Fun with ice

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I picture it being about 10 at night. It’s 30 degrees so you come over to mine and we are in the pool.

You’re sitting in the corner and I move next to you. You turn your back to me and I put my arms around you. I kiss the back of your neck and run my fingers down your back. I untie your bikini top and reach my hands around to lightly cup and fondle your boobs. You move closer into me. I slide my hands further down and under your bikini bottoms. I softly whisper into your ear right when I start to rub you. As you feel the water around us, I bite the back of your neck as I start to rub you faster.
The water splashing up against you is making you even wetter as I slide my fingers inside you. You turn around and wrap your legs around me as I push you up against the step and enter inside you. I start to fuck you hard, the water splashing between us and getting hotter and hotter.
I stop. I carry you inside and put you on my bed. I return a minute later and begin to kiss your body. I put some ice in my mouth and I roll it with my tongue around your nipples. It’s so hot so the ice feels amazing. I play with it on your body before I put it back in my mouth and move lower.
Before you know it you feel the sharp, cold flick on your clit from my tongue and the ice. I roll the ice around your clit and the rest of your pussy as you moan louder and louder. It’s not long before you’re on edge and not long before the ice completely melts, dripping down your pussy. I slide my fingers inside you and hit that spot you love. Sliding them faster and faster, you breathe heavier, I flick my tongue on your clit, my fingers inside you, you can’t help but arch your back. One more rub and your body begins to shake. You scream out, with one last feel of my tongue on your pussy you’re fingers lock and you cum so hard.
You try to get your breathe back as I turn you over and enter you from behind. Pulling your hair as I fuck you hard. In and out, harder and faster. I run my nails down your back and your body starts to shake again. Harder and faster harder and faster I let out a moan, you scream, and as you cum I explode all over you.
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