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Its July and we are both sweating under a heavy comforter. The sheets stick to my flushed body like a second skin. In the darkness I watch the slow rise and fall of your muscular chest, and your soft, pretty lips are parted in sleep. I reach up and touch them gently, feeling your hot breath, and I inch closer to feel burning heat of your skin. Despite the temperature, I want nothing more than to feel myself wrap around you. I slide my hand down my slick stomach and feel my hip bones as they shift under my skin. I lick my fingertips and gently touch my labia, sliding my palm down and teasing my opening. I play with my hood piercing, rotating the ring until the bead rests on my clit. I rub my clit gently, my body beginning to vibrate, and I run my hand across my pierced nipples, feeling them harden beneath my touch. I glance at you for any sign of movement. Nothing but the sound of your deep, even breathing.
I inch my hand under the sheets towards your groin and touch you shyly with one finger, keeping my eyes glued to your face. Nothing. I touch my lips to your unresponsive mouth. Nothing. I move my tongue in small circles across your lips. Nothing. I grow bolder, and wrap my hand around your gorgeous dick, feeling you twitch slightly, and I am encouraged. I lean over and begin to lick the head, slowly flicking my tongue around the tip. Your breathing becomes shallow, as you harden and pulsate. I plunge two fingers deep into my cunt and moan as I slide my mouth along your length. I slide my fingers in and out, slowly, my tension building, as I tighten my lips around you. Your hands come alive, running through my hair, touching my shoulders and your fingertips grazing my nipples, pinching me gently.
I straddle your head, and feel your tongue flicker against my clit and my breath becomes more rapid, as my mouth moans around your dick. Your fingers thrust in and out of my cunt until I feel my muscles begin to tighten. I hear myself say “Oh Fuck” as every molecule in my cunt contracts, and my orgasm rolls through me like electricity. I lick and suck you as hard as I can, wanting to give you release, and your breathing sharpens. Just before you reach the edge, you pull my head up, as I knew you would. I always wondered how you have that self control.
I kiss you, finally, and taste my excitement on your soft tongue. I press my sweaty body against you as hard as I can and feel your skin, warm and alive. You take hold of the dick I fantasize about constantly, and press the tip into my smoldering cunt, feeling my walls stretch to accommodate. You feel so good, I can barely stand it, and I tighten myself around you as I slowly slide down. You are enclosed in me, and we move together, creating a rhythm, as I press myself against your chest. You rub my clit with a rough touch, and I concentrate on the way your smooth dick feels sliding in me. My cunt constricts and again I am flung off the edge of reason, lost in how good you feel, as another powerful orgasm rips through me.
When I begin to recover, I slide off you, and take your length into my mouth again, wanting to taste myself on you. I swirl my tongue around the tip and lick the underside, and my hand becomes an extension of my mouth. I love how you feel, gliding between my lips, and the taste of your sweat makes me lick harder and faster until you tighten up, every muscle in your body clenches. You grip the bedsheets and I hear a sharp intake of breath. My mouth fills with your hot cum, and I swallow as much as I can, letting the rest drip onto my hands and down my chin. I lick you slowly and gently while your body relaxes, and I feel small quivers, like aftershocks in you.
I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, smile and curl up under your arm, our skin sticking together with sweat. You kick off the blankets. I’m finally tired.

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  1. hottie

    this got my so wet. i just wanted to find somebody and fuck them right then. awesome. i’m still wet.

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