A Pleasure Ride

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On a glorious summer day, the two beautiful women pulled their Harleys
off the road, into a wooded spot but still open to the view of passing
cars. Getting off their bikes, they both stretched, from to many hours
on the road. Kat, a tall and lean brunette, ice blue eyes, strikingly
beautiful but with hardened features from to many years on the road.
She had a quick smile, with a temper to match, although she was full
breasted, she was lean and tough. Even though they both wore leather
chaps and jackets, they did little to hide their shapely figures.

Honey was exactly the opposite of Kat, blonde hair, smaller breasts
showing firmly through her tank top under her jacket. With long, slim
legs that went clear to heaven. Her big blue eyes always dancing,
thinking everything was an adventure. She was always passive, a fact
that irritated Kat sometimes. But they loved each other so much; they
tolerated each other’s little quirks.

Kat watched Honey fondly as she squealed in delight at all the wild
flowers scattered here and there. They had met about five years before
through mutual friends. Instantly becoming friends and then lovers a
short time later, Kat feeling an overwhelming need to protect and
cherish Honey and Honey bringing out the ability to love in Kat. The
first thing Kat noticed was Honey’s soft blue eyes, her natural beauty
and her childlike demeanor. The first thing Honey noticed about Kat
was the way her eyes lit up whenever she walked into the room. How
safe Kat always made her feel, while she was in her arms, no body ever
tried to mess with her.

Kat had known Honey’s real name but started calling her “Honey” and it
stuck, everyone called her that, her real name forgotten. Kat’s real
name was Katrina, but she hated it and would swing on anyone that
dared call her that. Kat sat down on a fallen log to soak up the
sunshine and watch her love flit about checking out all the flowers.
Honey adored flowers, which saddened Kat a bit because it seemed they
were always on the road so she could never grow her own.

So lost in her own thoughts, she was not paying any attention until
Honey run up to her giggling, holding out a fistful of wild flowers,
she had picked for her love. Kat looked up into Honey’s beaming face,
she loved it when Honey looked at her like that. A great big smile, a
little breathless and love in her eyes. Kat wrapped her arms around
her hips, laying her head on Honey’s belly, squeezing gently.

“Thank you baby, their beautiful,” she said appreciatively. Honey
wrapped her hands through Kat’s hair caressing her head gently, eyes
closed, content in the knowledge that she loved and was loved. They
made such a beautiful picture, holding each other in a lover’s
embrace. Kat pulled her head back and kissed Honey’s sweet little
belly while she caressed her ass sensuously. Honey purred as Kat
flicked her tongue around and in and out of her belly button.

As Kat squeezed Honey’s bum, she continued to lick her belly button as
she started pushing Honey’s tank top up. Smiling to herself, Kat seen
that Honey’s nips were already hard. Trying not to hasten herself on
the way to Honey’s delicious buds, Kat kept licking and nibbling her
way slowly up. Tracing the outline of Honey’s breasts with the tip of
her tongue, stalling to nibble here and there. Licking in her
cleavage, Kat gently nipped at the side of Honey’s perfect globes.
Honey gasped every time she nipped the sides of her swollen orbs in
tremendous pleasure. Her breasts were so sensitive; Kat had made her
cum before just licking and biting on them.

Honey was caressing Kat’s peaks; both of the women were getting so
moist. Pulling Kat up face to face, Honey claimed her sweet mouth,
stabbing her tongue into Kat’s mouth and sucking gently on her tongue
as they gyrated their hips together. Moaning into each other’s mouths
as they held the other’s hips tightly rubbing themselves together.
Releasing Kat for a second, Honey ran to the bikes and took a blanket
out, grabbing Kat’s hand leading her to a grassy spot she had found
earlier. Stopping to indulge in each other’s sweet mouths again, they
sank to the ground as one.

Pulling Kat’s shirt off over her head, both women were naked from the
waist up. Holding each other tight as their naked erect nipples rubbed
together, both of their breathing was quickening as they nibbled each
other’s necks. Honey was the first to move, bending over to suck Kat’s
delicious nipple into her mouth. Sighing, Kat yielded herself to
Honey’s exquisite tonguing. Caressing the back of Honey’s head as she
licked, and then nibbled her swollen nubbins. First one, then the
other Honey was tormenting Kat with so much pleasure. Rubbing each
other’s crotches a little rougher through their jeans as they both
began to get more excited.

Honey humming in pleasure around Kats nipples as she flicked the tip
of her tongue around each one until Kat could stand no more, she had
to taste Honey. Grabbing the top button of Honey’s pants, just as
Honey grabbed hers, looking each other in the eyes, they started
pulling each other’s jeans down. Kat drove her tongue into Honey’s
velvety pussy as Honey started quivering. Turning herself around Honey
wanted to taste Kat’s silky honey pot, stabbing her tongue into her
wetness. As they both whimpered into each other’s juicy mounds as they
writhed on each other’s tongues. First, Honey slid her tongue up and
down Kat’s slick cunt, and then would drive her tongue into her as Kat
fucked her tongue. Then Kat would do the same to Honey, both women
were sweating and trembling.

They wanted to taste each other’s cum so much; they knew it would not
be long before they erupted into each other’s mouths. Grabbing each
other’s asses tightly, they quenched their thirsts in each other’s
pussy’s. Murmuring unintelligent words into each other’s cores, they
began to lick like women possessed. Both trembling violently as their
cums began . Bucking their hips wildly into each other’s mouths, they
both started into orgasmic heaven. Drinking the others cum like a
person dying from thirst, they could not seem to get enough.

Holding each other tightly, licking, stabbing their tongues into each
other creamy jewels until the shaking stopped. Releasing their hold on
each other, Honey turned around and faced Kat with a smile on her
face. Cupping Honey’s face, Kat tenderly kissed her swollen lips and
then just held her. Lying there listening to the stream babble over
the rocks, Kat heard something. Motioning for Honey to be quiet and
get dressed, Kat slid her clothes back on swiftly. Sneaking farther
into the woods Kat heard a low sultry voice softly whimpering.

“Oh, Oh, Oh God yeah,” she heard it whispering. Looking around the
base of a tree, she saw a policewoman, who must have been watching
them. Leaned against the tree, her uniform shirt unbuttoned to a set
of magnificent orbs, her uniform pants pulled down frigging herself
hard. Grabbing Honeys hand, Kat looked into Honey’s eyes, smiling.
Honey started smiling back and nodding her head vigorously. The
officer’s eyes flew open as she felt a tongue on her hard swollen clit
and someone sucking her erect buds into their mouths.

Officer Jones knew she should stop this but she had been watching them
for so long, she was soaking wet. Sighing contently, she leaned back
and enjoyed the two women assaulting her sexual senses. She would have
been hard pressed to say which had the better tongue, as they both
sucked and gently chewed on her. The brunette, expertly biting on her
swollen clitty as the blonde, sucked and chewed on her nipples.
Officer Jones was panting she was so hot, listening to Kat slurping
her milky juices into her mouth as Honey sucked hard on her sweet
titties. Sending her past the realms of the ecstasy and into the abyss
as she squealed herself into one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

Holding her until her shaking had subsided, Kat stood up licking her
lips and smiling. Honey turned her face towards hers and commandeered
her lips. Treating her to the most exquisite, euphoric kiss she had
ever experienced. Still shaken, Officer Jones opened her eyes, smiling
at Kat, taking her into her arms to show her heartfelt appreciation.
Once the kiss was over, she giggled and said;

“Lunch is on me, then maybe I can do, umm, Something to show my
appreciation!” Laughing the girls wrapped their arms around each other
and walked towards the stream to clean up.

“More cops like that and I just might be law abiding!” Laughed Kat

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