Night with the Sales Rep (Part 2)

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Night with the Sales Rep (Part 2)
By Eretto Phallus

Once there, I played with her sexy tits, hanging down, her nipples were so hard and perky. I moved back to her ass and started running my tongue across her cheeks, kissing them and massaging them. I then gently ran my tongue up her pussy and clit, and across her little sex button, that made her shiver in ecstasy. I continued to suck on her pussy, and massage her clit with my fingers, she was pumping her ass back and forth towards my face, and it was fucking hot. I moved up and slid my tongue into her ass, still rubbing her clit. She let out a sexual sigh and with a sexy moan, clinched the sheets with her hands and whispered”Oh, fuck yes!” The deeper my tongue went, the farther her sexy ass pushed back against my mouth and tongue. I went back and forth from her pussy to her ass, rubbing her clit until I heard music to my ears “I’m gonna cum, OH GOD, I’m gonna cum!”
Her pussy juice erupted all over my face, her ass was shaking and rocking, I shoved my tongue back into her ass, she exploded some more “In an airless shout she screamed “Fuck yes, oh fuck yes!” She collapsed out of breath, still squirming her hips. My face was drenched in her succulent orgasm, I was smiling licking my lips. “Holy shit!” she said looking back at me with a cougars grin, “My, turn.” I leaned back to be standing on my knees, with my granite like cock standing straight up. She stared at my cock, grabbed it and simply said “yummy!” Jerking my cock, she moved herself, and me around to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and she was on her knees on the floor. She looked up at me, and said” Your cock is really fucking hard.” She then ran her tongue up my shaft, tickled the head, and plunged her mouth over my cock, jerking it the whole time. She cupped my balls, and massaged them as she sucked my cock like her life depended on it. She would pull her mouth off and spit on my cock, lubing it up for an awesome sloppy blowjob, telling me how hot it was in her mouth, and then cramming it back into her warm wet mouth. She was jerking my cock so well, and trying to suck my cock dry, it was fantastic. All I wanted to do was just cum all over her face, it was gonna be incredible. But I was going to wait, I had to fuck the hell out of her first, I wanted one cum job, and it was going to be legendary.
While she was sucking and jerking my cock, my head floated back as if I was in a dream, I felt her move hand to my chest to lie me down. As I lowered down onto the bed, I felt her hand raise my inner thigh, pulling my leg back I felt her slip a finger in my ass, still sucking, still jerking. Holy Christ it was almost too much. I moaned my own “Fuck yeah” and started thrusting my hips. I couldn’t believe it, this sales rep, who I just wanted to see naked, was sucking and jerking my cock, with her finger in my ass. All I could do was grin and run my fingers through her hair, I didn’t even have to push her mouth down on my cock, my cock was balls deep in her mouth already. Then my own ecstasy started when I felt her tongue dip in and out of my ass, still jerking my cock, still thrusting my hips. She was incredible, moving her tongue from my ass, to my balls, to my cock and back. All the while jerking it, man what a hand job! I let her know as well, which just turned her on even more.But I didn’t want to cum yet, and man was I getting close, I told her I wanted my cock in her pussy.
She hopped up and laid back down on the bed, with her ass close to the edge. I grabbed her leg and put it against my chest, and started to plunge my cock in her pussy. She moved her hand down to spread her pussy lips, and whispered “Fuck me” I slid the head of my cock just inside her pussy, and looked into her eyes. I began sliding my cock back and forth about an inch worth, just penetrating her sweet little pussy. She started moaning, and thrusting her hips towards my cock. I did this for a few moments, getting her and myself really ready. Fuck, her pussy was really hot inside, so wet! I reached down and grasped her shoulder, and slammed all of my cock inside of her! Her eyes went wide open and she let out a moan like no other, and added a “Oh, fuck yes!” She started rubbing her clit as I slid my cock in and out of her pussy, clinching the bed sheets with the other hand. She managed to let go of the sheets, and grab her other leg and lift and spread it, so she could watch my cock go in and out of her pussy, that really turned me on. I asked her if she liked what she saw, shook her head yes and said “It looks as good as it feels!”
After we watched my cock go in and out of her pussy for while, I rolled her over again on her hands and knees. With her ass near the edge of the bed I took another big lick of her pussy and ass. Grabbing my cock, I moved towards her pussy from behind, and plunged it into her heavenly lips. I put my hands on her shoulders from behind and pushed my cock as deep as it could go. I barley pulled my cock out before pushing it in as far as it could go, over and over. She whimpered “holy fuck, that feels so fucking good!” She then spread her legs farther apart, and laid her tits and head on the bed, man what awesome site, watching my cock go her pussy from behind, that ass up in the air. I slid a finger in her ass over and over. Her hips were pumping back and forth as she moaned like a cat in heat. I could really tell she liked things in her ass, I wanted to put my cock in there so fucking bad. I felt her reach between her legs and cup my balls, and she began massaging them, I started to get weak in the knees it felt so good. I grabbed her hair and slammed my cock so deep in her pussy, I thought it was gonna come out her mouth. She yelped in pleasant pain, she was, really loving this. I was, really loving this!
That’s when I noticed the huge mirror over the dresser, reflecting all of this sensational sex going on. I asked her if she wanted to see the hot penetration some more, she nodded eagerly. I repositioned us facing the mirror, me sitting on the bed, and her sitting on me, facing the mirror with her legs spread. She grasped my cock and guided it into her dripping pussy, and slid down my shaft, god it was hot, balls deep in this beautiful, sexy pussy. As she slid up and down my cock, her pussy lips looked like they were sucking on my cock, oh Christ it was hot. I reached around her to finger her clit, that made her head lie back and she moaned and breathed hot and heavy. She would play with her tits and stare at the erotic penetration in the mirror, bounce faster and harder. Letting moans of pleasure, muttering “Fuck me, fuck me.”
Before I knew it, she was squatting over my cock, slamming it in and out of her pussy. Bouncing her ass off my hips, my god it was fantastic. Amazingly enough, in one plunge, my cock fell out of her pussy, and slammed right up her ass! She let out a loud yelp of pain and pleasure, and froze, my cock half way in her ass. She looked at me through the mirror, and smiled and caught her breath. I smiled back at her, she giggled and said “Oops, how about that?” She closed her eyes, and proceeded to wiggle her cute ass side to side, until my cock was completely inside her ass. Again catching her breath, she whispered sexually to me “wasn’t ready, ooh, that’s much better.” All I could do was drop my jaw and moan in pleasure and start thrusting my hips slowly, as she did the same. As we slowly rocked our hips round and round, my cock was grinding in her ass. Deeper and deeper, as her hips started moving faster and faster. I reached around her and slid some fingers in her pussy, she defiantly felt more pleasure with her pussy and ass full of me. She had that look of pleasure and pain on her pretty face, biting her lip as she grinded her ass against my cock deep in her ass.
She got herself so worked up, she couldn’t contain her screams of pleasure, “I’m gonna cum!” she screamed. As her ass grinded against cock, her sweet, beautiful, pussy exploded with cum everywhere! All over the mirror, the floor, the sheets, my hand and coc
k, oh my cock! It felt
so good, all of that, hot woman cum drenching my cock. She quivered and shivered in an uncontrollable orgasm, her body quickly locked up as the cum kept gushing out of her, all over my cock and balls. She let out a final scream of exhausted ecstasy. As she rolled off of me, my still rock solid cock, slid out of her ass. She grabbed it a said with a grin “You are gonna cum for me right now mister.”
I stood up, and turned around to face her, as she was now sitting up on the bed. I moved my cock close to her face and told her “You know I’m gonna cum all over your pretty little face right.” She giggled with a smile “I can’t wait!” I lifted my left leg onto the bed, as she again crammed my cock into her warm, wet mouth. As she started jerking my cock, and sucking it off, I told her to finger my ass again. Before I could finish the sentence, I felt a finger slide in my ass. Well, after all that fucking, it wasn’t going to take much for me to cum all over her. After about a minute of sucking, jerking, and fingering my ass, I grunted “OH GOD!” She didn’t even get a chance to pull my erupting cock out of her mouth, after two massive streams cum, it came splashing out of her mouth, down onto her great tits. All I could hear was her cock muffled moans of pleasure, as she kept jerking on my cock. She finally pulled my cock out, only to get three more massive cum shots to her face, jerking the whole time. She took a deep breath and plunged my cock right back in her mouth. She squeezed the bottom of my cock shaft, and pushed the rest of my cum onto her cum soaked tongue. My god it was a beautiful mess of cum and sexy lips. She looked up at me and played with my cum on her tongue and lips for a few moments, and with a sexy smile, she swallowed all down, and licked my cock clean and repeated the swallow.
Her sales went through the roof, my boss asked me what the hell I was spending so much money on. I just said “It’s just good business.”

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