Sharing My Wife!

At my suggestion Lani had taken a lover several months previous. You can read her adventures in “Sharing my wife Lani for the first time” and Diary of a shared wife.”  To reiterate, she’s a drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian Filipino with a built in tan and a bodacious body built for sin. They began their intimate relationship in a hotel in Waikiki. Following that Mikee came to our house for a threesome a few times and they continued having torrid couplings in his apartment, sometimes with me present, but most times not. I preferred to listen over the phone so they could have uninhibited sex, while I anxiously awaited her return, anticipating her story and the taste of her well used pussy before having wild sex of our own.

This night, Lani invited Mikee to our house. In preparation, we moved the furniture and spread a sheet on the living room carpet along with a few pillows. The room was illuminated only by moonlight flowing through several large windows. At my suggestion Lani greeted her lover at the door naked, and after hot kisses during which their tongues explored each other mouths, she proceeded to assist in his undressing. Wanting to give them privacy, I retired down a hallway into the darkness to enjoy the erotic scene unfolding before my eyes.

More passionate kissing followed as they pressed their naked bodies together, hands caressing each others flesh. My rapidly heating wife then instructed her lover to lie on his back. From my secluded spot I had a perfect view as the sweet love of my life smoothly assumed a sixty-nine position on top. Using his hands, Mikee spread her cheeks as she lowered her wet pussy onto his tongue. The tip of his nose pressed into her tight little rosebud as he inhaled her rich female aroma. He then began feverishly licking and sucking at her naked sex, wringing squeals and moans of pleasure from her lips. Lips that soon encircled his raging hard on. ‘Lick me baby. Oh yes tongue me, tongue me’ she moaned around the shaft in her mouth.”Let me feel your teeth,” he groaned into her pink folds.

Withdrawing his wet cock, she began nibbling and raking her teeth up and down his shaft, causing shivers to run through his body.

Pulling his cock to one side, Lani began running her tongue all over his balls, sucking first one and then the other into her warm mouth. Turning her head to one side, she ran her full lips  up one side of his shaft and down the other, pausing only to flick her tongue over the crown, tasting the salty fluid flowing from the tip. As if in a trance, I watched as her red painted lips parted, taking his head inside before gliding down the full length until he was fully buried in her throat. I was beside myself with excitement.

Lani shrieked as she felt his tongue tease her tight nether hole, continuing to attack him with abandon. I watched excitedly at the continued pleasuring with their mouths, preparing each others sex for what was to come. Pulling her mouth off his cock and arching her back she ground her pulsing cunt into his face riding back and forth. ‘Eat me baby, Oh God yes, lick me lick me’ she screamed as she ground into his mouth. Renewing her attentions to his rod, wetting it with her tongue then once again taking him fully into her hot mouth. As he continued to pleasure her writhing body from below  she moaned and screamed around his hard shaft, refusing to release him for even a second. This continued for several more long minutes before Lani, shuddering into another huge orgasm raised her head gasping with a ragged voice. ‘I need your cock inside me Mikee’. Desperate to be filled with cock, she spun around straddling his hips,  hot sex dripping.  Reaching a small hand between her thighs, she grasped his rod and pulled it into position. With head thrown back she began to lower herself onto him. ‘OMG, your big head feels soooo good’ she cried as her lips parted in acceptance. Both her lover and I watched in rapt attention as she slowly settled, cooing and gasping until he was fully encased in her hot depths.

“Oh Mikee, your cock is really stretching me,” Lani moaned as she sat motionless, relishing being so completely filled with her lovers cock.

Slowly she began sliding backward and forward on his pelvic bone moaning in lust, while kneading her big tits, and rolling the long nipples between her fingers. I sat captivated by this hot scene from my place of concealment as Mikee ran his hands all over her lush brown body. Over her hips and up to her heavy breasts they roamed, as she leaned back bracing herself on his thighs. Breathless I watched as he alternately tweaked and pinched her hard nipples,  lightly tugging on the rings causing her sensitive nipples to distend even further. Moaning in delirium she leaned forward so each could be drawn in turn into his hungry mouth while she trembled. Then seeming to remember me, Lani turned in my direction, peering into the darkened hallway as if to be sure I was watching.  Placing her hands flat on his chest for support she slowly began to raise her hips. I watched as his shiny shaft was revealed inch by inch before disappearing once again as she took him in. Slowly up and down she road, gasping each time he went fully inside, her moans gathering strength as she felt another orgasm overtaking her.

“Scream for me baby,” he urged, arching up into her, burying himself fully with each thrust. Wailing, panting, and screaming Lani gave herself over to the carnal feelings boiling up from within, before collapsing senseless from the overwhelming pleasure. Mikee and I both watched in wonder as she sat motionless, head hanging forward, her long black hair cascading onto his chest. He supported her upright astride his hips, cock buried completely, for several long moments before she began to stir.

Sufficiently recovered, still impaled on his hard shaft,  lust once again rising as she moved back and forth,  Lani cooed in a sultry voice, ‘I want doggie.’

His shiny cock slipping from her, she climbed off his lap and turned facing me. Her beautiful brown ass raised high in the air, head buried in a pillow, my wife waited in anticipation. With both hands on her hips and his hard shaft in position at her entrance ‘Tell me you want it’  he said in a low voice. ‘I want it’ ‘What do you want?’ ‘Your hard cock’ she hissed in reply. ‘Where do you want it?’ ‘I want your hard cock in my pussy baby. Please fuck me deep’ She didn’t have long to wait. Mikee plunged his shaft to the hilt with one stroke as she screamed. He began assaulting her with long hard strokes making a slapping noise as their bodies came together. Bringing the flat of his hand down with a sharp smack on her raised ass ‘You’re a bad girl’ he said as she wailed into the pillow. ‘Deeper, harder’ she cried feeling the continued stinging of his palm on her now glowing cheeks. Again and again  his hand came down as he continued to stroke into her. The mixing of pain with the incredible pleasure welling up from within took her to new heights.

Eyes searching for me in the shadows she cried, ‘OMG honey, Mikee’s driving me crazy. His cock is hitting me really deep’ ‘Oh God fuck me harder,      harder      deeper      deeper, she wailed as he pounded into her.

All  this between gasps and screams while wildly shaking her gorgeous head from side to side, black hair flying. Hooking a finger in my direction she called me to her. I knew what she wanted. Stripping off my clothes, I was beside her head in an instant.

“I need to suck your cock,” she moaned between clinched teeth rocking back and forth as Mikee continued his assault.

I lay crossways in front as she engulfed me in her warm mouth. As he lunged into her from behind her lips were forced ever downward until I was buried fully in her throat. The scene must have been too much for him as he gave a loud groan and began shooting into her, filling my wife’s steaming cunt with his pent up seed. Pulling her face away, voice shaking she cried, “Oh God, Mikee’s filling me. I can feel his cum shooting into me. Oh God fill me Mikee fill me!  Yes! Yes! Fill this hot cunt, baby!” she gasped before stuffing my rod back into her mouth.

Even though I’d witnessed it previously, I still couldn’t believe it. Here I was watching my wife’s lover emptying himself into her married pussy as she screamed uncontrollably in complete abandon. I barely managed not to join them, while waiting deliriously for the lovers to uncouple so I could plunge into her sloppy wetness.

Feeling his shrinking member slowly withdraw from her cum soaked depths, Lani asked for a towel.

‘I’ll take care of it,’ I replied, moving behind her.

What a sight. My wife was a complete mess. His cum mixed with her own copious juices coated everything, running down her legs. Her soupy cunt gaping wide, all red and pink inside. Both brown ass cheeks warmly glowing from the spanking he’d administered. Besides being covered in a sheen of their combined juices, her lover’s thick white cum continued to pulse out,  oozing down the insides of her gorgeous brown thighs. God help me I had to try it just once.

Slurping a large dollop into my mouth and finding the taste bland but not unpleasant, I swallowed.  Then burying my face between her thighs, I began devouring her sloppy cunt with abandon, smearing their combined juices all over my face.

‘Clean my sticky pussy! Oh yes, lick my cunt, lick me, lick me!’ Lani cried as she pushed back into my face, cumming yet again

Delirious in the moment, I lapped at her wet sex like a dog in heat, cleaning every fold and cranny as far as my tongue could reach. Unable to control myself  longer, I plunged into her to the hilt and after only a stroke or two unloosed a torrent deep into her well used cunt as she screamed out one last time. Exhausted, we collapsed into a sweaty heap as Mikee quietly dressed and let himself out without a word.

I might feel guilty tomorrow but this had been a night to remember.


(Image Source: Jonni Darkko)

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