lusty days, lusty nights (cont)

His eyes opened rested so to speak as he kissed her forehead softly sitting up and ramming his palms into his eyes to make his body alert again. she too sat up, letting the satin sheets fallto her waist, her plump brests loose. she kissed him back, on the mouth this time, and gazed into his eyes, seeing only her reflection. His eyes added a tint simlar to hers to his already blue eyes
“our souls are one now”
he gave a sweet smile as he licked her lips. she smiled and told him,
“i know.”
for in her reflection, her green eyes were teal. he smiled and hugged her as her body became clensed of the actions of the night and her body was adorned in armor like his with the same seals only it carried 2 short swords and a shorter cloak so it would not drag as dragon earings appeared on her earlobes. she smiled as she clasped her hands together, then opened them to reveal the budding head of a black rose. He smiled softly as he placed his hand over the rose to make it blossom fully
“this rose is like our love but our love is diffrent mine will never die that i have for you..”
she began to tear up, then suddenly hugged him.
“mine for you is just as strong.” she whispered.
He held the hug and softly licked away her tears as he hummed a angelic lullaby of the fallen rizeki.
“i have an idea!” she said, hurrying away from him. in the midst of sitting down, a chair appeared from underneath her. rose in hand, she concentrated on it. the rose slowly began to crystalize, freezing its life inside itself. she looked up at him, who was smiling with a bewildered look on his face, when she said,
“now the rose IS like our love!”
He smiled and laughed happily and surprized”your right!”
she got up and kissed him, sucking on his tounge slightly. wrapping her arms around him, they rolled onto the bed. he held the kiss as he gently groped her breast playfully as he slid his fingers inside the armor as he had the ability to reach through the armor that they both had and he gently began to move his fingers lightly up and down and then across her genitals to give her a stimulating/relaxing sensation. she moaned softly, beginning to play with his balls and gently sliding a finger across his shaft. He moaned softly and he sped up his movements. he was completely erect now, she decided to mount him-slowly. she rubbed the tip of his dick head across her woman juices, toying with him by putting a small bit in, then removng him entirely. she did this a few times before abruptly shoviny his whole length in. they both moaned loudly. He clenched his teeth tightly as the wave of pleasure that should be familar to him felt new almost of that of a goddess as he felt like lead but his hands her still able to raise as he gently spread her farther around him with a gentle warming sensation as he gently probed his fingers slowly deeper into her body as the warmth would pass through her body giving her mind the feeling that there was more then one of him occupying her body from a diffrent place at any given time giving her the original sensation 20x more stimulating and pleasureable. as she bobbed up and down,her moans got louger and louder as she came closer to orgasm. he smiled and thrusted with great force as he locked his fingers into hers as he thrusted upward he kissed her stomach as he slid himself out of her, but before the sensation could fade he had slid her up onto his chest as he inserted his toungue and swirling it about her insides as he added soft suction. she arched her back, moaning loudly. she messaged her brest with one hand, and her other in his hair. the feeling was sensational, but she didn’t want to be the only one being pleased. she twisted around and began sucking on his dick with her clit in his face. he gently began licking as he gently poked and proded inserting two of his fingers as he licked a stright vertical line keeping his tip of his toungue just inside of her. she moaned then went back to licking and sucking on the head and shaft of his penis, fondeling his balls all the while. he licked faster and in a stedy motions as he felt his breathe caught in his throat from the pleasure as his body tensed and released inside of her mouth. not wanting to miss a single drop, she hurrily gulped it all down. as soon as the last drop was gone, orgasm over took her. He swallowed down every drop her body gave as he licked her clean as he fell against the bed panting. she crawled on the bed torwards him, colapsing next to him, knowing he was the only one for her- and she for him

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