Texting you, wanting you

Touching myself thinking of you and how much i want you, my hand wrapped round my now hardening shaft – cock slippery and aching to drag across parted lips, through soft downy hairs, to nudge and dip, slide hot and hard into your moist clasping cunt, my balls tight, needing release, needing your fingers stroking, your mouth sucking and holding while i thrust and force, your tongue whirling over my head as i plunge, holding your hair to see, you turning, giving access to my tongue, exploring, kisses searching, lips tracing routes to pleasure, fingers licked and pressing, probing your arse, teasing, while i flicker and lick, fingers fucking and cock pushing hard into your mouth.. Your clit hot and hard, sensation making you twist and groan.. Building and building to come…. :) Wish you were here so much.. :)

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