The Family Secret. Part 3

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Part 3. At the lake.
Hi, remember me? I told you about seeing my parents screwing at home and later watching my Dad fuck my Moms sister, while she watched. Hot stuff, I thought. Well, now I’m going to tell you what happened at our family summer cabin in the country.
We open it on the first long weekend in the summer, and our whole local family come along. KInd of like a mini-reunion. This year, My Mom and Dad, Aunt Karen and her daughter, Jenny, together with my Dads brother, Uncle Ted, his wife, and their twin sons, were there. Oh! and my friend Jolie came along too.
It is a 4 hour drive from our place, but we left early and arrived there just before noon. Aunt Karen and Jenny came in their car, arriving almost the same time. Uncle Ted and his family arrived about a half hour later. Mom and Dad and Karen got the cabin up and running; there is no electricity, but we have gas for cooking indoors, if it is wet, oil for lighting, a fire place for heat, and we cook on the BBQ. When we were all settled in. my Mon said, “Why don’t you kids go for a swim?” We agreed and the five of us ‘kids’ took off into the woods and headed for the lake.
Tom and Ben were my cousins, as was Jenny. They were twins, which the rest of us thought was cool. We were all about the same age, 17 and 18, and Jolie had just turned 19. When we reached the lake, we took off our outer clothes, as we already had our bikins and (the boys) swim trunks, on. We all ran headlong into the lake, screaming and yelling as the cold water hit our skin. WE jumped around, splashing and generally acting like idiots.
“What’s over there,” asked Jolie, looking across to the other side of the lake.
“Nothing,” I replied, “just more woods, same as this side>”
“Can we go and see?”
“Sure,” I said, and asked the twins and Jenny if they wanted to go over too. They declined, saying it was too far to swim.
“O.K.” I said, “It’s just you and me then Jolie.”
Jolie and I were strong swimmers; we had been on the high school swiming team and even had a few trophies between us. We started off, and soon reached the other side. It’s a good job the air was warm, as we had no towels with us there, and so, we just laid down on the grass, away from the waters edge. We let the sun dry us off, as we drifted off to sleep.
I opened my eyes, to see Jolie still asleep, and I looked across at her. My eyes travelled down her body, and I realized just how lovely she was. Her hair was a light brown, darker than mine, which was almost red. Her face was so pretty, with perfect skin, and her neck was long and gracious. It was her lips that I loved the most though, and I leaned across and gently kissed them. They were so soft and full. Her eyes opened and she smiled at me. “What was that for?” she asked.
“No reason,” I said, “I just wanted to kiss you. You look so lovely lying there.”
“Thank you,” replied Jolie, “now do it again, please.”
I pressed my lips to hers again and let them rest there. Jolies hands went to the back of my head, and she pulled me closer in. Our lips were mashed together now. Jolie opened her mouth and my tongue slid in to find hers. I put one arm around her neck and my other hand started to wnder over her gorgeous body, warm from the sun. My hand roamed down to her thighs, and I heard her moan softly. Our tongues were taking on each other now, and I became aware that I was becoming very turned on. My hand slid up her thigh on the inside and then slid down the inside of her other thigh. I felt her legs move. We were kissing passionately now, and moaning with mounting excitement. My hand came back to the top of her thighs, and this time, I pressed it between them. Her thighs seemed to move apart on their own, and I pressed my fingers firmly to her bikini bottom. It was damp there, and I moved my hand to the top of her pantie. My fingers pushed down under the thin fabric, and felt the heat of her oh-so-soft pussy lips. Jolie whispered, “Don’t stop.” Her hands had started wandering too, as she reached for my breast and squeezed it.
I pulled her bikn bottom down, and shw wiggled her legs to kick them off. Then, as my fingers returned to her cunt, her legs opened as wide as she could get them. I pushed my fingers all the way in, which was easy because she was so wet. Four fingers were now fucking her sweet cunt, in and out, in and out. Jolie suddenly grabbed my bikin top and yanked it off. Her hands caressed my tits firmly, and now we were kissing hard. We came up for air, and we both said, at the same time, “I want you!” We grinned and got down to business. I pulled my bikin bottoms down and off, and she removed her top. Then we clutched at each other, and rolled over onto each other. We kissed again, hard. We were both breathing very hard now, and I panted, “Let’s 69.”
Instantly, we moved into that position, and opened our thighs wide apart. Both of our heads were buried in our respective, very wet crotches; our tongues working furiously to reach our clits. Jolies tongue was doing amazing things inside my cunt. I raised my head for air, and let out a very primal scream, followed by, “Oh yes, you lovely bitch, eat my cunt.”
She worked hard and I could not concentrate on doing the same for her. Instead I started to push my hand into her wide open glistening pussy. I fucked her fast with my fingers, and then had an idea. While she was driving me totally wild with her tongue inside my cunt, I started to push my bunched fingers further and further into hers. I pulled them out and pushed them in again, making them go in a little further. I did this about three times before my fist went in all the way. I had never done this before, and the sight of my hand completely inside her wonderful pussy maade me go primal. I fucked my fist into her, watching her labia lips pull in and out with it. She suddenly stopped eating me, and cried out,”Fuuuccckkk! Oh God, oh God.” Then she buried her face back into my juicy cunt again and this time really ate me out. Her tongue plunged in further than ever and I felt my juices starting to flow copiously. I was almost crying with the wonderful feeling Jolie was giving me, as I drove my pussy down harder onto her face, and gripped her head harder with my thighs. My fist was pumping into her cunt now, and I felt her whole body starting to tremble under me. Now I pulled my fist out of her cunt fast, and I heard her gasp and grunt inside my cunt. Her tongue banged up against my clit, and that did it. My body tensed, and then I suddenly let my juices go in a torrent. My face was now buried in Jolies hot pussy too, and I did what she was doing to me. My teeth found her clit, and I bit down, even as my tongue was washing it all around. Again I heard that almost primitive scream from inside my body, and we both started cumming…and cumming, and cumming, and still more and more. Oh my God! I have never cum so much in my life, and afterward, Jolie told me the same about her.
Our bodies must have convulsed together for ten minutes. Then we finally began to calm down. I was still lying on top of her, and had no incentive to move. It felt so fucking good. I felt Jolie gently kissing my inner thighs and I did the same for her. Then I moved off her body and lay next to her. We looked at each other, and said how wonderful that was. We moved into each others arms and kissed again. I looked at her and realized something had happened to me. She saw the look in my eyes and, looking into mine, asked, “What?”
“Jolie,” I whispered, ” I think I’m falling in love with you.”
“That’s good,” she replied,” because I already know that I love you.”
My eyes opened wide with surprise. “When?” I asked
“The first time we ever made love, my darling.”
Well, that blew me away, but it also made me deliriously happy. I knew now where my life was headed, at least on a personal level. If you’re wondering what happened with my cousins, well, I was going to tell you in th
is episode, but I got kind of carried away. Nex
t week, I’ll tell you what Jolie and I saw them doing,when we returned to the other side of the lake. Look for it. Oh, and yes, there is more to ‘cum’ when we see what the ‘grown-ups’ are up to.

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  1. marcislut

    Nice story…. best friends make excellent lovers.

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  2. CottonC24

    Whens the next one coming!! I wanna know whats going to happen next…

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