Football Stud Gets Help From Hot Nursing Student

I am a 19 year old football player attending a local college. In a playoff game, I twisted my knee badly and was taken to the hospital where I had surgery to repair it. I had a slight reaction to some medication so they decided to keep me for a couple days to make certain I was going to be all right. On my first night there, the head nurse came in three times to wake me up and give me medication. The second and third times she entered my room she brought a nurse trainee with her that looked to be about 22 years old. She looked like she should have been a librarian because along with her nurse outfit, she had her hair up, very little makeup, and flat shoes. Even with all that, I thought she was attractive.

I asked about her on my second day there and was told she was a student from my school and would only be here during the evening shift. The same routine happened the second night and I asked her for her number in front of the other nurse. She told me she had a long term boyfriend and I left it alone. But later she came to my room to give me her number and told me she knew who I was from school; she said she would like to go out, but she lied in front of the head nurse to get a good report for school. I told her I’d call her when I was feeling better. She smiled at me and I realized I might need some medical care sooner than I thought. She leaned over, kissed me quickly, and then left. I was sent home later that day and couldn’t get her out of my mind. So, I called her; she told me she wanted to come over and see how I was doing. I asked when and she said she’d be there tomorrow night:

“Don’t do anything to raise your blood pressure before then. Understand?” giggle

I laughed and told her I understood and would see her the following evening. She arrived as scheduled and looked like she should be fucking rich men for a living in porno films. She was hotter than anyone I had seen up-close. She told me to show her my leg and then said the best spot would be a soft surface, like my bed. When we went to my room she told me she had seen my erection from when they came in to wake me up and she got so excited she fingered herself at the hospital. I was shocked and she asked if she could suck it? I was already hard and let her open my pants and start sucking. Her mouth was warm and wet, and she kept fondling my balls and occasionally lifting them to lick under them. I had never felt that before and was ready to shoot in her mouth and told her so. She asked me to wait just a minute. She proceeded to give me a strip show that was so hot, I grabbed my cock and started jacking.

She came up to me and asked if she could sit on my cock. I grabbed her pink nipples and placed her on my cock. She was slow, but knew just how to move and started going faster and faster, telling me she was so hot for me and needed to taste my cum. I started getting closer and having trouble making this great fuck last…then she reached behind as she was riding me and started slapping my balls firmly, but not too hard. I had never felt this pleasure-pain sensation and told her I was going to cum. She hopped off, swallowed my cock, and started pumping simultaneously with her hand and mouth. I emptied my balls into her throat for over a minute. She came up and lay next to me and we talked–I let her know my leg was ok and I was looking forward to starting rehab for my knee soon. While we talked she used one finger to lightly toy with my cock.

I got hard again quickly and she asked if she could suck it again. Before I could answer she was lightly biting my cock, telling me how much she loved sucking it. I asked her if we could 69, and she flipped around so I could eat her; we went at each other like mad until we both started cumming in each others’ faces. She rode me once more before leaving and we still date.

She helped me with my rehab for the last 6 months. The one thing that I like is she dresses very conservatively whenever we go out and then she fucks me raw whenever we are alone. I love surprise packages.


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