A little surprise

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My boyfriend Nathen is watching football in the living room and i decided to surpirse him.
i walk in the room wearing only one of his jerseys.
i sneak up behind him and crawl to the front of the couch. i start to undo his buckle and pull down his pants. he feels tense.
i start to blow on it hard. he takes a deep breath. i put my mouth around and moved it all around. I can hear him moan above. i slowly move away and his hands push my head to keep going.
“Thats nice…” he says over and over.
“Its comming!” he screams.
i suck on it harder and his moans are getting deeper and deeper.
it came out. i swollowed.
I was officially turned on now.
i backed away from his mouth. and walked out of the room to the bedroom. he followed.
i lay on the bed and open my legs.
He licks his lips.
he gets on the bed and starts to lick my pussy. it felt great.
i moaned over and over.
“dont stop, dont stop, dont stop,”
i told him. he kept licking it and playing with it.
i slowly move and continue sucking his cock while he plays with my pussy. we were both moaning in plessure.
we began doing that for about 6 minutes then he stops and lets me contine with my job.
i stop and take a deep breath.
“that was nice,”

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