Samantha Parker's Story (Chapter 30)

Chapter: Thirty

After Doug left the room, Anna finished getting dressed. God, her little pussy was hurting. Anna took a few steps toward the door and the pain between her legs intensified. She felt something dripping from her there. She was almost afraid to look. She steeled her nerves, lifted her skirt, stretched out the waistband of her panties and peeked down. Jesus Christ, cum was still dripping out of her and it was mixed with some blood. The dripping jizz was pink tinged. Anna thought, fuck how much of that stuff did that geek shoot up inside me? Thank God, I’m on the pill. She went into the adjoining bathroom, took some bathroom tissue and wiped herself. She took some more of the tissue and stuffed it into the front of her panties. She left the room and painfully made her way back down the hall. She was in no condition to confront Samantha now. She’d go home and come up with this Doctor Sherman’s address. A grim determined look came over her face as she thought God damn you to hell Samantha. The things I’ve suffered on your account have been more than disgusting, but I’m going to make you pay. Oh yes, you’re going to pay.

Samantha wasn’t surprised by the result of the home pregnancy test kit she’d purchased at a nearby drugstore. It only confirmed what she’d suspected for several days and now there was no doubt. She was pregnant. Samantha sighed and began to wonder what John would have to say about this. Although she dreaded it, Samantha decided that she shouldn’t put off telling him. She was almost sure that he wasn’t going to be happy. He’d never had to deal with children and it was late in life for him to be starting. How could this have happened? John said he had a low sperm count and his wife had never gotten pregnant.

For the first time in a very long while, the little voice in Samantha’s head began to speak, “Oh woe is me! Poor Samantha! How could this happen? John’s wife never got preggers. John’s wife was normal. She wasn’t like you Samantha. It’s just the law of averages. Even if the juice is weak, squirt enough of it in often enough and eventually some is bound to take; it’s as simple as that. By the way, what makes you think John is going to be dealing with a child? You’re getting a little above yourself again. You’re not John Sherman’s wife. You’re his whore! Get it, his whore! It’s just like Bill Boyer said, “Here’s a news flash.” John will probably kick your big butt out into the street now. He doesn’t owe you anything. You owe him big time and there’s only one way you can pay your debts. It’s your only real talent. You’re nearly useless for anything else! Once your stomach starts swelling up and those tits start to sag a little, your usefulness is probably nil. Take some good advice for a change. Get rid of it. It’s easy. It’s done every day. It’s no big deal.”

Samantha ran into the bedroom sobbing and lay on the bed. She cried out, “No! I’m not going to murder my baby. It’s John’s baby too and I want it even if he doesn’t!”

When John got home that evening, Samantha greeted him as usual, but it wasn’t long before he was sure there was something very wrong. She was worried or upset about something. He’d been thinking that for a couple of days and now he was certain. The first thing that came to mind was that Samantha was becoming bored. She was probably dissatisfied in her life with him. After all, she was a young girl; just keeping house, reading and spending every evening with him must be getting to her. He thought oh God what if she’s decided that she wants to leave. It’s not fair to try to make her stay if she doesn’t want to. But how can I live without her? I need her so much. My life will be over if she leaves me now.

Later when they were in bed, Samantha said, “John I have something to tell you. I’m afraid you’re going to be very upset with me.”

John’s heart began to pound and he experienced a strong feeling of foreboding. He thought oh God here it comes, she’s going to leave me. He braced himself for the bad news and asked, “What is it Samantha?”

“I’m pregnant. I’m sorry. Please don’t be too mad at me.”

The feeling of relief that John felt was indescribable. He was instantly pulled back from the brink of despair. He said, “My God Samantha, what could possibly make you think I’d be mad at you? I’ll admit I’m surprised, but it’s a wonderful surprise. I suppose you’re sure.”

“I’m sure John. I just thought you wouldn’t like the idea of having to deal with a child. I mean, it’s another person to support and you’ve already done so much for me.”

“I may be a bit old-fashioned dear, but I believe it’s a father’s responsibility to care for his child and its mother as well. After all Samantha, you didn’t get pregnant all by yourself. I played a part in that in it too.”

“John, I remember you saying that your wife never got pregnant. I guess that’s why I never thought about needing any protection.”

“I suppose I was ignoring the law of averages. We’ve have a very active sex life.” John chuckled and said, “I guess quantity made up for quality.”

“So you’re really not upset. Be honest now.”

“No I’m not upset in the least. I’m looking forward to it. Pregnant women are very sexy. I hear they’re always hot for it; if you get my meaning. Now as a man of science, I’d be tempted to say that’s just an old wives’ tale. But I hope it’s not.”

Samantha pulled a pillow from behind her and threw it at him. “Is that all you can think about? This is serious business!”

John pulled Samantha into his arms and said, “Oh I’m very serious. I don’t think you know how much I need you and love you. If you did, you wouldn’t have had any doubt about the way I would feel about your news. Now, being serious; I want you to be very careful. You’ve had one miscarriage and we don’t want another. I want you to slow down on all the work you do around here. It’s OK to let a few particles of dust accumulate and definitely no lifting furniture to sweep under it! I’ll get you an appointment with Doctor Saunders. He’s the best OBGYN at the hospital.” John glanced down at Samantha and the look on her face was so serene, he thought she’d gone to sleep. He asked, “Samantha did you hear what I just said?”

Samantha looked up and replied, “Of course I did dear.” In reality, after John said that he needed her and loved her, very little of what he said afterward penetrated. The feeling of calm peacefulness that enveloped Samantha was so strong; the rest of his words went by in a blur. Samantha knew she was loved and wanted. Her life was complete. Nothing else mattered. Finally, she said, “I guess my tummy is going to get big and my breasts too. They might even start to sag, if they get heavy. That might turn you off.”

John slid Samantha’s nightgown up and ran his hand gently over her stomach. He said, “Even though I’m a doctor and probably should be more practical, I believe there’s a miracle going on here. A new life is being created within you Samantha. That’s something very special. It changes a woman. It makes her even more beautiful and desirable. You couldn’t turn me off if you tried. Don’t you know that?”

John bent over, placed kisses all over Samantha’s stomach and then moved down to her panties. He continued kissing down to the juncture of Samantha’s thighs. Suddenly a very strong wave of intense desire washed over her and she moved her legs apart. John slipped a hand into her panties and rose up to kiss Samantha’s lips. Before too long, they both were undressed and he was holding Samantha and gently sucking on her erect nipples. As things progressed, the feelings that Samantha experienced were deeper than she’d ever felt before and yet, there was sweet calmness about them. Yes, they were intense, but it was more than that. These feelings weren’t just sensual; they were more than just physical sensations. Finally, Samantha realized the difference and when she did, a beautiful smile lit up her face. She thought this
isn’t just having sex. It’s making love. That’s the difference and it’s wonderful

Sometime around four-thirty in the morning, John jerked wide-awake. A searing pain shot through his chest and down his arm. In an instant, the implication of this pain registered. Oh God I’m having a heart attack and it’s a bad one! How could it be? No symptoms, there were no symptoms until now. Crash! Another jolt of intense pain rocked his body and he realized that he wasn’t going to get another chance. This was it! The end! As his body stiffened against pain so severe that he nearly lost consciousness, he made a super human effort to turn toward Samantha. She was sleeping peacefully beside him. In the dim light, her beautiful face was that of an angel’s. Now realizing he was going to lose her, tears filled his eyes. Now, even the slightest movement elicited shock waves of pain that nearly paralyzed him. In his mind he screamed out, oh God please grant me one more thing on this earth. Please let me touch her just one more time. John Sherman slowly moved a trembling hand across the small space that separated him from Samantha. His fingers brushed across her cheek, fell onto the pillow and were still.

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