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Most People don’t have any idea as to the extent of how American P.O.W.s were treated during the gulf war .But I sit here as a living example of such a conflict. maybe I was an isolated case I might never know The men that captured me seemed to be joking and laughing pointing at me perhaps because of my boyish looks with no facial hair and small figure ,as they marched me toward the transport truck that was going to take me to Bagdad the capital of Iraq.
After marching for over two Kilometers we finally reached our destination a transport truck .One of the men speaking in broken English ordered for me to strip down before entering the back of the transport truck where I would be issued a jumper suit with the letters Pow on the back which was customery practice so in spite of the embaressment of stripping in front of the twenty or so men and no telling how many women that were present I did as I was told.
Upon entering the truck to my amazement there was a woman inside ,she was absolutely beautiful she looked at my near girlish figure and no facial hair and said well you certainly are not what we expected we were looking for an American Pow to be 6 feet tall with a chest full of hair and biceps like Rambo not 5’2″ tall and a face like Opie Taylor and a school girls body ,saying this as I was stood by the wall with the measuring charts showing my height at 5’2″ then was ordered to stand on the scales and weighed in just slightly under 110 pounds.
The lady started asking me questions of which I would only answer with my name rank and seriel number as most G.I;s would do she kept asking me questions but still I refused to answer her questions with only my name rank and seriel number.
As the truck finally reached the interogation center a building in the middle of no where
we got out of the vehicle I was still naked as she escorted me to a room past the prison guards who looked at me still naked one of the guards stopped her but she said something back to him it was obvious she was a high ranking official probably a officer in their elite special forces ,and he smiled allowing us to pass .I asked her what she said ,her comment was I told him we had no uniforms small enough for you .We would have to put a small womans uniform on you but had none in the transport truck.
Finally I got in to my interrogation room but before the massive guards left they started to put cuffs on me she waved them off saying something in Arabic ,pointing at me saying something I could make out that sounded like that girly boy is hardly a threat to me ,then both the imposing woman and guard laughed now it was just me and her all alone and I could tell the door to my cell was not firmly latched perhaps I could escape.
I asked where are my clothes ? she said as soon as you show signs of cooperating I will get them and you will be allowed food and water as well.I said that is against the Geneva convention you have to ….She slapped me across the face and said shut up you will speak only when spoken to .She then said according to the Geneva convention soldiers are suppose to be fighting not little girls dressed as soldiers like you ,my patience with you is wearing thin again she asked me information .I once again told her my name Pat Fago
and gave my seriel number.She said your name is Pat Faggot and you are a girly boy I said my name is Pat Fago she said after we get done with you it might be Pat Faggot saying so with a beautiful smile ,one in spite of her being the enemy I wanted to kiss.
I asked where is my uniform I should have some clothes shouldn’t I ?She said I will allow you to put on some clothes when they get here and for now on you will refer to me as Mam or Madom I said yes Mam .
PArt of the information she was asking for was actually insignificant it was whether or not GI’s were allowed to drink while not fighting ,but I still refused to answer stubbornly as I looked at the walls with shackles,She said seeing me look at the walls I don’t think that will be needed not for you you will be beat alright but not like that.
I seen my chance and darted for the door but she caught me before I could reach it grabbing me around the neck she drug me back in to the cell pressing my head against her breast as she walked of all the times to get an erection I had to pick now it was easy to see as well.it was obvious placing her hand around my waist she lifted me up laying me with my naked body over her knees as she sat down asking me the same question again I refused to answer.
So she started spanking me as if I were a small child telling me she would stop as soon as I would give her the information she sought,the spankings were hard and she was persistent as she held me there I tried to break free but she was just to powerful .Finally I gave up trying to escape as I layed across her lap taking my ass beating ,till the pain was unbearable I held off as long as I could but soon I broke and started crying ,then bawling she finally let me up with my ass red and I disclosed the information she desired.

The next day she asked me similiar questions and for refusing to answer she punished me in the same manner once again ,Finally my uniform arrived it was still big but at least it was something these interrogations like this lasted for several more days .
The Iraqions were losing the war and she was told by her superior not to put any more bruises on my body she even told me this ,but desiring to acquire more information she had devised a new form of punishment or torture,I again
refused to answer her questions so she ordered me to strip which I did then she put my dick in her mouth and started asking the question once again the bitch got her information as I blurted it out when I shot a load in her mouth .This bitch was really starting to piss me off .The next day she came to my cell asking me questions which I again refused to answer she wrestled me to the ground pinning me on the cold concrete floor making me tell her she was superior to me in all respects then she ordered for me take my clothes off which I did as she ordered .Then she took her clothes off as well for the first time I got to see her beautiful body in full she told me if I could beat her at wrestling best of three matches she would escort me to the border and free me if she beat me I would help her escape to the United States and seek asylem I agreed, We faced each other off in classic fashion I thought I might actually have a chance in spite of the fact she was stronger and bigger then me and probably a little quicker,as we circled around each other going clock wise I was looking for a quick take down she stumbled so I seized the opportunity grabbing behind both knees I was able to knock her down to the floor though pinning her might prove difficult I had my chance as she was nearly on her back with me on top but she was so damn strong finally unexpectedly her wrist gave on some water on the floor I pinned her she threw me off in aggrevation .One more round and I was a free man ,once again we engaged the same way as before but this time I thought she had slipped but in reality she had baited me I charged her again but she picked me up after stopping me under my waist and slammed me up and down till my grip gave way from behind her knees .Then moving her hands down one at a time she was now holding me in the hair by my ankles as I looked up at her imposing figure first seeing her pussy then her melon shaped breasts then her smiling face towering above me.she said do you give I said no then as a show of her power she released one of her hands off one of my ankles showing her fabulous powerful biceps I knew she could have dropped me and seriously hurt me if she desired so I said you win round two as she gently set me on the floor as to not hurt me.Now it was round three I tried to be a little more cautious this time I had no idea she was going to resort to trickery the last time .But this time she charged right at me knocking me over quickly but neither of us had an upper hand but we rolled over on the floor I knew I didn’t want it to come down to my muscles versus those giant biceps that would be a losing proposition for sure in such a mismatch.
Using her superior leg power she put one leg over my waist I was hoping against hope to roll out from under her but it wasn’t to be as she then shifted her body and gained control of me pinning me helplessly to the floor my chance for an early escape was over well sort of.She pinned my arms to the floor and said I want to fuck your brains out your more of a man then I ever dreamed of ,after she said this my dick again became hard and she switched positions in to a 69 ,talk about some good tasting pussy as she sucked me off I came in to her mouth I figured we were done but not yet she kept sucking on my prick till it became hard again while I had already made her cum licking and stairing at that fabulous pussy after she made me hard again she once again mounted me I didn’t mind the cold floor so much now I mean after all we were at war everbody had to make sacrifices right as I licked those melon shaped breast as she rode me up and down till I again had to cum
True to form the war was nearly over we hopped in one of the captured jeeps as she had managed to get me some Iraq womans clothes though they stunk I still put them on before we left the building.Now we had a few check points to go through to get to freedom orders were placed on me to have me killed on sight I found out much later .Maria was actually saving my life,reaching the final check point two of the officers were suspicious of us and wanted a bribe to go further Maria said we had no money but could trade sexual favors ,the guards asked if we had seen a small American POW she said no ,going in to the building Maria said we would stay longer but we had to be some where rather quickly and asked if she could give both of the border guards a blow job .One motioned for me instead holding my hand he walked me to a back room while maria started doing the other one .as we went to the back room the man pulled out a tremendous cock maybe the largest I had ever seen I got on my knees and started sucking on it .It barely fit in the entrance to my mouth it was not only long but big around he forced it in and out of my mouth till he shot a load nearly choking me as he held my head forcing me to try swallowing.During this my veil came off i was exposed but Maria came to my rescue hitting him over the head rendering him out of commission as she had done the other guard the same way finally we escaped to the American lines .She was granted her asylem for helping me escape ,though a lot of the details were left out now I am finally releasing these words Maria served as a interpretter for awhile then became my body guard after I was elected to the senate and now is my wife she still whips my ass and spanks me in private to this day

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