1 year anniversary

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Niki and Josh had been going out a year now, they loved eachother deeply and loved to play about. The night of their anniversary, Josh had prepared a little surprise for Niki.

It had been a very long day; he had been playing rugby in the rain and he went and cooled off having a shower. He got himself relaxed, dried of and then got into clean clothes. His journey home was not long as he lived not far from were he trained. When he got to his house, he walked straight in and went upstairs. He put his things down in his room, not noticing a slender, pretty, brunette lying asleep on his bed. She was covered by merely a towel. She stirred slightly and only then did he notice her. His eyes rolled slowly down her body noticing the defined shaped of her breasts that he could see through the towel. They were small but nice. His eyes carried on tracing her body down to her stomach that looked soft and kissable. As he did this, he could feel himself harden. Still his eyes traced her wonderful form, her hips smooth. Then further down were the towel laid delicately between her soft white legs. He was so hard he could hardly contain himself. He stood there stroking himself wanting so badly to play with her.

He walked slowly over to the bed and sat down beside her, he ran his fingers down the inside of her leg and she slowly awoke as her body sensed pleasure. He noticed her eyes gazing at him as if she wondered what he would do. Nothing was said between them, he took off all his clothes but his underwear. He was extremely hard and so badly wanted to slide into her and feel her juices surround him, but he knew he had to seduce her first. He slowly used his hands moving her hair out of her face. Then slowly moving his hands down her body with gentle kisses he moved the towel and uncovered her beautiful breasts. He was holding in all his urges as he wanted to make her feel good. He slowly sucked on her nipple caressing the breast as he did it. He bit gently and heard her moan with pleasure. He did this for a few minuets, hearing her moan made him grow more desperate but he had good self control. He slowly moved further down her body, to her stomach with kissed and strokes of his hands and fingers. She loved it, she couldn’t get enough just his touch was turning her on as her body had become very sensitive. He was fighting back very well, but he urged to share himself with her. He moved the towel off of her completely to reveal a soft but not completely shaven pussy, she had left a sex strip. His hands caressed down the insides of her legs making her spasm. He then slowly put his slips to her pussy and licked her very slowly from top to bottom. She must have enjoyed it as her back arched and she moaned rather loud. He noticed her enjoyment and carried on, making his way slowly with his tongue inside her. He moved her so she was sat up with her legs spread, he soon found her G spot with his tongue. Her body shock with pleasure and her moans got more frequent and louder. She longed to release on him but waited till she could hold it no longer. He licked up all her juices. She made a quick move and took his cock out in to her hands rubbing it and slowly moving her lips over the head just enough to send shivers down his spine. Now it was his turn to moan, she moved faster and faster sucking and wrapping her tongue around him, she was enjoying it as much as he was . After a few minuets, he took back the control and bent her over the desk, he slowly inserted making sure she felt every move. He moved in and out, getting faster and faster till she was to noisy and he had to give her his hand to bite on. He was making her feel so good she never wanted it to stop. They went at it for awhile, then he pulled out and unsuspecting entered another way, she screamed with shock and also pain but after a few pushes she was enjoying the sensations running through her body. Harder and harder he pounded against her and moan after moan came from both of them. He took it out again and replaced it inside her wet pussy, pounding her hard there. Then in one final moment, she took his cock in her mouth and sucked as he cumed. She licked ever drop off of him still they were both satisfied.

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