The Arrival of Thiana

I had been living alone for the past 10 years of my life. After a bitter divorce, I rented a small apartment and I had been living here since then. Female company had been scarce, mostly one night stands with some girl I picked up at a bar, but no relationships. My days had been a simple routine. Workdays, I would wake up early, go to my job, come back home at 5, prepare some dinner, shower, and go to bed at 10 in the evening. Weekends, you could find me at home, going to a bar for a few beers and a cheap hookup or watching porn on my computer and jacking off at least twice per day. A pretty boring life if you ask me…

All that changed two weeks ago. It was a Friday night and I was taking a shower when I heard some noises coming from the room. Being a small studio apartment, I could hear everything happening at the living area. I cut off the water and realized that someone was inside my apartment, so I put my pants in a hurry and decided to face the intruder – unarmed, half naked, and dripping wet.

I opened the bathroom door shouting to scare the thief, but I was surprised with what I saw!

Laying on my bed was a tanned… something. It had a female shape – breasts and hips were definitively female – but it had no face and no hair. It looked like one of these people inside a zentai suit, but you could see it was not covered in fabric. The thing was laying on my bed, watching TV, then it turned its head towards me and with telepathy, told me to not be afraid, that she was there because she needed my help.

The thing told me right away her name was Thiana. She was indeed a female, a race of shape shifters that travel the universe and integrate with other species to reproduce. Since their race is only females, they had been forced to mate with males from other worlds, taking their main characteristics and integrating into their societies. She had being on Earth for the past 2 years studying our customs and she had been looking at me for the last six months before deciding to mate with me.

Without realizing it, I had been walking to the bed to look better at this extraterrestrial. Besides the weird fact of her featureless face and her baldness, Thiana was a perfect woman. She seemed to be about 6 feet tall, with a pair of 38 D breasts that had no sagging. Her tummy was flat, and her hips were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. Her body seemed to be modeled after a fitness champion – everything was toned and firm, but feminine and ready for sex. My cock began to stir inside my pants, wanting to have an encounter of the third kind with this alien.

Thiana sensed my excitement and quick as a flash, stood in front of me. Again, I heard her sweet voice inside my head, asking me if I wanted to mate with her. Without even thinking about it, I began caressing her breasts, licking her nipples. For an answer, she grabbed my pants and pull them down, using the same movement to kneel in front of me and putting my now fully erect cock in her mouth. I don’t know how she knew to give such a blowjob, but after a few minutes, I was ready to cum. When I realized I was cumming I tried to separate me from the hungry mouth of my alien lover, but she told me to cum in her mouth – she wanted to taste my DNA. I let go and soon enough, I felt my balls shaking and my cock ready to explode. I put my hand on her head and began spurting rope after rope of cum into Thiana’s mouth.

She did not back down. She took everything I shot and swallowed all  of it, while  sucking my cock, milking for the last drop. When she noticed that nothing more was coming out of it, Thiana stood up and caressed my face while kissing my neck and lips. At this time, she was saying that she wanted to stay with me for a while… if I didn’t mind her presence.

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