Spies Cum and Go – Ch 6 Eriks Trip

Spies Cum and Go

Ch. 6    Erik’s Trip


Erik arrives at the airport several hours after the call from his boss.  The agent at the airline has his reservation in their computer.  In Erik’s line of business you can’t be too careful. He doesn’t know if he is on a Russian watch list, but the plan is to fly into neighboring Finland and cross the border on foot. Erik is on a direct flight to Helsinki which is just over 8 hours.  He will have plenty of time to review the file that had been left at the ticket counter for him.

On the plane, he opens the folder and sees a picture of Terri. He can’t help but to be taken in by her beauty. He discovers that she is an experienced agent who is on a high level assignment. She has disappeared and is believed to be in the custody of the Russians. An informant believes her to be at a secret location at a country side hide-out. Erik is to take a bus to a small city in Finland where he will meet up with a family who will shelter him for the night and then see that he gets across the border. Once there, he will rendezvous with another contact who will drive him to near where the hide-out is and drop him there.

Arrangements have been made for the pick up and he will be transported back to the border where he and Terri will cross back into Finland by foot if possible. If her condition doesn’t allow, she will be held at a safe-house until she is in a stable condition. If he is successful in freeing her, it will be important to get her out of the country as soon as possible since the Russians will mount an intensive man hunt for her.

Erik reads on and then takes a nap while the plane makes its way across the Atlantic. He is awakened by a flight attendant who is passing out immigration cards.  The plane will be landing soon.

At the airport, Erik departs the plane and makes his way through immigrations as quickly as possible.  He takes a cab to the bus depot.  It is a two hour ride to the town where he will meet his first contact. He is setting alone on the bus, so he again reviews the information regarding Terri.

When the bus arrives, Erik gets a cab and directs the driver to the house where he will be staying. The driver takes him across town and pulls up in front of a small wooden house. It is a dark red, with white trim and looks like a typical farmhouse that Erik might see on a trip to the country back home.

He pays the driver and walks up to the door. Erik knocks and is welcomed by Frans Silvan.  Frans is a stocky man with a brown beard, wearing overalls and a flannel shirt. His wife, Anu, is wearing a simple dress and has her hair pinned on top of her head. Hanna, their daughter, is wearing a colorful dress which shows off her ample cleavage.  She has long blonde hair and speaks good English. Hanna is attending a local college and happens to be home on break.

Erik is welcomed by the family. They show him to his room and then offer him a hot meal.  Over dinner, they discuss the plans for the following day.  Hanna will take him into town early in the morning to get supplies. Food, a backpack, first aid goods, etc…  Around noon she will drive him to a place near the border where he will travel on foot across, into Russia.

Erik thanks them for their hospitality and retires for a good night’s rest. In the morning he is awakened by Frans. After a warm shower he eats breakfast. As soon as he is finished, Hanna tells him that it’s time for their trip to town.  Erik had changed some currency at the airport so that he can purchase what he needs.

Hanna starts the car and in short time they arrive at a large store.  Erick stocks up on the items that he wants and they head back to Hanna’s house. They are running slightly ahead of schedule so Hanna offers to take a short detour and do some sight-seeing.  Erik thinks that this sounds like a good idea and so he agrees.  She pulls off of the main road and onto a small dirt road that is barely one lane wide. She drives for about a mile and then stops.

There is not much to see here since they are surrounded by trees.  “Where is the view” asked Erik?  Hanna turns toward him with her blouse unbuttoned.

“Don’t you like what you see?”

Erik is shocked and can think of nothing but to stare at her chest. She is young and has very large, white breasts. Erik leans toward her and begins to suck on one of them.  Hanna holds her hand under it to make it more accessible to Erik.

While Erik is sucking on her tit, she slides her panties down from underneath her skirt.  “Please lick my pussy” she pleads.  “The local boys will not do that, but I hear that in America it is quite common. I want so much to have a man lick me.”

Erik doesn’t need to be asked a second time. He moves his head down to her snatch and runs his tongue along her dripping wet lips. He slides it in and out of her and then makes small circles around her hard clit. She moans in appreciation and pushes herself into his face. While Erik continues to lick her, he slides a finger into her hot, wet hole and twists it around inside of her. Hanna is ecstatic with pleasure. Erik continues fucking her with his tongue and finger until she screams at the top of her lungs and shoves her pussy hard into his face, driving his tongue deeply into her. Over and over she cums. She is completely out of control and is creaming his face, practically suffocating him.

When her orgasm has subsided, she smiles at Erik and reaches down to his pants to return the favor. She either is very experienced at giving head or learns quickly. In any event, she is able to deep-throat him after only a few strokes.  Erik pumps his cock into her mouth while watching her large breasts bounce up and down. He grabs hold of them as she pumps his cock. It takes only a few minutes until he floods her mouth with his warm cum. Hanna swallows his load, looks up and smiles at him and then gives him a deep kiss on his lips. It doesn’t bother Erik one bit that she still had some of his cum on her lips. The rest of the ride home was in complete silence with Hanna pressed tightly against Erik’s side. Both of them had nothing to say that could top their sexual experience.

Back at the Silvan’s house, Erik packs his supplies into his backpack and prepares to depart.  As he is making ready to leave, Frans brings out a box. It contains a gun that he has obtained through contacts with his American allies.  This is a special gun. It is a very high powered air rifle; powerful enough to kill a man with a single shot. Since it is air powered, it makes very little noise and produces no spark, so it is a perfect sniper weapon. The only down-side is that it must be pumped up between shots so it is truly a single shot weapon.  He also gives Erik a more conventional pistol along with some ammunition.

Frans and Anu wave at Erik and Hanna as they walk out of the doorway and to the car. The parents know nothing of their daughter’s sight-seeing adventure earlier that day.

Erik and Hanna drive toward the border of Russia.  Hanna reaches over and places her hand or Erik’s crotch. “You keep that safe, OK?  I want some more when you come back.”

“I will keep it very safe for you.  I’m looking forward to my return trip.  Do the people in Finland always treat their guests this well?” Erik asks.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but as for me, only the ones I want to fuck” Hanna replies.  As they drive, Hanna again opens her blouse again, so that Erik can feast his eyes on her tits. She is having a great time exposing herself to him. Her breasts bounce as the car moves along the bumpy road.  Erik is having a difficult time concentrating on anything other than Hanna’s chest.

Eventually all good things must come to an end.  Hanna reaches the drop off point and Erik gets out. He gives her a long deep kiss and cups her breasts one last time.  Erik has the GPS coordinates for his rendezvous with the Russian contact. He will need to hike about 10 miles through the woods and meet up with his contact in about 6 hours.  This will give him some extra time in case he runs into difficulties.

Erik waves goodbye and heads into the woods as Hanna drives off. The trees are not very dense due to the latitude and walking is easy.  The weather is cool but not cold; perfect weather for a hike. Erik hikes for hours but makes good time and before he knows it, he is nearing his destination point.  He has several hours to go before his ride arrives so he finds a spot hidden in some brush and takes a short nap.  He awakes refreshed and ready for the next part of his journey.  He moves ahead a bit farther until he is at the pick-up point and waits.

Soon a car pulls up. Erik stands up as the driver opens his window.  “Do you need a lift?”

“I’m waiting for someone special” Erik replies.

“I’m someone special.  Are you Erik?” the driver asks?

“Yes I am.”  Erik gets into the car.

“We have about a three hour drive to get to the spot where we believe you need to go.”  The driver gives Erik the coordinates for the interrogation site. “Our agents have noticed activity at this location and followed the secret police to it many times.  We can not be absolutely certain but we believe that she is being held there. We have never been able to get inside so we can’t give you much help once you enter. You will be dropped off about two miles from the site, so as not to raise attention.  After that you will be on your own.”

“Someone will be by at 1:00 and 13:00 hours each day for the next two days to pick you up at the same spot. If you are not there by then and are still alive, you will have to find your own way back.”

They drive on with some small chatter.  Eventually the driver pulls off to a narrow dirt road. Erik thinks back to the dirt road that he had taken with Hanna earlier that day. This one will be quite different. After a few miles the driver pulls over and Erik gets out.  He is on his own now.



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