Spies Cum and Go – Ch 8 Return to Finland

Spies Cum and Go

Ch. 8     Return to Finland


Erik and Terri have a two mile walk to meet up with their contact. She is weak and sore but tells Erik that she can make it. He will be by at 1:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  They have several hours until he shows up so they walk until they are nearly there and then sit down to rest and eat some of the food that they have brought with them.  It is late at night and they watch the stars as they eat. Erik wants Terri badly, but knows that after her ordeal, she may need a bit of time to recuperate.

In the sky, Terri notices that most fabulous colors that she had ever seen. “Look” she exclaims to Erik. “What is happening in the sky?”

“Those are the northern lights. Aren’t they beautiful?”

Terri responded, “Right now just being alive and out of that hell-hole is beautiful.  Thank you for risking you life to rescue me. But yes, the northern lights are spectacular. Perhaps we can return again some time and watch them under better conditions”

The two look into each others eyes and then kiss. Erik holds her tightly against his body and Terri puts her arms around him.  Erik remembers that their ride should be arriving soon and doesn’t want to put them in any more jeopardy, so they move ahead to the pick up point, staying just out of sight. After a short wait, the car pulls up and Erik and Terri load their captured treasure into the car and leave.

Terri needs to find some other clothes since she is still wearing the guard’s shirt with her pants. The driver has an old tee shirt in the back and she quickly changes in the back seat.  Erik can’t help but notice her breasts and upturned nipples. He knows that when the time is right, he will have her.  They drive on through the night.

It is 4:00 in the morning when the driver stops to let them out.  They will make slow time, crossing through the wilderness with the additional gear that they brought, and the driver makes note of that since he will contact the Silvan’s and arrange for their pick-up once they get back into Finland.

They are both tired but know that they must press on. Their ride will be waiting for them and it would not be good to be late.  Also, they are not certain how long it will be until it is discovered that Terri has escaped.  It should be several days, but someone could come along sooner.  There will be a major effort to recapture the two of them, especially since the secret equipment has also been taken.

They each eat an energy bar and have some water, to keep their strength up as walk on into the night.  It will be light soon and that will make traveling easier.  They walk on in silence, not wanting to waste their energy on talk.  Erik occasionally checks his GPS and the time.

They eventually reach the pick-up point but are several minutes late. Fortunately Hanna is waiting there.  They throw their gear into the car, hop in and drive off. Terri sets in front with Hanna and Erik gets into the back seat.

“So it looks like you were successful”, Hanna says to Erik.

Erik replies, “More than you know. I not only got Terri out alive, but we have something that will be of great interest to our country. By the way, I would like you to meet Terri.  She has been through a lot, but is doing quite well. We’re so glad to be over the border. When the Russians discover that she’s gone, they will tighten security and it would have been much more difficult getting out.”

They drive for several hours before reaching Hanna’s house. There, Erik is shown to the room in which he had previously stayed. Since they have no other bed rooms available, Terri is put in Hanna’s room with her. Since both Terri and Erik are exhausted, they have a light meal and then head to their rooms to get some rest.  Both of them doze off quickly.

Terri sleeps for a while but then becomes restless. As she tosses and turns she hears Hanna enter the room. “Are you having problems sleeping?” Hanna asks.  “Can I get you anything?”

“After the events of the last few days, I’m just having trouble relaxing.  I’m sure that I’ll be OK.” Terri tells Hanna.

“Let me give you a massage.  It will help to relax you.” Hanna suggests.

Terri agrees and since she’s sleeping naked, she simply rolls onto her stomach. Hanna gets some lotion and begins to rub her back. Terri breathes deeply and moans, soft sounds. Hanna moves down her back and starts rubbing her legs.  Terri is enjoying the feel of her touch.  As Hanna rubs the inside of Terri’s leg, Terri instinctively pushes against her hand and makes a quiet noise. Hanna can tell that she’s found a sensitive spot and rubs more.

Soon she is rubbing Terri’s clean shaven lips. Terri has some very short hair growing there since she has not been able to shave in a few days. Hanna rubs Terri’s pussy and occasionally inserts the tip of her finger.  Terri pushes against it, wanting more. Hanna changes her position and replaces her fingers with her tongue.  She licks Terri’s pussy and tells her how much she is enjoying the taste of another woman.

Terri holds Hanna’s head away from her pussy for a few seconds while she rolls over onto her back. She wants to watch Hanna eat her. Hanna again plunges her face into Terri’s snatch. Terri reaches out, removes Hanna’s top and watches her large breasts fall out, barely restrained by a white, see-through bra. Hanna’s tits are much larger than Terri’s and are very white. Terri likes to sunbathe in the nude, so her firm tits are well browned.

Terri pulls Hanna’s face to hers and they kiss deeply; Terri tasting her own juice. Then she turns Hanna around into a 69 position and they begin licking each other’s pussies. Terri’s face shines with Hanna’s juice.  She sticks her tongue deep into Hanna’s slit and then runs it around her lips, stopping to pay extra attention to her clit. Hanna bucks her pussy into Terri’s face while Terri lets out a scream.

She suddenly stops and wonders out loud if she’s being too noisy. She doesn’t want to alarm Hanna’s parents.  “Don’t worry.” Hanna tells her. My parents are in town and won’t be back for several hours.  What would you think about asking Erik to join us?”  Terri agrees that that’s a great idea and throws on a shirt.  She runs to Erik’s room and knocks on his door.

“Erik, Hanna needs your help. Can you come out here right away?”  Erik jumps up to see what the problem is. He throws on a robe and follows Terri to Hanna’s room.” They open the door and Hanna is lying on the bed, stark naked, fingering her clit.  “What took you so long?” she asks.

Erik looks directly at Hanna’s breasts and says “So you need some help, I understand.”  He takes a second to explore the contrast of these two women; Hanna with her light skin and large breasts and Terri with her well tanned body and small, firm breasts. Both were a very pleasant sight indeed.

“You have what I need.” replies Hanna. “My parents have gone to town and won’t be back for a while”

Terri closes the door and Erik drops his robe to the floor.  Terri goes to work on Hanna’s pussy as Erik sucks on her tits.  He fondles and gropes her large boobs while sucking on them, one at a time.  Terri removes her face from Hanna’s crotch and comes up to give Erik a good long kiss.  Both of their faces are now covered with Hanna’s juice.

They each take a tit in their mouth and work on it.  Hanna is overcome with lust as the other two tease her body. Erik sticks a finger into her wet pussy and slides it in and out a few times.  When it’s completely soaked, he moves it to Hanna’s lips.  She takes it into her mouth greedily and sucks on it as if it were his cock.

Terri climbs up on the bed and straddles Hanna’s face. She slowly lowers herself down and Hanna reaches her tongue out to greet her meal.  She pokes her tongue into Terri’s pussy and then swirls it around a bit. Terri grinds her pussy into Hanna’s face as Hanna reaches for Terri’s hips to pull her tight against her mouth. The two women are bouncing wildly on the bed as Hanna eats Terri’s cunt.

Erik leaves her tit and moves down to insert his cock into her soaking wet pussy. As he begins to enter her, Hanna lets out a scream.  She bucks against Erik’s cock as it slides into her slit.  Terri looks behind her while still setting on Hanna’s face and watches Erik’s cock sliding in and out of Hanna. It’s so long and hard and shiny. She wants to see it up close and gets off of Hanna and positions her face just inches from the action.  As Erik slides out, Terri sticks her tongue out and licks some of Hanna’s juice off of his cock.  Erik slams it back in to Hanna’s cunt.

They continue to fuck, and Terri moves away from the two, to watch them and to play with herself. She rubs her pussy, occasionally sticking her finger inside of wet opening. She is getting near the point of losing it. Her masturbation intensifies as she pushes several fingers deeper into her pussy. Erik looks over and sees Terri with her entire fist inside of her pussy. This drives him to the brink of orgasm.

As much as Terri wants to have Erik cum in her, she knows that this will be his only chance to fuck Hanna, so she watches and encourages them both.  She knows that she will have plenty of opportunities with him in the near future. She pumps her hand deeper into her pussy as Erik watches.  He pumps harder and harder until he explodes inside of Hanna. Terri watches as he contracts time after time, and then rests for a moment before his first aftershock. He finally relaxes and falls onto her chest, feeling her tits against his torso. They kiss and Erik rolls off of her.

Terri pumps her hand in to her cunt several more times and then shakes as a tremendous orgasm overtakes her.  After she has calmed down, Terri takes the opportunity to clean off Erik’s cock.  She sucks it into her mouth and cleans the combination of juices off of it, then looks up at Erik and smiles, juices covering her cheeks.

He knows that he and Terri have much exploring to do once they’re alone.

“We’d better get dressed before my parents get home” Hanna suggests. They all get dressed and move into the living room for some drinks and a snack. Eventually Frans and Anu arrive.  They tell Terri and Erik that there is a special military flight that will take them out of the country and they must leave at once to catch it.

Terri and Erik grab their things and load them into the car.  This time Frans drives them to the pickup point.



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