Scott Parker's Story (Part 5)

Chapter Seven: Scott Starts To Get To The Bottom Of Things

It didn’t take Scott long to determine who was responsible for the sales shortages at the Bentlyville McDonalds. The culprits were Julie Barnes and Karen Ewell. Scott knew a little about each girl. They were both seniors at Bentlyville High and quite attractive.

Julie was a very petite girl. She had long blonde hair that she usually wore pulled up in a ponytail. Scott figured, not much in the tit department there, but he’d seen Julie wearing skin-tight jeans on more than one occasion and had greatly admired the nice shape of her little butt. He had imagined shoving his cock into her from behind and bumping up against her hot little ass as he rammed it home. Scott knew that Julie had a succession of boyfriends during the couple of years she worked at McDonalds. This made him think she was probably one hot little number and the odds were well above 90% that she was no virgin. But then Scott thought that could apply to practically any girl at Bentlyville High and as far as he knew, lots of the girls in the middle school as well; that was just the way things were today.

Karen was more attractive than Julie. She had dark hair with some nice red highlights. She was tall and her shape was nearly perfection. She had good-sized tits; a slim waist and a very sexy looking butt. Scott didn’t know as much about Karen. She had only been working about six months and seemed to be the quiet type.

Scott knew what he had in mind was extremely risky. He debated a long time about putting his plan into action. Two things made him decide to go forward. First, Bentlyville High didn’t turn out any Rhodes Scholars. Upon graduating, most girls wound up married with a bunch of kids and living on welfare. The rest ended up with a bunch of illegitimate kids and living on welfare. That was the natural course of events in Benylyville. Bottom line, Scott figured it would be very easy to bluff these two girls into doing whatever he wanted. Secondly, Scott was sure some teenage dimwits from the high school were already sampling their pussys, so why shouldn’t he get his share.

Wednesday was payday and when Julie wasn’t working, it was her habit to stop by sometime during the evening to collect her pay. She usually took her time visiting with the on-shift crew and disrupting work. Then she finally came back to the office and visited with Scott for a while. It seemed as if she went out of her way to dress in tight revealing clothes on these occasions. Scott figured she did it on purpose, just to show him what he was missing.

Wednesday evening around 8:45 Scott was leaning up against his car in the rear parking lot smoking a cigarette when he spotted Julie sauntering up the street. Scott thought this was a stroke of luck. He could sidetrack Julie and take her in the rear entrance. If his luck held, no one would even know she had been in his office. When Julie got a little closer, Scott called out,”Hey Julie! Over here!” Julie looked over, spotted Scott and started jogging across the parking lot with her blonde ponytail bouncing up and down as she came.

When Julie reached Scott’s car she gave Scott her usual greeting, “Hey Mr. Parker! How’s it hanging?”

Scott thought, it’s not going to be hanging for very long if things go according to plan. But he said, “OK Julie. Let’s go into the office. I have something important to discuss with you.”

Scott was sure he saw a worried look flit across Julie’s face and then she smiled brightly and said, “Sure, no problem!”

Scott walked behind Julie as they headed toward the rear entrance of the McDonalds building and he felt his cock throb as he watched her little ass swaying. She was wearing some white Capri pants that looked as if they were painted on. Scott was absolutely certain she wasn’t wearing panties under them.

When they entered his tiny office, Scott closed and locked the door. He sat behind his desk and motioned for Julie to sit in the chair facing it. Now Scott saw that Julie’s tits were clearly visible beneath the tight white halter top she was wearing. Her nipples were protruding enticingly beneath the tight thin material. Scott felt his pulse begin to race as he thought that if he played his cards right; he might be sampling those little treats before very long. He mentally admonished himself to calm down and be cool. He had to play this game very carefully.

Scott took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. Then he studied Julie’s face very closely as he said, “Julie there’s a big problem with the annual sales report. It seems that some funds are missing and I have to tell you I’m certain that you’re involved. I’m afraid you’re going to be in some very serious trouble.” Before he was half way through this speech, Scott could see a guilty look on Julie’s face. By the time he was done, he could tell that she was getting very nervous.

Julie initially denied any involvement and insisted that there was no possible way to prove she had done anything wrong. When Scott pulled out his spread sheet and pointed out how he could tell just how much and just when money went missing. He was sure Julie didn’t grasp the concept; but the official-looking sheet full of figures and notations was apparently enough to impress her and she finally confessed.

Julie began to cry a little as she said, “Look Mr. Parker, I’m sorry. It’s just I needed some extra money one night. So I took a little and when nothing happened I did it again. I guess it just got to be a habit. I promise I’ll pay back every cent. You can hold it out of my pay.”

Scott sighed and said solemnly, “I wish it were just that easy, because I like you Julie. But what you did is embezzlement and the amount was over $500. I’m afraid that makes it a matter for the FBI. Because McDonalds in an international corporation, it might even involve that new Homeland Security Department.” Of course this was pure unadulterated bullshit, but Scott was sure Julie wasn’t smart enough to see through it.

Now Julie was in a complete panic and began to beg Scott to help her. She practically wailed, “Please Mr. Parker, I know there’s something you must be able to do to keep me out of trouble! I’m begging you to help me!”

Scott acted as if he was contemplating the situation for a while. He picked up the spread sheet and pretended to study it closely. Then he said, “There just might be a way to fudge these figures a little, but if I did and it was caught by the auditors, I’d be in more trouble than you are right now. You have to understand Julie, I have a lot more to loose than you. I have a family to think of. How could you make it worth it for me to take such a big risk? What could you do for me in return?” Then Scott looked intently at Julie and slowly let his gaze drift down to her tits.

Julie caught Scott’s meaning instantly. His intent stare at her tits was something she could understand. She got up from her chair, kicked her shoes off and walked around the desk saying, “I think there’s something I just might be able to do.”

Scott pushed his chair back from the desk and Julie stood in front of him. She pulled her halter top off over her head and dropped it onto the desk. Julie’s tits were small, but a lot sexier looking than Scott had imagined. They stood up firm and perky and her nipples were big and dark pink. Scott was already so excited that he felt his heart racing. Julie brought her hands down to the waist of the Capri pants and unbuttoned them. The pants were so tight she literally peeled them down over her hips. In the next moment Julie was placing the pants on the desk. Scott was right, Julie wasn’t wearing any panties. Julie had such a small build, that if it wasn’t for the thick patch of blonde hair covering her pussy and the womanly curve of her hips, one would have thought she was a little girl. But Scott knew differently and expected she had already had a lot of experience.

t looked up at Julie and motioned for her to sit on his lap. Julie sat on Scott’s
lap, put her arms around his neck and they began to kiss. At the same time Scott’s hand was going in between Julie’s legs and he began to explore her pussy with his fingers. In a short while Scott was moving his lips down and nuzzling Julie’s neck. Then he moved on to her sexy little titties. Scott thought Julie’s tits were very exciting; he couldn’t seem to get enough of nibbling and sucking on their nipples. Scott noted that Julie’s nipples had stood straight up as soon as he started to work on them. There was no doubt this little teenie was very hot. Down below, Scott was toying with Julie’s clit.He could feel it rising under his touch and before long Julie was wiggling her little butt on his lap and moaning a little.

Julie whispered in Scott’s ear, “How about a blow job? I’m really good at that.”

Scott briefly considered this offer. The thought of watching this little teenage chick sucking him off was very tempting. But he had other plans and besides his wife was good a giving blow jobs. Now Scott realized that time was passing by and he figured he couldn’t waste much more of it on preliminaries. Scott reluctantly pulled away from Julie’s tits and said, “Get up now and bend over my desk.”

Julie got up, turned toward the desk and bent over it. Scott was very pleased. He couldn’t have planned it better. The desk was just the right height to put Julie’s sexy little butt in position for fucking. By now Scott had decided what he wanted to do. He was going to fuck this hot little teenie in the ass. As Scott took his shoes off and got out of his pants, he continued to stare at Julie’s hot little butt on display for him. His cock was already rock hard and ram rod straight. Scott thought it was lucky he’d just made a trip over to the adult book store in Munson; there was a little package in his desk whose contents were going to come in very handy.

Julie looked back over her shoulder at Scott and he saw her gaze drift down to his stiff cock. She said, “It’s kind of big.”

Scott moved forward and Julie spread her legs a bit, obviously expecting him to enter her pussy from behind. The sight of her pussy lips peeking out from between the tops of her thighs was fantastically appealing. Scott put a hand down between Julie’s legs and cupped her pussy enjoying the feel of her love juice as he rubbed his palm over it, spreading the lips just a little. At the same time he was sliding open a desk drawer and fishing for the little container of Astroglide. Now Scott began to run both hands over Julie’s sexy little butt cheeks. Then he couldn’t help giving that cute little ass a couple of sharp swats. Julie cried out, “Ouch!” and looked around again. By now Scott was spreading her butt cheeks to get a good view of her little ass hole.

The sight of Julie’s little puckered rosette sent another surge of desire through Scott’s body and he flipped up the little spout on the Astroglide and squirted it all around her little bottom opening. Then he began to gently massage there with the tip of a finger. Almost immediately Julie’s little butt hole began to yield and Scott’s finger slipped inside. As his finger moved in deeper Julie thrust back just a little. Then she looked back at Scott and said, “Use a lot of that stuff. You’re bigger than my boyfriend. Put a lot on the head.”

As Julie continued to watch, Scott removed his finger from her butt and lubricated the head of his cock. Julie turned her head back, brought her hands around and spread her little butt cheeks invitingly. Then she said, “Take it slow at first.”

Scott was sure he had died and went to heaven as he guided the head of his cock into Julie’s tight little ass hole. He watched in pure ecstasy as her puckered little rim began to slowly expand to accommodate the swollen head of his cock. As he applied a little more pressure, Julie’s tight little opening stretched a little more and the head of his cock was in her ass. Julie let out a little cry and said, “It’s hurting, wait a minute.” In a little while she said, “OK go ahead, but take it slow.”

As Scott began to push in deeper, the sight of his cock sliding in between Julie’s little butt cheeks was driving him wild. The elastic rim of her ass hole was clamped around his cock like a vice. He was afraid he was going to cum before he got his cock shoved all the way up Julie’s tight little ass. Her small butt made his cock look huge. This was a lot more exciting than when he was shoving it into Mary’s big butt. Finally the front of his legs came in contact with the backs of Julie’s thighs. His shaft was buried to the hilt and it felt wonderful.

Now Julie released her grip on her butt cheeks and moved her hands around to grasp the front edge of the desk. When Scott began to slowly withdraw, he saw that the elastic rim of Julie’s ass hole was clamped so tightly around the shaft of his cock it pulled out a bit as his shaft slid back. As he thrust in again, Julie let out a little moan, but he felt the muscles in the backs of her thighs tense a bit and she thrust her butt back a bit to meet his inward stroke. It took a lot of self control for Scott keep from shooting his load before he really got going. A couple of times he had to stop close his eyes and try to think of something else.

Scott’s patience paid off. At last he was gripping the fronts of Julie’s thighs for leverage and ramming his cock into her ass at full tilt. He was ramming into her ass with such force that her ponytail was bouncing up at the end of each inward stroke. Scott was thinking, oh God please let this last just a little longer, but it wasn’t to be. Within a short while Scott was shooting his load up Julie’s ass. He came with such intensity; it felt like his balls were exploding. The first time he thrust back in Scott saw a little spurt of cum shoot out of Julie’s ass around the circumference of his shaft. When he finally withdrew, more cum began to dribble out.

Julie’s breath was coming in short gasps as she grabbed a bunch of Kleenex from the box on the desk and went to work on some clean up activities. She exclaimed, “Jesus Christ how long were you saving that up? That was a real cum enema!”

Scott thought, only for my whole life.

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