One great birthday- Part 1

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I moved in about 10 years ago and I could not believe my eyes. My neighbor Cyndy was absolutely gorgeous. Plus as I had heard already from the nieghborhood gossip she had great big breasts.I am not a big boob fan so that was not a great trun on, but she also had that little nasty girl look and a great butt.
Anyway, about six years later and many little looks at her great body, since she wore a bikini that hid zilch. It was my birthday.
I had gone out to get the mail, since I work from home and there she was, wearing jeans and a pretty ugly top. She dressed down aroubd the neighborhood. But for some reason she still looked hot, even with no makeup and a loose top.
“Hi Mark, how are you”, she said. ” Great thanks Cyndy” I said and asked how her day was going. She said she was bored since her husband had been away for over a week. I responded ” me too” and ” It sucked as it was my birthday”
I could immediately see the gleem in her eyes and she said, “Sorry, I iwsh I knew and would have had a present for you. Well, what can I give you?”
My head raced and finally I said. “There is one thing I have wanted since I moved here.” “That is, to see you naked.” Wow, I can’t believe I said that.
At first I thought she was going to kill me with her eyes. Then she said. “I’ts all about my boobs, isn’t it?” She had massive fake boobs, but that wasn’t what I liked. It was her great ass. I immediately said no. I responded, ” I really like your breats, but I love your ass.”
Cyndy stopped for a moment and then just looked at me straight in the eyes. She asked, “Are you sure, because I am tired of guys staring at my chest.” I responded very quickly, “I don’t care about your boobs, they are great, but not my thing.” She smiled and told me to get a bottle of wine for the celebration.
Since we always have wine at home it was no big deal, but I picked a bottle of our best red.
When I got back to Cyndy’s she answered the door in high heels, a short black skirt and a white see though top. I almost blew my load right there. Cyndy said'” I hope you don’t mind but I want you to have the full experience”
We openned the wime and had a couple of drinks talking about everyone in the neighborhood.
Then Cyndy popped uo and said, “Brithday time!’
There was 70’s music playing and she began to sway to the music. I could not believe how fluid her hips were. They swayed like nothing I had seen.
All of a sudden she openned her top and these huge breasts poured out. “Do you like them?’ she asked. “Yes” I said, “But, they are not my favorite part!” Cyndy was surpriesed and said, “Every man likes my boobs, so what do you like?” I just told her her boobs were great but I loved her ass.
She was like a school girl and actually blushed at my comment.
“Okay well they are a team” She said, and they go together.
Then she began grinding her boobs in my face. Actually they were great. Her nipples were like little candies. I suched them like crazy and then for some reason grabbed her crotch. She jumped and fell back on my finger.
I had nothing to lose and asked her to sit on my face. She had done this before and I wasn’t worried. Okay she said, “But can you take it?” She was at least 6 foot tall and not a lightwight. “No problem. I said.” And She planted her pussy on my face.

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