlemen, Let’s go capture our women”

Each man untied one of the bands on their arms. Each “band” was about 30 inches of smooth leather strapping, about an inch wide, and very supple. Eric motioned Jerry to advance. Jerry went to Angela. When Angel saw him, and the strap in his hand, she licked her lips and turned around, putting her hands behind her. She was facing the girls, who were looking on, as Jerry swiftly tied her hands together.

“You are mine for now, whore!” Jerry said. Angela shivered with delight, and winked at the girls. Then Jerry grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the nearest bed.

Eric motioned Tommy forward. He walked up on Sherry, and looped his strap on her neck. “You are mine…B-Bitch,” He said stuttering. Jennifer knew he was not comfortable with some words, and that was one of them.

“You don’t have to call me that if it makes you uncomfortable,” Sherry whispered to Tommy. “It doesn’t matter. You picked me! That makes me feel special!”

“Oh, good!” Tommy said. “I never really was into name calling like that.”

Tommy pulled on the strap, and Sherry followed, licking her lips.

Eric walked over to Yolanda. “You are mine, cunt,” he said gutturally. Yolanda looked at his crotch and gasped. She could see how big Eric’s cock was, and she was licking her lips in anticipation.

All of a sudden, Yolanda felt a hand in her hair, and it was pulling her down to the floor. She cried our more in surprise than in pain. Eric placed her on her belly. He quickly tied Yolanda’s hands together with one end of the strap, and then her ankles with the other end. Yolanda gasped at this. She was amazed that Eric tied her up in the way she liked the most! Then Eric bodily picked her up and took her to the other room, Yolanda grinning all the way.

Jason walked up to Jennifer. “I have stayed chaste for a week in anticipation of this moment, my love,” he said to her. “I have missed your touch. I have missed your smile. I missed you.”

“Oh, Jason,” breathed Jennifer, “I am so glad you came up! I need you!”

“And I need you, my sweet.”

“Take me, master. Take me right here!” Jennifer kissed him hard.

Jason took the strap and tightly lashed her hands together while kissing Jennifer back. He then reached up and caressed her breasts thought the flimsy fabric of the maid apron covering them, paying special attention to the growing nipples. Jennifer then broke the kiss, and placed her bound hands around his neck. Jason then lowered her to the floor.

Jerry had tied Angela’s hands to the bed rail, and had spread her legs wide. He was now licking and sucking her pussy, lapping at the clit occasionally. Angela was shivering with delight and lust at his expert ministrations

“Ooh, master, that feels so fucking good!” Angela moaned. She moved her hands in her bonds and opened her legs wider.

Tommy was on his back on the next bed. Sherry was slowly blowing his cock, her in and out motions making him shiver. He tapped her shoulder. She looked up at him, and slowly nodded. She swung her body around as well as she could, since her hands were now tied behind her back, and placed her pussy at his mouth. Tommy started to attack it, nibbling at her clit. Sherry gasped, and started sucking his cock even harder.

Eric had left Yolanda tied as she was, and was slowly lick and sucking her pussy. He had ripped the panties off her, but left the rest on.

“Master,” Yolanda said lustily, “May a slave beg to suck her master’s cock?”

Eric was inwardly amazed at this woman. Apparently, she had played these games before, and in much greater depth than he ever did. Jerry had informed him. He was not prepared for this, so he took it as far as he was comfortable with.

“That means I must untie you to honor your request, cunt,” Eric said, lifting his head from her pussy. “I will, do so, but if you do not completely please me, I will retie you and leave you that way all night. Do you understand me, slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then turn over.”

Yolanda turned over. Eric untied her, and Yolanda stretched out. Eric stood up and stood at the edge of the bed. Yolanda scrambled to his cock, grabbed the base, and slowly put the head in her mouth. Her tongue caressed the tip, tasting the precum there. She then pushed her head down on that wonderful piece of meat, slowly licking the shaft as she went along. She repositioned, and let his cock slowly enter her throat area. She did not stop until she was at the base, her lips stretched around his member. She then backed off it slowly, continually licking the shaft. Eric’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Oh, God, Yolanda,” Eric moaned, “I like that. Keep it up!”

Yolanda continued her in and out motion on his cock, slowly devouring the entire length before backing off all the way and licking the tip before slowly devouring it again. She was determined to deep throat him until he came.

Jennifer continued to kiss Jason as his fingers slowly finger fucked her. His thumb was tracing lazy circles on her clit, making her buck with each revolution. Her hand was slowly caressing his cock, now rock hard and pulsing.

Jason broke the kiss, and took his hand out of her wet pussy. He climbed in between her legs and place the head of his monster at the opening of her cunt. He propped himself up and stared straight down at his love. Jennifer raised her knees and spread her legs even farther.

“Fuck me,” she said.

Jason slowly entered her, getting used to her sweet tightness, Her pussy juices made her hole seem like velvet, tenderly caressing his shaft. Jennifer had a look of concentration on her face as she fought to accommodate her man, reveling in the stretching feeling as he buried more and more of his cock into her.

Jason continued to push his cock deeper into Jennifer until he hit bottom. He waited until Jennifer was comfortable with his cock in her. Once she started gyrating on his shaft, he knew she was ready. He slowly withdrew the entire length, and then rammed his cock in all the way, pu
shing past the cervix and into her uterus. Jennifer screamed in pain and lust. She wrapped her legs around him and held herself to him until the pain went away. Then she nodded to him, and
he then continued to fuck her with the full length of his gigantic cock. Jennifer yelped with each push past her cervix, her lust growing with each thrust.

Ooh, fuck me with that long thick prick!” Jennifer seethed in his ear. “Make my cunt remember what it’s like to be ravished! Pound me with that meat, Jason! FUCK ME!”

“Aah, your pussy feels like a tight glove on my cock!” Jason growled back. “You are so wet! I love to fuck you, slut! I love fucking your pussy with my cock!”

Jason and Jennifer started moving together, sending the entire length of his cock deep within her

Angela was bucking now. Jerry was nibbling her clit with a vengeance. Her pussy juice covered his face, and she was covered with a fine sheen of sweat.

“Ooh, Master, I want your cock in my cunt!” Angela gasped. “I am on fire! Please, master! Fuck me!”

Jerry lifted his head from her pussy. “You want my cock, whore?” he said.

“Yes Master!”

Jerry moved up and placed his rock hard prick at her pussy. “Then take it all!” he said. Jerry then slammed his 7-inch cock into her, making her gasp again, and then lick her lips. Jerry started slamming his cock into her hard, again and again. Angela started to buck in rhythm to his thrusts.

Eric’s knees buckled, and he half knelt on the edge of the bed. Yolanda had not sped up in deep throating him, and now she had begun to caress his balls with her hand. It was the best head he had ever been given, and he felt his orgasm building. He knew that if he let her continue, he would shoot his entire load down her throat.

“You want my load in your throat, cunt?” he snarled.

She nodded, her mouth and throat still filled with his cock.

What the fuck, he thought. Let her.

Yolanda felt his cock lurch, and she knew he was ready to explode. Her tongue began to work faster on his shaft and head, and she continued to shove his entire length into her mouth.

Sherry had stopped sucking Tommy’s cock, and now sat on his face. His tongue was doing wonders on her pussy. She had never been eaten out as thoroughly as this before!

“Ooh Tommy!” Sherry gasped. “Your tongue is so fucking good! My pussy’s shaking! I want you in me, Tommy! I want your cock in my cunt!”

Tommy pushed on Sherry’s ass to get her off. Her legs were quivering. She got up, turned around, and then lowered herself onto his erect and rock-hard cock. She purred as his cock invaded her pussy. She then lay down on his chest, his cock buried in her pussy to the hilt.
“Untie me, please,” She said. “I want to be free while I fuck your brains out, Master.”

Master. That word thrilled Tommy, but he still felt a little unsure of this game. He had never played it before, nor had he ever heard of anything of it before. He remembered what Eric had said about doing only what felt comfortable doing, and he was game. He came to his limit about calling Sherry “bitch”, though. He hated that word, and associated it with women who didn’t give a shit about people, only about themselves.

Tommy untied her hands. Sherry then place her hands on his chest, and began rocking her body on his cock gently moving it in and out of her wet, quivering pussy. She moaned with each thrust. She threw her head back as she continued to rock on his prick.

Jason and Jennifer’s movements became spasmodic. His thrusts into her were made more forceful by her hips slamming into him. Both were grimacing as they became gripped in the throes of a mighty orgasm. He took her hands from his neck and untied them. She immediately hugged him hard.

“Oh God, Jennifer!” Jason gasped. “I can’t hold back any longer! Take my cum, honey! I-I’M CUMMINGGG!”

“Cum in me, honey!” Jennifer Yelled in his ear. “Flood me! Coat my pussy with your cum! Fill me with your jism! Come on! Ooh, I feel it! POUND THAT FUCKING COCK INTO ME, JASON!”

Jason thrusted as hard as he could. Then he stiffened as his orgasm reached its peak. As he went over the edge, he slammed his cock into Jennifer’s pussy so hard that it made her scream in lust!


Jennifer held on to Jason for dear life as her orgasm shook her body violently against him. Jason was moaning loudly as his cock became awash with her pussy juice as her orgasm built in intensity. Jason could not stop pounding into her, and each new thrust sent her senses reeling with another orgasm.

Angela was crying a bit from the fucking that Jerry was giving her. His cock had so expertly driven her to a lustful madness, but he would back off just before her orgasm, let her cool down, then start his assault again. She was amazed at his control, and he looked well conditioned as he rhythmically pounded her pussy into oblivion.

Jerry reached up and pulled the slipknot on Angela’s bonds, releasing her hands. She instantly put her hands around his neck and pulled herself into him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and pushed herself onto his cock as fast as he was pounding her.

“Ooh, Jerry!” She cried, “My pussy is so sensi-I—I-tive! I can feel your whole cock setting me on fire! Oh, please, make me cum now! Make me cu-u-ummm!”

Jerry kept thrusting hard. All of a sudden, he felt his own orgasm build as he relaxed control. His movements became spasmodic, and he let his animal lust overtake.

“I’m gonna pound your pussy until it’s raw!” he growled. “I’m gonna cum so hard in you that you will scream in pleasure. Uunggghh! Here it comes! I’M CUMMMIINNNNNGGG!”

“OH! OH! I’M CUMMINNNG TOO!” Angela cried.

Jerry yelled as his orgasm hit. He slammed his cock into Angela so hard that her head hit the headboard that she was tied to. Angela screamed as her own orgasm hit and he felt his cum soak her pussy, mingling with her juice, and making her pussy so sensitive that each new thrust kept adding a layer to her orgasm

Jerry’s cock was bathed in his own cum and her pussy juice. The fluid made his cock so oversensitive that now he felt he could not stop thrusting. Each time he pulled back, the sensations kept pulling him back in again, harder each time. He groaned, she gasped.

Tommy could feel his own orgasm rising. Sherry was getting more and more spasmodic as her orgasm built She was biting her lower lip from the effort of fucking his cock and rubbing her clit against him.

Tommy couldn’t take any more. He grabbed Sherry around the waist and held her in place. He then started slamming his cock into her. Sherry gasped.

“Take my cock, bitch!” He yelled at her, not caring about the word.

“Yes, Master!” she gasped.

Tommy kept ramming his cock into Sherry’s pussy as fast as he could. Suddenly, he yelled and started cumming. Sherry felt it, and yelled as his sperm triggered her own orgasm. Tommy just kept fucking her harder and harder. Sherry held herself stiff as her orgasm locked her muscles in a lustful paralysis.

Eric lost his mind. His orgasm built to awesome proportions as Yolanda continued to deep throat him. Her mouth had turned velvety with his precum, adding to the sensation. Suddenly, he went over.

“That’s it, cunt!” he yelled at her. Take my sperm! Suck me dry! Oh, shit!! I’M CUUMMIINNGG!!

Yolanda had been furiously rubbing her clit to bring herself to climax with Eric. She achieved this. As Eric’s cock exploded in her mouth, her own orgasm hit. She mewled on his cock as his sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed fast, taking in every last drop.

As soon as his cock dry heaved, she got up, then jumped on him, burying his member all the way into her tight pussy. Her body was still rocking from her orgasm.

“Fuck me now, Master!” She yelled at him. “Fuck me until I finish cumming!”

Eric hardly heard a word she had said. Her pussy was tight, and the
sensation of her sliding all the way down the shaft made him see stars. He plopped her down on the bed and started thrusting as hard as she could. Yolanda screamed in lust as
Eric’s cock invaded the deepest portions of her cunt.

Eric felt another orgasm building in him. He screamed as it hit and filled Yolanda with sperm. Yolanda screamed in lust with each spurt as she hung on to him and bucked as hard as he was fucking.

It took a full 10 minutes before all eight of them were finished orgasming. Jason withdrew his slowly lowering member from Jennifer, who had a dreamy look in her eyes.

Jerry withdrew from Angela, who was crying softly. He slowly massaged her pussy, making her quiver as it sent her into one more small orgasm. She closed her legs and held his hand there until she finished cumming.

Sherry fell over and was lying on top of Tommy, who was breathing hard. He gently rolled her off him and laid her next to him. Her eyes were closed and she had a wide smile on her face.

Eric withdrew from Yolanda, who had passed out from the sheer pleasure. Eric shook his head in disbelief that this young woman could make him cum back to back! He positioned her more comfortably on the bed, then staggered to the bathroom to get a cool rag for her head.

Jason got up and staggered over to the table. Jerry, who looked like he could go another 15 rounds, joined him. Jason briefly felt envious of the younger man for his obvious stamina.

Tommy got up off the bed, and then sat in one of the chairs, breathing heavily. Jason opened the snacks, and poured juice for the three of them. He filled a fourth for Eric, who Jason saw putting a rag on Yolanda’s forehead then head towards them.

Eric took his juice and sat down. The four men drank in silence for a while. None of them felt self-conscious being naked in the presence of another man.

Eric spoke. “I take it that all of you had some fun!”

“Yes,” Jerry said. “Angela was wonderful, and so full of life and lust! I could barely keep control!”

“You’re gonna have to teach me that control, sometime,” Jason said. “I saw you afterwards.”

“I’ll be happy to. Jason,” Jerry said. “Tell me: Do you know any martial discipline?”

“Karate and Aikido,” Jason said. “5th degree black belt in both. I’ll be going for Red in a few years.”

Jerry looked at Jason with a new respect.

What do you think, Tommy?” Eric asked.

“Honestly?” he asked.


I am not too crazy with the game itself. Don’t get me wrong. I got into it at the height of passion, but not in the foreplay.”

“I understand. To tell you the truth, Jason and I wanted to try it with our women. I find that it is not quite what I like either, except during the lust buildup. I can’t see myself living my life like that, in the B&D world. The collars are fine. I think the women will like wearing them, but I think that’s as far as it will go before sex.”

“I agree,” Jason said. “I must admit that tying Jennifer felt a little strange, but she accepted it. I feel she that she did it to please me, and that’s all. I know she doesn’t mind it in the throes of passion, but I think I will forgo it during the buildup.

All the men were in agreement on this. It seemed that the bondage portion of their love play game was not overly successful with them.

“I really do want to learn the mastery, though,” Tommy said. “I got a big thrill with Sherry calling me master!”

“Feels powerful, doesn’t it?” Eric asked, smiling. “”Guess who brought that out in me? Jennifer!”

Tommy looked at Eric, and smiled. Jerry started to laugh. Soon, all the men started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Yolanda said. The men looked over to her and saw her leaning against the doorframe, her hair hopelessly messed, and her halter all sweaty.

“Oh, Nothing,” Eric said. “Yolanda, since you are up now, would you help the other women get up and to the table?”

“Sure thing, Master Eric,” she said. She left the door and walked over to Jennifer. Eric was amazed at her stamina.

“Come on, Jennie baby!” Yolanda said to Jennifer, helping her up. “The masters want us at the table.”

“OK,” Jennifer said weakly. She let Yolanda help her up and help her to the table.

“Hmm. You smell like Master Jason,” Yolanda said while walking.

The men laughed at this.

Yolanda helped the other two women get to the table. She went as far as to get towels for all of them. Then she sat down herself.

The women sat down next to their man: Jennifer next to Jason, Angela next to Eric, Yolanda Next to Tommy, and Sherry next to Jerry. Jerry was a bit surprised at this.

“Why are you next to me?” he asked her. “I would think you would sit next to Eric.”

“He has Angela,” she explained. “You and I are the only unattached people here. I saw what you were doing with Angela, and I fantasized you were doing that to me. I think maybe we should get to know each other, see if something comes of it. What do you think?”

Jerry thought about it. “It is true I find you irresistibly attractive,” he said, carefully picking his words. “I am amenable to finding out if we are good for each other.”

“Oh, don’t be so formal!” Angela said, laughing. “Just admit that you like her, and want to fuck her too!”

“That, also, is true,” Jerry admitted blushing.

Everyone at the table laughed.

“OK everybody, let’s eat and drink!” Eric said. “We have a weekend to work on, And I for one want to have every woman her before it’s done!”

Jennifer laughed, grabbing some cheese. She looked forward to getting laid by Eric.

The weekend orgy has just started, and now there seems to be two new couples! What else are they going to do while together? Find out in the next erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”!

If you liked this story, email me. I enjoy your comments.

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