Miss Munoz

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As I came back from this I noticed her hand was gently rubbing my crotch. My denim cock was harder then hard. She said she could make it all better, and that she knew I wanted her, that she has’nt been laid in along time. And I could tell, she laid on the desk and unzipped her pants, they fell as she took off her shirt, she was wearing a black see through bra, god she was a chubby little sexy teacher. She told me to help her get her panties and bra off, as I did she slowely pulled my pants off, then my shirt, she said get on the floor bitch, i laid down in my boxers as she kept rubbing me, she sloweely pulled down my boxers as my cock poped out. She took it in her hand with a look of hunger and started sucking as i moanned. She could down the hole thing. She crawled up and placed her fat ass over my head and told me to suck her pussy, and there we were, me and miss munoz 69. her pussy was big yet so tight i could almost fit half my face in, i sucked and saucked and finally she sat up on me and shovedmy cock in her pussy. in and out as i rubbed and licked those pink flourishing titties. And you know? I got an A

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