New Beginings

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I have read a lot of stories and a lot of them have turned me on so I’m going to tell you mine and this is true.
As a kid I have always sneaked into my sister’s bedroom and put there bra and underwear, boy did it make me fill so good it made me fill complete it made me fill like a girl. I did this for a long time no one ever found out about my secret.
My sisters left home I was only 16 so I stop doing this. Note this was back in 1966 no one talk about cross dressing if you did you was gay.
I went on and did the man thing got married had kids but something was always missing I was not happy with my sex life. Then one day I saw this adult book store so I stop in look around there was an arcade room in the back so I got some token and went on back. It was dark it was hard for me to see at first as I walk past the booths guys was inside watching a movie they look at me and smiled and I smiled back I went into and empty booth and started a movie boy was it hot I got so hard so fast I didn’t know what to do as it was my first time at a book store. Then I saw a guy standing at the door we smiled at each other and he asks me would you like some company I nodded and smiled at him. He came in and closed the door I was thinking what did I get myself into.
At this point I was so hard I didn’t care. His hand touch mine my heart started beating so fast my cock has never been so hard pre cum was coming out of that hard cock of mine. I wanted more and he knew it his hand was rubbing my cock before I knew it was out and in his hand. My heart was beating so fast and so hard the head of my cock was wet with pre cum I didn’t know want to do next but he did his hand at this point was rubbing my cock he was so soft and gently. We look each other in the eyes I was scared he knew it he smiled and he took my arms and put them around his neck and before I knew it he was going down. My cock was still in his hands rubbing it so gently my head was wet from his touch. By this time my hands was on the back of his head my fingers playing with his hair this must have turn him on. My cock was only inches from his mouth. He started licking the head of my cock licking all of the pre cum I have never been so turn on like this.
My hips were moving back and forth my hands were running through his hair by this time he was as much turn on as I was. His lips went from my head of my hard cock down the shaft licking it all the way my cock so wet from him licking it and I was so hot I needed more and he gave it to me. His hot wet lips came back up my shaft very slow till it came to my head his lips was around my head more pre cum came out he lick it so soft and gently, my heart was racing so fast I look down at him at him I’m berating hard his eyes look into mine please don’t stop I said to myself and he didn’t disappoint me.
All of a sudden the head of my cock was inside his hot wet mouth it felt so good but it got better. My hands were still on the back of his head my fingers running though his hair. He started going up and down my hard cock taking it and inch at a time before I knew it I was deep inside his mouth by this time I just wanted to explode but I didn’t. He started to make love to my cock his hot mouth was so wet he was going up and down so slow from the top of my head to the base of my shaft at this time I was so hot my hip started moving in and out back and forth I was getting deeper and faster we was moving like one. I started breathing harder my heart was beating faster I was ready to cum he knew it he was getting deeper and harder and all of a sudden on one finale thrush I exploded the biggest and the hardest load of cum ever!!!
I was so weak I couldn’t move. He held my cock in his mouth witch seem like and hour sucking every drop of my cum. I still had my hands on the back of his head holding him close. He stood up and said sorry he had to get home to his wife. He ask me was this your fist? I nodded he said believe me this won’t be your last. Was it?
Read part two.

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