I Have Designs On You

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Cherie was a woman that loved attention and loved to be admired, it didn’t matter if it was male or female, as long as she was able to seduce the person and get them aroused she was happy. And if actual sex took place when she desired it, all the better.

She was a sensual and very horny woman who could get wet at will, just one sexual thought would turn her pussy into a lubricating, hot, pulsating tunnel of lust. And she loved sex, everything about it, the seduction, the desire, the touching, the tasting, the smell, the memories, the fantasies everything about it made her pussy twitch, redden and get wet.

She was pretty with long wavy streaked blonde hair that curled around her shoulders, she had sexy darkish full arched eyebrows, big, wide-spaced sexy clear blue eyes, nice high round cheekbones, a small feminine nose and nice lips, pouty and pink and pillowy, and she had a nice, fit trim body, she had wide shoulders and nice toned arms; she had beautiful breasts, slightly large, firm, very round with light cotton candy pink areolae and deep red nipples; her waist was pulled in giving her a perfect hourglass shape; her hips were small yet curvy; she had a beautiful pussy, light golden hairs and brown hairs trimmed down very low, her lips were slightly full and were closed hiding her clit, her tiny opening and her inner labia, and at the top of her outer lips she had a little tiny bulb of flesh that sat at the top of the slit. Her ass was perfect, high, round, quite tight, she exercised every day and walked a lot and it was evident in her stick out bootie and her toned legs. She definitely had a nice body and she knew it, she loved displaying it in tight clothes, short skirts and skimpy shorts and bikinis in the summer.

Her body garnered her a lot of attention, men would turn to watch her walk by, if they were face to face with her they all did the up and down look, she loved catching them doing that, she liked to talk to men and stick her breasts out more and twist her waist to make it look even smaller and she would look away and quickly look back catching them checking out her shape. Men would beep at her and follow her when she walked down the street, she definitely got attention. Women too would look at her, some with envy, some with admiration and some with lust and she loved all of that attention.

Cherie lived in a cute house that she had inherited from her favorite aunt as well asshe had recieved a nice sum of money. The house had a pool and hot tub and was decorated with antiques. She decided she wanted an interior designer to come and redo a couple rooms. She called five, three were women and two were men, she was not liking any of the four designer’s ideas, but when Vanessa showed up she not only liked her ideas she liked the way she looked. Vanessa was tallish and dark haired and eyed, she had a long aqualine nose and pretty very black eyes. Her mouth was wide and sensual and she had a slight cleft in her chin. She was more lithe and willowy especially compared to Cherie’s curvy figure.

Cherie decided to hire her. Vanessa asked her if she could come over the next day to do measurements. Cherie told her that would be great and they set a time.

Vanessa arrived right on time and rang the bell, she got no response, but she knew Cherie had to be there because she saw her car and heard music, she walked around to the back, opened the gate and saw Cherie laying near the pool, she saw only the top of her head on the chaise lounge she came around and was startled to see Cherie laying out completely nude, her body was beautiful and tan and beads of sweat were shining on it. She looked so silky soft and so sexy. She felt excited at seeing this display, she let her eyes trace over Cherie’s body she lingered on her breasts the nipples were hard and the sweat dripped off one and fell toward her tummy. She looked further, her heart was beating wildly and she was tightening in her pussy and feeling that familiar warm wet sensation, she looked at Cherie’s beautiful pussy, it was so nude, so pink. so sexy, the lips were closed and tight. She had short brown hair at the top and on her lips was golden glistening hairs. She quickly looked up and down Cherie’s body drinking in all that feminine, curvy, silky, soft, hairless body. She felt her mouth watering. She had never been this sexually excited by a woman before. She composed herself, her heart was still pounding, she moved to the front of Cherie’s chaise lounge and she called her name. Cherie pulled her sunglasses down and looked right into Vanessa’a eyes and smiled, “Oh hi!” she cutely said. She put the sunglasses on the table near her and she held her hand over her brow to protect her eyes from the sun glare. She got a sexy smile on her face and she deliberately opened her legs, Vanessa could not resist she looked as more of Cherie’s nude pussy was revealed to her eyes. She could see all the way down to her ass crack, her heart really started pounding at seeing this sensual, erotic display she noticed that wetness was seepimng out of the slit, it was so shiny and hot looking.Cherie saw Vanessa checking out her pussy so she placed her well manicured pink nail polished finger right in her own slit, she slid it up and down over and over.What an unexpected hot, raunchy display that was for Vanessa. “Oh I think I’m getting burned.” Cherie said, “Does my pussy look wet, oops I mean red, Vanessa?” Vanessa just looked and said, “It looks beautiful from where I’m standing.” “Mmmmm,” Cherie murmured, ” Well how does it look from this angle?” and Cherie seductively rolled over on her side, then her back she arched her ass up so that Vanessa could see her beautiful horny wet pussy from behind. Her ass wasso perfect and tight and sexy and her pussy lips were just tempting and almost naughty looking. Vanessa got closer and surprising her own self she ran her long thin soft finger up the slit of Cherie’s pussy, she felt that silky wetness, “Mmmmmm you feel so soft and warm and moist.” She ran that finger up and down in that hot, soaking, silky soft heated up slit. Then she caressed Cherie’s ass cheeks, she squeezed them, they were so firm and the skin was so smooth and soft.She rubbed them, her skin was so silky. Vanessa just caressed and rubbed Cherie’s bare ass and sweet pussy over and over, she had never touched a woman before and this made her breath become shorter, her panties were soaked and her clit was on fire.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and get more comfortable?’ Cherie asked. Vanessa started removing her clothes Cherie turned over she wanted to watch this. Vanessa had small but perky breasts, her skin was olive so different from Cherie’s pale but now coppery from her tan color, but it was a soft looking healthy nice smooth skin. She had a taut tummy, and her pussy was pretty with very very black hair, hers too was trimmed down, her pussy was a very deep red, so red because of being excited, her legs were very long and lean and defined, she was a runner and she had that long lean runner’s body. “Ohhh you have such a lovely sensual enticing body, Vanessa.” “Your body is amazing and so sexy.” Vanessa said.

“Would you like to come into my bedroom, we can get out of this hot sun and get into some hot fun.” Cherie said smiling, her dimples deepening under her cheekbones.
“Mmmmm that sounds great.” Vanessa said , she swallowed because she was afraid she was going to drool.

Cherie stood up and bent over straight-legged in front of Vanessa showing her her ass and pussy lips, she put her hands on the chaise. Vanessa moved quickly to her and cupped her bare ass in her hands and just held her cheeks, she then let go and ran her finger up in Cherie’s hot wet slit she tweaked her clit and then she ran that soaked hot finger up her ass right in the crack and back down. “Mmmm you have the magic touch.” purred Cherie.

Cherie led the way to her bedroom wiggling her ass and swaying her hips, Vanessa’a eyes were riveted to her perfect feminine form. They got to
the bedroom and Cherie slowly and sexily tur
ned down the covers, she took her phone off the hook, “We don’t want to be disturbed, now do we?” Vanessa shook her head no.

Cherie laid back down and told Vanessa to get on the bed with her. She did and she surprised herself when she climbed on top of Cherie, their bare tits were pressed against each other, their pussies were pressed on top of each other.They kissed delicately, first gently, then as they got more in tune with each other’s bodies, hungrily.Vanessa’s head was reeling she was so horny for this woman. They turned on their sides and faced each other. Cherie told Vanessa to lay on her back, she did, Cherie climbed on top of her in a 69 position, she put her mouth on Vanessa’a pussy and started licking her, she did long flat tongue licks then she pointed her tongue and stuck it in her slit and wiggled it searching for her opening when she found it she tongue fucked her in and out of her wet, hot, tight hole, Vanessa was moaning and she started licking Cherie’s pussy, she liked the taste it was slightly sweet and the aroma was so sexy it wafted into her nostrils and caused her to get even hornier. She lapped and tongued Cherie’s pussy like an expert, “Mmmm you are good!” Cherie told her, this made her want to be even more erotic so she leaned her head back and using her fingers she pulled Cherie’s ass cheeks apart, she saw her asshole so tiny and puckered, she ran her tongue up and down it circling it, wiggling against it then she surprised herself when she dipped her tongue in, doing this turned her on to unbelievable heights since it was so forbidden and she had never done that before, “Ohhhhh.” Cherie moaned. Vanessa kept exploring Cherie’s asshole and then she decided to go back to her pussy, she lapped at it some more while Cherie sucked on her hard clit she held it between her closed lips and wiggled her tongue on it, she tugged on it, “Ohhhh shit that is incredible!” Vanessa moaned. And she moaned into Cherie’s pussy.

Cherie told her now they needed to change positions, she got up and layed on her tummy and then she got up on her knees, “Hump my ass and pussy.” Cherie told her. Vanessa got behind her and pushing her pussy against Cherie’s she rubbed against it over and over. She was making Cherie’s ass wet with her well-lubricated pussy. Their horny, hot, slick wetness was mingling and mixing, they were grunting and moaning.

Cherie quickly dropped down and flipped over, “Hump my clit and pussy.” So Vanessa laid on top of Cherie and rode her clit and pussy, their clits were engorged with blood and swollen they were wet and hot, they felt the silk and warmth of each other’s skin, they would grind and stop as Cherie would suck on Vanessa’a nipples, everytime she did that Vanessa felt it in her clit. They’ld hump some more and then Vanessa would nibble on and kiss and suck all over Cherie’s tits. Finally they grinded each other to orgasms, very strong, pulsating horny raunchy wet hot orgasms. They pressed very tight against each other feeling each other’s and their own pulsating twitching pussies. They again faced each other on their sides and kissed long and deep while their pussies pulsated. “Mmmmmm I think we both did some excellent interior decorating, don’t you?” Cherie asked and smiled as she caressed Vanessa’a hair while she rubbed her very warm, ass.

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