The Confession

For this story, we have to go back to my last one. Jan. 17, 2004. Escape Ultra Lounge. The scenario: my girlfriend Julia’s 21st birthday. What happened?? I fucked her best friend, Kate. Let’s fast forward to June 10, 2004. I couldn’t take it anymore. The guilt was too much. I broke down and told Julia everything that happened. I told her that I fucked Kate. I told her I didn’t use a condom. I told her that Kate almost got pregnant, but she didn’t. I confessed everything. What happened you ask? She went nuts!!! She kicked me to the curb and told me to go to hell (along with some other colorful language). Moving on to the incident…it was now June 25 (I think) when I went back to her house to get my stuff back and give her back all of her stuff. She immediately got mad and threw another fit. I thought this might happen, so I tried to get all my stuff and leave right away, but she got in the way. Her parents watched as I made my way up to her room to get my things. Julia followed me (all the while screaming for me to get the fuck out now!) I told her that I just wanted to get my stuff and that I’d be out in no time. She managed to stay sane for a few minutes as we looked through her room for my stuff. She climbed into her bed and covered herself and began to cry again. I said that I was sorry for bringing this out in her again, and that I would leave once I got everything. She said for me to close her bedroom door because she didn’t want her parents to see her crying, so I did. After about 30 minutes, I found everything and took it out to my car. I grabbed the bag with her stuff in it and brought it back up to her room. I said that I’d leave it on her desk and then I said goodbye. She told me to wait. She wanted to see what I brought back to her, to make sure that I got everything. So, as we sat on her bed, we went through what was in the bag and it wasn’t anything special; just some sweaters, deodorant, toothbrush, hair elastics and stuff. There was, however 1 article of clothing that I did decide to give back to her, even though she told me to keep it when she first gave it to me. It was the first thong underwear that I ever saw her in. It was a sky blue, with a red rose on the front. I asked her if she remembered that night. She did. It was our first time with each other and I remember bending her over and pulling that thong aside so that I could slide my dick into her cunt. I told her that I remember cumming inside her and pulling out and watching my jism drip out of her freshly fucked cunt. I said that my only regret about keeping that thong was that I never got to see her wear it again. That’s all it took. With tears streaming down her face, she wiped them away and smiled. She pushed me back onto the bed and went over and locked her door. I knew what was about to happen. Julia pulled her tanktop off, and she stood there in her baby blue shorts and white bra. Her chubby belly begged me to caress her soft, warm, chubby frame. Keep in mind that this girl is about 5′ 5″ and weighs about 180 pounds, but she was a cutie. She undid her bra and let her massive 36 D breasts show themselves to me. Off came the shorts and white cotton panties, and on came the sky blue thong. She came over to the bed, took off my shirt and licked my nipples, making them rock hard. I massaged her massive chest and squeezed her pink nipples. She kissed her way down and undid my pants. She pulled it all off and my dick went from a soft 6″ to a rock hard 9″. She licked the shaft and teased the head. I flinched as she gave the tip a light suck. Then, out of nowhere, she shoved the whole thing down her throat and just started swallowing. This girl was literally trying to swallow my whole penis!!!! I could hear her gulping and trying to get it farther down her throat. Then she gagged and coughed and stopped. I asked if she was okay, and she said no. She said I want it farther down my throat. I want your hard dick to suffocate me! So, I grabbed her head and rammed it onto my cock. I pushed as much as I could and I made her cough and choke, but I didn’t stop. She was never like this before, but I loved it. After a minute, I let her up and she said “That’s what I want. Treat me like shit!!! You cheated on me and treated me like shit then, so do it again now!” She turned over and got into 69 position. I pulled her thong aside and fingered her pussy as she worked on my dick again. Then, I took my 3 wet fingers and pushed them into her asshole and finger fucked her ass. I buried my face in her wet snatch and drank all of her cum. I started licking her swollen clit and I felt her body twitching. The twitching soon turned to convulsions and then she grabbed my legs and dug her nails into them and came up off my dick and screamed. She pushed back and sat hard on my face and I felt her force her cunny juice out. It leaked down my face and I loved it. Then, it was time. With my dick still hard and wet, and with her cunt all wet, and her thong pulled aside, I quickly penetrated Julia’s sopping wet cunt. I slid in and out and I could hear this bitch moan with extacy. She pulled on her bed sheets because she loved it so much. She screamed out to me “Why the hell are you going so slow?? Rape me!!” So I grabbed on to her plump ass and pounded the hell out of her pussy. She began to grunt like a wild animal and I could hear her huge breasts swing and smack against her chest. I leaned over to the left a little bit and I noticed her fat belly sagging down, but I could see the vibrations through it everytime I slammed into her. I don’t know what it was, but this turned me on so much that I felt my dick swell inside her pussy and with a low, but loud grunt, I blasted the inside of her belly with my hot cum. I felt the jism pump out of me and into her. I pulled out and watched as the cum (just like before) begin to ooze out. She said not to let it come out, and she pulled her thong back into place. The thong quickly get wet with all of my cum draining out of her, but she said she didn’t want it to come out. I felt like I was ready to leave, but she grabbed my penis and put it back in her mouth. She got on her knees and began bobbing like I’ve never seen before. I told her that I wouldn’t cum again, because I needed a few minutes to rest up. She didn’t care. She stopped for about a second to tell me “Tap me on the shoulder when you’re about to blow.” I watched the clock in her room. It was 9:48pm when she stared bobbing on my dick and I didn’t feel like cumming, but the blowjob was good, so I didn’t say anything. At around 10:02, my body began to shake. I was going to cum again and she knew it. It felt like a vacuum was on my dick. She was determined to get this load out of my balls. She was slurping and sucking and going at it like never before! I looked down at her working me over and then it hit me…I was about to blow. I tapped her on the shoulder and she gave it one last suck and pulled it out of her mouth. It was just in time to have my cum spray from my penis onto her face. 1-2-3-4-5-6 pumps of cum. Her face was glistening with my jism. It dripped off her chin, onto her tits and she rubbed it all over her. She licked up what was left on my dick and looked up at me and smiled. Then, she slid her hand down her thong and began fingering herself. I could her her fat pussy fart as she tried to push my cum back into her snatch. Then, she brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean. Julia said to me, “Was that better than Kate?” I said “Yes.” She asked, “Do you think I’m a dirty fat slut?” I said “Yes, you are.” She said “Good. Ever since you cheated on me, I realize that I’m worthless. I’m just a fat, chubby, 21 year old slut that needs to be used for fucking only. So do you want to keep me around for that? I don’t want to be your girlfriend…just your sex toy.” I smiled and said “Yeah, I’d like that a lot. I always wanted to treat you like this, but I never had the guts to do it. But, now that you’re a dirty, fat slut, I’ll do whatever I want to you.”

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