Men of the Cloth, Part 1

I have often believed in the purity of ministers, priests, and rabbis…any man of the cloth. They exude a reverence that makes you want to confess your sins, no matter what…and that is exactly what I did. I felt this great need to confess several thoughts that I had harbored for quite some time. I am Methodist, but chose to visit the Catholic Church for this confession.

Something strange had been coming over me for the past few months. I would feel warm and tingly at almost any minute observation of a male body. A man could be walking down a hallway, or standing waiting for a taxi, or sitting reading a newspaper. It didn’t matter; my thoughts would turn to the image of his hands holding his penis while peeing, or his nipples hardening from the brush of a tongue, or his balls swaying in the shower. I would even imagine the look of his cock hardening as I looked upwards from a kneeling position, engulfing his hardness with my hot mouth. Oh, rest assured, I was a mess. I was too embarrassed to visit my own minister with this, which is why I ended up in a confessional at the Catholic Church near the heart of downtown. I was very nervous and quickly explained why I was there and that I was not Catholic. The priest, who was in his late 50’s, said it was fine, that the church would never turn anyone away because they believed in a different religion. Although there was a grated covering that separated us, I could still see that he was very distinguished looking and that he was a heavy man. As my mind drifted, I realized that I would have to stay focused if I were to get through this ordeal. He told me to take my time, as there would be no one else coming in for confession after me. He said he could tell that I was nervous and that he wanted me to relax and tell him just what the problem was. His voice was quite soothing and I began to pass on the information I had kept to myself for many months.

As I talked, I became eager to release the thoughts that had been plaguing me. He then asked me if I would be more comfortable in his office, we could even have a cup of tea and get to the bottom of my troubles; so off to his office we went. After his housekeeper brought in the tea, she said she was leaving for the evening, if it was ok, and he said fine. The tea was delicious, it relaxed me even more and as I drank, I found myself telling him all of my fantasies. A smile played on his lips and I stopped to ask him what kind of tea we were drinking. He told me that it was a special brew that he and other priests used when a confessor had reservations talking about their sins. I was shocked, but felt the need to go on. I told him of the things that I thought when I was near men, that I was always in a state of sexual anticipation. I went on to tell of my fantasies of being licked and sucked by a man for hours and having him drink my cum. I spoke of how I wanted to suck a man’s cock to completion, to swallow his juice down my throat. I told him of how I wanted to be fucked by two men…how I wanted to let them cum inside me and then have them eat all of the cum out of me. Then, I told the one fantasy that I had always kept secret and would make myself not think of: that I wanted to fuck a man while he sucked another man’s cock. By this time I was squirming in my seat and crossing and uncrossing my legs. My pussy was twitching and I was very moist between my thighs. He still graciously urged me to continue, but I noticed that his one hand stayed below his desk and that his breathing had changed. My God, I thought, he was getting hot! This only served to make me want to continue talking and to raise my skirt higher. He asked if I might get all this nonsense out of my system if I were to act out these fantasies. Thinking it over, I nodded, yes! I said I probably would not think on it so much if I did experience the acts.

That was when he came around the desk and I saw his hard dick sticking out of his black pants. It was creamy white except for the head, which was an angry dark red color. I watched as he walked over to me and I found myself looking at his cock opening right in front of my face. “Lick it, baby, lick my juice from it before it drops. Yes, that’s it. Take my dick in your mouth. You know you want to suck out all that hot, salty cum.” My eyes could not leave his member. My tongue seemed to have a life of its own and slipping it out between my lips, I swiped the pearl drop and tasted it, closing my eyes and savoring the flavor. I heard his gasp, which caused me to open my mouth and swallow his hardness to the back of my throat. MMmmmmm, sooooo good. I was sucking him for dear life. I was so hot! Snd when he grabbed my head to fuck my mouth, I knew I had to milk it dry of spunk and swallow it all down. He was as hot as I was because in a few pumps, he was spewing his load filling my mouth. Damn…I was ssswwwwaaaaalllloooowwwwwiiiinnnnggg all his hot jism. My pussy was throbbing and needed some immediate attention. I think he felt that I needed to cum because he dropped to his knees and, pulling the crotch of my panties aside, he began eating my pussy like a madman. I was squirting so fast it overwhelmed me. He made gobbling noises as he slurped my cum and swallowed. Oooohhhh, I felt so weak.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I didn’t know what to do or to think. He looked up at me and smiled. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll take care of all your needs. I will fuck you any way I can to please you; you are incredible.” I leaned forward and kissed his wet lips, tonguing his mouth. I smiled at him and told him I believed he could. I wanted it all: the sucking, the fucking, the cumming…all of it.

“Will this help me,” I asked?
“Will this make all this feelings and needs disappear?”
“I certainly hope not,” he sighed.

I knew then that this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We sat side by side on the sofa in his office and made plans to meet regularly so that I might begin to partake of the desires of the flesh. I was very excited and could hardly wait to begin…

To Be Continued…


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