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when I married my ex wife some years ago she had a daughter around ten I was a petite short little man maybe 5’3′ and I might have tipped the scales at 100 pounds though I was referred to as the 98 pound weakling ,she was already taller then I
I had a hard time punishing her but still gave it a try
turning her over my knee and spanking her till she cried
by the time she was a teen i had to look up to see her in the eye
she had huge firm breast and a beautiful body to match
when she wasn’t watching I tried to catch a glimpse when I could
once i had seen her naked just by chance getting out of the tub ,her body was beautiful as she had asked for a towel saying i love you then giving me a hug
my dick grew hard i don’t think she knew as i looked up to see her face and see the view
as time passed by and she contiued to grow eventually she was tall but not too lanky


my wife and I had split and divorced though I still kept in contact .my step daughter decided she wanted to live with me I said but your out of school now I think you should stay with your mom she kept insisting Finally I gave in allowing her to live with me she set up her weight set in the basement sometimes I went down to watch as I could tell she kept getting stronger and stronger now she was working out with over three hundred pounds I couldn’t hardly pick up 100 pounds much less 300
One day when I thought she was gone I went to the weights in a foolish manner and tried to lift 130 pounds but after getting it off the bar on the bench press I couldn’t get it back up so I was pinned .
Thank goodness my step daughter happened to be there as she picked up the weight bar taking it off my chest,she said are you wanting to work out ?I said well I
she said you are aren’t you ?thats great .there is only one problem you remember when I was young and you spanked me for doing things I shouldn’t do and could get hurt at? I said yes why?
She said well gee our roles are kinda reversed now pops and I am in charge you done wrong and now I am going to spank your ass .
she sat on the weight bench grabbed me by the waist and held me down quite easily might I add and put several years of spankings on my bare ass after she pulled my pants down ,she kept spanking me I resisted every effort to cry but she had every intention of breaking me of my stubborness and finally the tears streaked down my cheeks she then allowed me to stand up with my pants and under wear still at my ankles .telling me she had another suprise and not dare to move I was now in deep respect for her authority so i did as she ordered
Within a few minutes she returned with some clothes from her earlier years when we were the same size she said i wore these when I was a girl of ten now they are yours and you will be a girl of ten
I protested to no avale she ordered me to put on the clothes I know I probably should have tried to resist but whether it was fear or just her authoritive voice ,I complied going in to my room I found all my clothes were gone and replaced with her clothes of youth along with a few new sets i even got brand new panties.
I was admiring my new clothes when my step daughter walked in to the room she said dad you really do like the idea of being a little girl don’t you?My face was getting hot and red she said : don’t just stand there answer me right now
I couldn’t speak words wouldn’t come out she again grabbed me by the waist and lifted up my little girl dress turning me over her knees and severely spanked my bottom
I was already sore so I begged and pleaded with her to stop saying I would do anything she said or told me too as I sobbed in tears and was almost to choked to speak.
She allowed me to stand and started to pull my little girls underwear up when she noticed a hard on poking out from them she seemed shocked,saying what is this!
I said I am sorry I have been a bad little girl and lifted up my dress and pulled the underwear back down and layed across her knees ready to take my punishment
this time instead of using her bare hand she whipped me with a hair brush then seeing the precum from my dick on her clothes she was furious grabbing me by the arm she drug me over to the bed and ordered for me to lay down on my back which I did she then pulled out a huge strapon dildo from under the bed putting it on herself I said no way she force ably held me down,then she lifted my legs on to her shoulder then captured my virgin ass as she slid that huge dildo in and out in and out and out at first it hurt but i gutted the pain not desiring to show her any weakness as she raped me while I was powerless to do anything about it I was now starting to enjoy it after a half hour or so till she quit looking back at the door my ex wife was standing there smiling and told my step daughter she was next at fucking the little bitch ,which she did in the same manner after this ordeal i was nearly exhausted but my step daughter started sucking on my cock bringing it back to life then she knelt down and asked me to suck on her breast in a which i did while she placed my hard cock in her warm moist pussy in doing so it was sensational finally I came shooting my load deep in to her as she smiled at me
This kind of action became normal all through her college days and medical school till she finally became a doctor that specialized in addition to everything else in breast implants one night I went to sleep and woke up with very large firm breasts she had sedated me and performed the operation on me.Again we had sex several more times along with the times she disciplined me and raped me along with my ex wife
now we all live together and are as happy as can be even when my wife and daughter rape or fuck me.

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  1. SubDude69

    Absolutely fabulous story, a new fantasy for me to dream about, thanks!

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