Alternative sex for men with ED problem

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Not a day goes by that I fail to see TV ads about ‘erectile dysfunction’ and possible remedies.
Unfortunately, I have ED and none of the pills do anything for me.
I’m 40 and have a strong sex drive, but, it’s impossible to have sex with a man or woman without an erection.
There are two possible alternatives: suck cocks and eat pussy, or, be fucked by hot men.
I’m not fond of anal sex. Therefore, oral sex is my choice.
While it is not always easy to meet and have oral sex with women, there are numerous men in internet chat rooms and other places who will stand in line for a good blow job.
I’ve sucked at least 50 dicks in the past year or so.
I wasn’t very good in the beginning. After being nearly choked to death by a man
who wanted to shove his cock down my throat, I learned how to safely provide comfort and joy to all my partners.
I think all men want their ‘cum’ to be swallowed. Seems spitting isn’t appreciated.
I wasn’t into that initially, preferring what are called ‘facials,’ where the guy spurts his juice into my face. Sloppy, but, effective.
Later, I was in a situation where it was ‘swallow’ or ‘choke’.
It wasn’t that bad. Now, I always swallow, and all my partners go away happy.
Dick size seems to be important to a lot of guys, and some women. The longer and fatter, the more pleasure in the final moments.
I’ve sucked all sizes.
Guys with really huge dicks are always welcome at my house, but I don’t get too deep into the ‘deep throat’ action.
I live alone. I purchased a large and soft foot stool on wheels. This allows me
to sit and be at a level where I can suck in comfort. Some guys want me
to be on my knees, but it’s not a big issue.
Going back to dick size, I recently arranged a meeting with a young man I met in a chat room. He said he was 20, had a nice cock and needed some relief.
I had him call me, which he did. I gave him some identification codes and
my home address, which is in a quiet neighborhood.
Chad, the name I gave him, arrived at the appointed time.
After satisfying myself that the man was the one I had chatted with, I, dressed only in briefs, sat down on my foot stool.
I told Chad to remove his pants and underware, which he did.
I was astonished. This guy had a cock that must have been 9 inches long with
large head. He had a pair of balls that made me think of the bulls that
fucked our cows on the dairy farm where I spent two summers.
I had a momentary thought that this guy was going to solve my ED problem,
but, alas, the sight of that beautiful cock didn’t do anything for my limp dick.
I told Chad that if he felt he needed to shove his cock down my throat, then
he could get dressed and leave.
He assured me that he had no intention of choking me, and that a good
hot, wet suck around the head of his dick would be sufficient to get him off.
He did warn me that he was a heavy cummer and that I should be prepared.
Well, I went to work immediately. I sucked that dick like none I have
ever sucked before. He just stood there. humming and obviously enjoying every second.
It didn’t take long before I could sense that he was close. His cock got
And then he came. Boy, he was right. Hot cum came out of that now
swollen head in multiple spurts. I’m swallowing as fast as I could but
I couldn’t keep up. The only thing that kept me from choking was
Chad pulling his cock out of my mouth and giving me a facial.
When my throat cleared, I pulled him toward me and took his still hard cock deep into my mouth.
I licked the head while stroking the shaft. I wanted all his cum.
Slowly, his dick began to soften.
I licked the shaft, the head, his balls with the hope that he would be
ready for a second round, but he backed away and got dressed.
Before he left, Chad agreed to call me once a month, or whenever he
felt the need for a hot mouth.
I assured him that I would be ready for a repeat serving of male protein.
Boy, I sure wish that someone would find a cure for ED.

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  1. Dream69

    I loved your story, I am new to this alternative lifestyle, sometimes ED does effect me also, But I Have a friend that doesn’t mind We and have a feel good time He loves the way I suck him and I do too We talk to each other, telling how much presuure, slower, faster it is still pleasurable

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