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it was around midnight when I was pulled over by the local law enforcement agency
I was dressed in my customery party clothes although I did have a little bit to drink I was by no means drunk when I seen that car pull up behind me with flashers on as I pulled over and waited for the officers to come to the car one was a giant of a man the other a v ery large but attractive lady cop after showing my drivers license and registration the male officer asked me to get out of the car which I complied then he ordered me to go to the front of the car which I did as he requested then he told me to put both hands on the car and spread my legs so he could search me by frisking me i assumed for a weapon though when he got to my crotch area it seemed he was taking his time feeling my balls
I started getting a rise as he reached in to my loose pants and lightly stroked my cock I said hey wait a minute and started to turn around he then said looks like we got you for assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon then pulled my hands behind my back still keeping me bent over my car as he then reached to the front and pulled my pants down right there on a busy road with cars passing by since he was so much taller then I ,he picked me up and partly laid me on the hood but not before the woman officer pulled down my underwear the male officer then unzipped his pants and fucked my ass placing his mamoth cock inside was quite an effort and hurt like hell burning as he pulled back and forth till he got in to rythem then it became much more acceptable and even felt good though it was still embaressing being raped right in public as people drove by staring at the scene the officer must have enjoyed himself a lot and held off cumming for quite a spell then all at once i could feel a warm surge of liquid as he pulled his cock out of my assin the night air the the cum was now coming back out of my anal area dripping on my leg.i couldn’t wipe it off after all I was still hand cuffed.


after accomplishing this the two officers pulled my pants and underwear as well as my shoes all the way off the male officer zipped his pants back up and went back to the patrol car calling in no doubt while the female officer instead of walking me back to the car allowed me to stand on my feet at least momentarily before she picked me up over her shoulder in a firemans carry move and carried me to the car placing me in the back
seat it was just as well that she carry me after laying over the hood of my car my feet had fallen asleep but I noticed how big these two officers really were as I did not even come up to her shoulders and with my feet falling asleep i lost my balance and my head fell against her breast and she caught me before I fell all the way over before she picked me up and toom me to the patrol cars back seat then from there it gets even more fuzzy the two took me to a shady looking motel at the end of town and the male officer went inside coming back a few minutes later while he was gone the female officer was kissing me and feeling my dick that was also when she noticed I had much larger then normal breasts as she felt them as well the two officers then led me inside of the motel room taking off my hand cuffs and locking the door as they pulled off all of their clothes
the female officer said:Dan he has got big tits the male officer came over to me and pulled back my jacket and noticed what she had they then ordered for me to take all of my clothes off which I did everything except the bra i had to wear as i was cursed with very large breast just as the woman cup had stated only mine were natural no silicone so they were not hard but still firm he said take the bra off too bitch so i did that as well exposing my 36 d cups which he immediately walked over and firmly grabbed one and sucked on the other looking back at the woman officer he said these are almost as large as yours well I don’t think they were as large as hers hers were as big or bigger then my head after he sucked on each breast for a short time he ordered me to suck on his cock the dirty bastard had not even cleaned up he had to have been dirty even when he plugged my ass but what choice did i have i started sucking on that dirty cock i guess thats where the turm dirty cock sucker comes from ,while I did this the woman officer started pumping my ass with a dildo strapon of her own and with each stroke i could feel her massive breast bang into my bent over body it hurt but felt good at the same time this time the male officer shot his load rather quickly holding my head and forcing me to swallow all of his cum then he turned around so he was under my breast and started sucking on them it was too much I was going to cum myself the woman cop told me if i did it before she did there would be hell to pay well i did it even though she kept pumping my ass she did it now much harder out of anger and spite i thought she was going to tear up my insides finally she stopped and pulled out her dildo then told me to turn around and lick it off i hesitated at first but she pressed the dildo against my lips until i complied and licked it clean after doing so she then ordered for me to get in to a 69 position with her on top which i did as ordered she was a very large woman but her pussy tasted great as she pressed it hard up against my face as I licked her till she came but this time I made sure she was satisfied as she still stroked my small but hard cock in her mouth till i came shooting a load deep in her throat but she kept sucking till i shriveled up getting every last drop

after doing this they told me they were sorry but i had no clothes except some dress and hi heels i could put on with long hair i must of looked like a girl any way having to wear a bra the woman officer had some lipstick and said lets see what you look like with lipstick on I was amazed i was remarkably attractive they said to wait there and someone would be by to take me back to my house with in a few minutes as they left the building .
Within a few minutes just as they said a knock came on the door it was a shocking note there were 5 Mexicans and three blacks in various sizes waiting to fuck me i was pimped out by those crooked officers

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  1. chet

    a good story but hardly believeable

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